Yeonmi Park’s Effectiveness

The common belief is that if someone or a group of people are against someone else, then the one being opposed is doing something right. This is what Yeonmi Park has to keep reminding herself now that North Korea is promoting propaganda against her. She does admit to being scared about what might happen to her and her family on account of what she revealed about North Korea to sources like She has also said that she never wanted to get the story out. She just wanted to forget the nightmare and live a quiet and happy life. She eventually realized that she can’t just keep silent about the oppressive situation in North Korea as well as the trafficking situation. One thing she points out is that the Chinese often treat Koreans less like humans and more like objects. Yeonmi has spent years under oppression after escaping from North Korea. The new ruler, Kim Jong-un, is not happy with Yeonmi Park and considers her a threat to his rule. They are doing the best they can to make her out to be a liar. If they are successful, then not only will Yeonmi Park lose her credibilty, but the testimony of other defectors will be looked at with little regard. Yeonmi Park also has to worry about her family. North Korea could target others in her family in order to kill them. According to Yeonmi Park, her aunt and uncle have allowed her to watch movies made in America among other countries. As a result of getting the story out, the North Korean government could punish them for breaking their law. Seeing that this is only the early steps of taking care of the injustices of North Kore, it is likely to get a bit worse before it starts to get better. One thing that is needed in order to bring the Kim Dynasty to an end is a good plan. The plan has to be formulated based on all that North Korea is capable of. Meanwhile, people are learning more about the oppressive rule of North Korea and the effects it has on survivors long after