Getting To Know The Brown Modeling Agency’s Justin Brown

Justin Brown didn’t just come to own his own modeling agency by chance. He worked his way through the ranks, beginning with his college years, when he earned extra money by modeling. He says between modeling and working at an agency part-time, he was able to get an inside look at the day to day operations of the modeling industry.


For Jason, that meant fit modeling, which is not to be confused with fitness modeling. It’s called fit modeling, because the designer will tailor versions of their outfits to fit the model chosen for their advertising campaign. In Jason’s case, he was modeling skinny jeans, though, in those days, they were called rocker jeans. Brown says he would get $100 an hour for the modeling gig, which far surpassed the $6 per hour he made at his regular job.


Eventually, Jason Brown graduated with his degree in business management and moved on from modeling, though he remained in the industry. He entered into a position known as development and placement, which was a fancy way of saying he trained models to act and move properly. Once they were ready, it was also up to Jason to find them modeling jobs.


Today, Jason Brown Still Does That Same Work


Moving forward a few years, Jason ran the Wilhelmina Brown agency, which later evolved into The Brown Modeling Agency. That was the result of merging with a rival from the same area, Heyman Talent South. Even as the head of his own agency, Jason Brown still maintains a hands-on approach, performing those same development and placement skills that he has honed through the years.


Eventually, Jason needed more help, though The Brown Modeling Agency remains small with just seven employees. Jason and his small staff manage a pool of 450 models and actors, helping them pursue their dreams. The Brown Modeling Agency dedicates itself to helping their talents advance their careers. In addition to providing etiquette training and developing professional headshots, Jason says his agency also works closely with other professionals in the industry to ensure his clients get the exposure they need.

So, what brought Jason Brown from California to Austin, where the modeling industry is less prominent?


“I could do what I loved to do in a city where I wanted to live. I just connected with Austin. It was big but not too big,” explains Mr. Brown. “There was some industry here, and I felt like I could make my mark.”


Currently, The Brown Modeling Agency hosts open calls for new talents every Thursday. Interested individuals should stop by the office between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. any Thursday, or they can fill out the form on their website. A headshot and resume should be supplied, as well. You can visit their Instagram page.