Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Builds A Long Following Online

The success of electronic dance music which has been seen in the last few years has been down to an evolution of the landscape for DJ’s as they step out from behind the booth trapping them in place for so long. One of the partnerships heading this change in the music industry is The Chainsmokers, a DJ duo who have built a reputation for changing the game in terms of the way the world judges musical collaborations.

Alex Pall has been at the heart of the rise of The Chainsmokers after playing a major role in the establishment of the DJ period of the duo before Andrew Taggart arrived in New York and joined the founding member. In 2012, The Chainsmokers began their career looking for new and improved ways of building on the success of early DJ sets which had inspired Alex Pall to leave his day job and concentrate solely on music. Pall had been left shocked by the loss of his DJ partner who did not share the dream of global music domination and departed the collaborative group.

The arrival of Andrew Taggart fresh from college in Maine gave Alex Pall a burst of confidence and energy which led to full-time hours being put into music from the get-go. Eventually, Pall and Taggart emerged with their 2014 single, “#Selfie” which launched their brand of electronic dance music on the world.

By 2016, The Chainsmokers were releasing new music every few weeks and had built a global following Alex Pall was determined to keep in place with social media becoming his preferred medium of contact with fans. Pall admits Andrew Taggart is the musical genius of the duo and he is often given the task of crafting the image he is so careful to protect. For Alex Pall, the comments of fans on social media posts of the band are a bellwether of the relative success or failure of the duo.

The Chainsmokers Resist the Distortion of Success

Success can do funny things to people. For Andrew Taggart, one half of the sensational DJ duo The Chainsmokers, success turned him into a distortion of himself. Taggart, an alumnus from Syracuse, was introduced to Alex Pall in 2012. Two years later the duo would release a single, “#Selfie” that would change their lives. The Chainsmokers’ success would lead to slots on Billboard’s Top 100, a Grammy Award, and third place on Forbes’ list of top paid DJ’s. In a recent interview Alex Pall described the rise as surreal.


The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound. Since hitting success with “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” the duo has added a new dimension to their work with Taggart, one half of the duo, adding his singing to their crowd-rousing sound beginning with the single “Closer,” in which Halsey also performs.


Both he and Taggart were astounded by the response and success of their music. In the same interview Taggart recounted the success as frustrating. The DJ/producer enjoyed the success but after a while felt as if the attention was turning him into something he was not. He admitted that this is something all artists go through when they reach mainstream, but the experience did leave him wanting something more. Visit This Page to learn more.


Both Pall and Taggart are of the mindset that their music has been played enough now, everybody has heard it. So, the first thing 2018 brings is a new single, “Sick Boy”, which takes the group in a completely different direction. Two years away from a meteoric rise the duo will go from titles like “Don’t Let Me Down”, to the edgier and darker “Sick Boy”. For Taggart it is necessity as he posits the duo’s music always mirrored society. Society is dark right now, so their music must match. Pall bears the same opinion, but he also believes that Sick Boy will allow the two to grow as artists. He stated that the duo holds themselves to high standards and pushes each other to new places.


So far fan response to Sick Boy has been positive, with die-hard fans and fringe fans alike appreciating the music. Taggart stated that this is the first of many to focus on a new topic and tell a new story. Hopefully that story will see the duo rise past sensation to become a mainstay.



The Chainsmokers Seek New Avenues in Music

Following the monumental success of the last two years, New York based DJ’s The Chainsmokers are breaking new ground. Formed in 2012, the DJ/production team of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart has been climbing charts, winning awards, and making names for themselves. The group, whose music is described as the fringe between EDM and Pop, had accomplished much in a two-year run. Their breakthrough song, #Selfie, landed in a top twenty slot back in 2014. It was followed by the 2015 release of their debut EP, Bouquet, which contained the Billboard top 10 single, Roses. Don’t Let Me Down another hit single recorded with new sensation Daya landed on Billboard’s top 5, earned the duo a Grammy Award, and gave Daya a career.


The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound. Now they are set to begin 2018 with a hit new single that goes in a completely different direction than their previous music.


According to Alex Pall their run of success does not seem real. In a recent interview he stated that despite their rise, the duo is not letting it get to their heads. The New York University alumni say he and Taggart hold themselves to high standards and are grateful with the fan response to Sick Boy. Taggart said as much in the same interview. According to him Sick Boy is the beginning of a new chapter that will focus on a topic not covered in their previous music. (See: Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


Many have described the new music as dark, but as The Chainsmokers are currently listed as third on Forbes’ highest paid DJ list, they have the ability to do what they want. Time will tell if the avenue Sick Boy lands them on is a fruitful one. As both artists speculate that he tones of society is darker at the present moment, their music may even reach a whole new subset of fan. Every musician that makes it wants to cement their position, so they do not flame out after a few years. Sick Boy could be The Chainsmokers chance. With fans backing them up, despite the dark tone, their future looks bright. Click Here for additional information.

Getting “Closer” To Alex Pall

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the pair of Northeastern DJs that make up the Chainsmokers sat down with Matthew Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine to discuss their recent single, “Closer,” and the decision to step from behind thick layers of synths and special effects, and up to a microphone to provide vocals on their own songs.


Pall explained how he “grew up” working as a DJ, but that it was more of a hobby than an actual career path. While working at an art gallery by day, Pall was becoming more and more enamored by dance music, and finally found his passion working as a DJ. The group’s current manager introduced Pall and Taggart, who moved from Maine for both aspiring DJs to quit their day jobs and pursue music careers.


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Soon after being introduced, Pall says that the two aspiring DJs began to compare musical tastes, personal influences, and their goals and ambitions. It didn’t take them long to figure out that they were both in hot pursuit of the same thing: success in the music industry. Before long, working on their music became the focal point of everyday life for Pall and Taggart. The pair spent endless hours creating their identity, honing their skills and developing the sound that fans worldwide now love. Those seemingly insignificant early days are the source of the Chainsmokers incredible success. Find Related Information Here.


When asked about the decision for Pall and Taggart to record vocals on this new track, Pall did not shy away from the fact that it’s an uncommon occurrence in this genre. Alex Pall attributes their willingness to serve as vocalists on their own songs to the fact that both DJs are incredibly involved in the writing process, as the songs they write, and record are about the duo.


The thing that excites Pall the most is the ability to see the way that the Chainsmokers’ music is growing and reaching new audiences. Pall expressed the enjoyment he gets from getting on Instagram and seeing how this once regional DJ duo is becoming an international sensation. Not only are the Chainsmokers transcending continents, they’re also spanning generations, from teenagers to baby boomers.


Pall and Taggart hope to continue this meteoric rise to worldwide fame by focusing on the concert experience, where the dup will still be performing the songs they compose for the live audience unlike other DJ acts. Pall believes that if the Chainsmokers can stay at the forefront of pushing boundaries and redefining a genre, that the sky is the limit. (Read more about Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)