The Honorable Life and Career of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon to the Saudi Royal family, led a very honorable life from the time he was a young boy. Born in Palestine, he was later raised in Kuwait where his father had found work related to his training. Over the years, his education and training would prove that he was worthy of working for the Saudi Royal family. This wasn’t the only capstone to his career. He was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon that could speak Arabic and English fluently. This made him the perfect candidate, and it also made him the first choice to aid in helping with complicated procedures for children in Saudi Arabia that needed it.


Dr. Saad earned his medical degree from the University of Cairo in Egypt, but his internship was completed in England. Once his internship was completed, he traveled to the United States where he would continue his medical practice. He was more than ready to practice in the United States after a rigorous term in Riyadh, where he worked for the Saudi Royal family. One of the most complex procedures that he was credited for, was a surgery on the youngest baby with aneurysm. Saving the baby’s life, the story was published in a journal to share the story with others. Learn more:


Dr. Saad was one of a kind, and he retired after 47 years of practicing as a pediatric surgeon. His time serving in Riyadh, led him to take on the role of a surgeon at King Faisal Hospital, where he was enlisted by the assistant chief to operate on his son. The assistant chief had complete trust in Dr. Saad, knowing that Dr. Saad was fully qualified for the job. Additionally, Dr. Saad was also responsible for treating the royals from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates at this same hospital.


Although Dr. Saad was regarded as the most prominent pediatric surgeon during his time here, he also completed four medical missions where he would practice medicine for children that were unable to afford the procedures. His background was that he came from a very poor family, so he always committed to doing his absolute best in order to treat all patients with the utmost care. He was dedicated to his education, and was focused on doing his absolute best because it was the only way he could complete his education. Dr. Saad learned early in his career from his mentor Dr. Othersen to treat all patients the same, regardless of their race, religion, financial standing or their mental and physical abilities. This valuable lesson would serve him well his entire life, and made him an even better doctor than he could have imagined.