Why Is FreedomPop So Popular These Days?

Shopping for a cell phone carrier can be quite frustrating, especially when a customer has been with one company for so many years. There may be a list of reasons why the person has chosen to switch carriers, but high prices tend to be one of the biggest reason. Some may switch carriers because of the fact that they are not getting the call quality they are looking for, so making a switch to another carrier makes a lot of sense. Take FreedomPop for instance. There aren’t any companies around that are like FreedomPop, and that not only makes them unique but also a great company.

The biggest reason why FreedomPop is so popular is because they offer free services that many other carriers wouldn’t even think of. Free cell phone service, free home Internet service, and low-cost Wi-Fi service is available from FreedomPop. Even FreedomPop’s cell phone service that is unlimited is very low in cost compared to other cell phone carriers. Those that are intent on making the switch to another carrier will want to know more about the cell phone company they may switch to, so here is some more information about FreedomPop and their services.

FreedomPop offers cell phone service, which can be free of charge, or the user can add on to the plan, or choose the unlimited plan. The free plan will include text messages, talk time, and data, and one can add additional text, minutes, or data as they need it. Those who don’t want to calculate how many text messages, minutes, or data they need each month can simply pay for the unlimited plan, which is only $20 each month. A great complement to any FreedomPop cell phone plan is the unlimited Wi-Fi plan, which only costs $5.

The $5 fee is charged every month, and those who choose the service will have unlimited access to millions of different Wi-Fi hotspots that FreedomPop provides around the nation. The Wi-Fi hotspots can be used on cell phones in order to have constant 4G LTE speeds. The Wi-Fi service is excellent for those who may have the free service from FreedomPop but need additional data over the 500 MB that’s given. The Wi-Fi user will be able to access the Internet from their phone as long as they are near a Wi-Fi hotspot. With everything that FreedomPop offers its cell phone users, why not switch today?

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FreedomPop Brings Free Mobile Sevice To The UK

FreedomPop, the Los Angeles company with almost one million users in the US, is bringing its free mobile service to the UK. This free service includes two hundred minutes, two hundred texts, and two hundred MBs of data per month free for life. While some users will easily eclipse this data, customers can obtain more by completing surveys, downloading coupons, or by simply sharing with other FreedomPop users. For those who are more conservative with their phone usage, any unused data, minutes, or texts will simply roll over into the next month, allowing for a snowball effect over time. Customers need only to download the Freedom Pop app or purchase a SIM card in order to take advantage of this offer. So far, over two hundred fifty thousand people throughout the UK have taken advantage of this offer.

Free data earning ranges from 10 MBs to two and a half gigs for actions as simple as rating an app to taking a ten minute survey. However, if a user goes over their allotted data, there is a overuse charge set at one pence per MB. This can easily be avoided by simply partaking in the extra free offers that FreedomPop presents.

On top of this, FreedomPop offers a virtual international phone number allowing users to receive international calls for free. While most networks would charge a roaming fee, FreedomPop promises that this will be a free feature with high call quality and service.

FreedomPop is set to unveil their free mobile service platform in seven more countries within the next year, and hopes to have users in twenty countries by 2017.

This mobile platform is perfect for light to moderate phone users who are looking to get rid of their hefty phone contracts and switch to something free. For the heavy phone user, this may also be a good deal granted the user is willing to put in time to fill out surveys and take advantage of other free offers for data, minutes, and texts.