David McDonald Moving the OSI Group Forward

Currently, David McDonald is serving as the president and chief operating officer of the OSI Group, which is headquartered in Aurora. The entity is the leader in the provision and supply of food services and retail to reputable brands across the world. According to McDonald, the firm is well and strategically positioned to access the global market. Evidently, OSI Group features branches across 17 nations leveraging more than 65 facilities as well as over 20,000 workers, all which work hand in hand to ensure client satisfaction and accessibility to high quality food products, which are customized to meet their unique needs.

David McDonald completed his undergraduate degree in 1987 from the Iowa State University. At the institution, McDonald majored in animal science. David McDonald subsequently joined the OSI Group and had for the past three decades been rising through the leadership ladder due to his commitment and determination to succeed. As an experienced manager and as the president of the group, David works closely with the firm’s employees to enhance proper service delivery to food industry.

Under his leadership, David McDonald’s OSI Group in conjunction with OSI China managed to supply more than 1000 tons of high-quality assorted food products during the Olympics games held in Beijing in 2008. They provided various foods such as eggs, beef, pork, and chicken among others. This served as among the many success meters in global service delivery not only for the firm but also for their president, David McDonald. As such, David’s record of accomplishment has been fantastic, which is largely attributable to his training, expertise, and experience.

In a 2016 OSI-released report on Global Sustainability, clearly showed the progress made on various aspects of their business including corporate social responsibly, environment as well as supply chain. The report additionally highlighted the firm’s goals to be achieved by 2020, which included a 10 percent cut on water and energy intensity. All of OSI’s facilities in the greater Europe region have received the prestigious and quality ISO certification. Under its philanthropic activities, the OSI Group have donated more than 100 metric tons through OSI Northern America to feed hunger-stricken people in America. Notably, GenOSI gave more than 25 metric tons of food targeting the hungry and homeless in the Philippines.

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