Thor Halvorssen is the New Face of a Global Human Rights Faction

About Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssenis the CEO and President of the Human Rights Foundation, HRF. The HRF is a New York-based human rights protection agency. Thor Halvorssen is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan. He descends from a great family setting. His old man was Venezuela’s diplomat in Norway during the Second World War. His family lineage has always been involved in human rights protection. Thor has often been heard saying that he was a rather unfortunate son of Venezuela’s elite. His objective is to attack human rights violators through demonstrations, night emails, and Wickr messages. He is well famous for his radical thoughts against the government institutions. His New York HRF has the primary objective of fighting global oppressive regimes. The organization hires activists from all over the world to mount political prisoner freedom campaigns and more information click here.

Thor organized the Oslo Freedom Forum
The organization also holds annual international forums where journalists congregate. This year will form its fifth annual congress. Thor has organized the Oslo Freedom Forum which will be hosted by international human rights activists including representatives from Belarus, Syria, Eritrea, and Saudi Arabia. The forum will be held under closed doors at the Grand Christiania Hotel Theater in downtown Oslo, unlike the conventional open onstage speeches. The conference attracted four hundred attendees during this year’s annual Oslo Freedom Forum. More than fifty countries will be represented. The forum has commonly been referred to as the ‘Davos of human rights’ due to its internationalist nonconformist networking party for trade tips to overcome authoritarian regimes.

Thor philosophical commitment in the complex global human rights politics has put him under the spotlight of numerous international clashes.

Halvorssen is the kind of the anti-Soviet freedom movement ideological throwback. He considers the world a place where most governmental institutions have been divided and overshadowed with oppressive ideologies and movements. Thor is a classical liberal with no political interests. His international portfolio makes him reputable as the staunch human rights advocate in the modern world. Halvorssen’s profound commitment to the complex global human rights politics has put him under the spotlight of numerous international clashes. It has also developed him as the most puzzling human rights activist.

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Thor Halvorssen Views Politics As A Way Of Achieving His Human Rights Aims

The Venezuelan activist Thor Halvorssen is a man the majority of us would believe to be a highly political person because of the role he has played in freeing political prisoners and fighting for human rights; however, the New York-based activist believes his political activities are solely based on helping those robbed of their human rights by tyrants and dictators. Although he is always willing to discuss politics and human rights activism the New York-based founder of the Human Rights Foundation has repeatedly stated he has no political ambitions for himself.

In terms of politics, Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of his adult life fighting those governments and officials he has found to have robbed their citizens of their human rights. Halvorssen himself comes from one of the most important political families in both South America and Europe, with his ancestors playing vital roles in the provision of freedom from tyranny for the people of Venezuela and Norway. It was while studying for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science and history that Thor Halvorssen became involved in the human rights movement when his own father was imprisoned and tortured despite holding diplomatic status in Venezuela.

Describing himself as a classical liberal, Thor Halvorssen has been willing to highlight the issues of human rights in relation to politics, such as his decision to allow the Human Rights Foundation to criticize socialist governments who rob people of their human rights in contradiction to the long held actions of other human rights organizations. Halvorssen holds left wing beliefs and is willing to insert himself into various political situations, such as his buying of a historic socialist newspaper in Norway that was threatened with closure; Halvorssen has also appeared on U.S. news networks discussing the 2016 elections and giving his own views on why he believed Bernie Sanders was the best candidate for the White House.

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There Is No Truer Champion For Democracy Than Thor Halvorssen

When it comes to the people who work for the promotion of human rights and representative democracy, both in his home country of Venezuela and throughout the world, perhaps the truest of champion is Thor Halvorssen. Whenever anyone asks Halvorssen what kind of democracies in the world would be examples of what he is working towards, he quickly turns to the great examples of such governments among the Scandinavian countries of Europe. He points out that in Norway and Sweden there are healthy democratic socialist governments that work to provide all the basic human rights that cause the most happiness in their citizenry.

According to, Halvorssen then points to North Korea and Venezuela as prime examples of governments that profess being socialist, but are actually sick, oppressive, and which deny most basic human rights to at least a significant percentage of their citizens. While he was on a trip to a world conference on human rights in Seoul, South Korea, Halvorssen spoke passionately about his beliefs in the right kind of government that needs to be brought to these embattled countries, and several more. He was calling and texting people back in the United States, excitedly relaying his thoughts on the conference. That was during the day in Seoul, which was the middle of the night in America.

His whole family has long been active in leadership. On his mother’s side, there was the famed Cristóbal Mendoza, the first Venezuelan President. On his father’s side was the famous liberator of Venezuela from former rule by Spain. Thus, it was not too much of a surprise, to his family or his country, when Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF).

Of course, with great leadership sometimes comes great opposition. The reigning despotic Venezuelan government has long been a painful thorn in the side of many in Halvorssen’s family. His father was falsely imprisoned, beaten, and tortured by the evil secret police of the central Venezuelan government security bureau. His mother was also nearly killed by lawless government goons. They did kill another person and wounded 10 others at a peaceful meeting she was attending. Thor’s cousin is still illegally detained in a Venezuelan prison.

Thor Halvorssen Offers Views On Sanders And Socialism

Thor Halvorssen was recently on Fox News for an interview about his thoughts on Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a Republican who is trying to get the Presidential nomination to run in November. He is a socialist, and he wants the country to be run based off of some of his socialist views. Halvorssen is one of the people against Sanders’ views and believes that socialism is a violation of the human rights that all people in the country should have.

If there are branches of government that exist that maintain human rights with socialist views, then that’s alright. When the socialist views take over the country and don’t allow humans to have any of the free rights, then that’s where the problems begin. Some people believe that socialism, communism and Marxism are the same thing. There are democratic governments that have socialist ways of thinking and are still able to let the people in the country maintain their own thoughts and viewpoints without feeling like they are being forced to believe one way.

Halvorssen does have issues with countries that are primarily run in a socialist manner, such as Venezuela. The government demands that the prices are going to be a certain way. Since the prices are a certain way, there is often a shortage in goods and services. Even though Halvorssen might not agree with some of the views, he recently made a donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign. The reason behind the donation is that he believes the front runner in the Democratic campaign has taken money from dictatorships and countries that have executed people for being gay or for their religious beliefs. Thor Halvorssen would rather have Sanders as a Democratic candidate instead of someone who would take money from countries that don’t allow certain freedoms.

Thor Halvorssen Speaks About Bernie Sanders And Socialism

Thor Halverson is the founder and president of an organization called the Human Rights Foundation. He believes that socialism is a basic violation of human rights. He thinks that Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He also gives socialism a wide scope. In other words, in some kinds of countries socialism is a fine form of government and in other kinds of countries it is a disaster.

Socialism in countries like Denmark, Norway or Sweden works out well because there are free elections there. Also there are different branches of government in these countries so these countries have forms of checks and balances in place. Not unlike the United States of America. According to Thor Halvorssen socialism can work out well in countries such as these. It is almost as if he is saying that socialism could work out well in the United States because of the very things just mentioned.

If a country is like Venezuela and is run by a centralized, authoritative type of government, then socialism can be a bad thing. It can be used in countries like this to mask the true intentions of the leader and because of this the country can be lead to ruin. Thor Halvorssen ( is saying that there is no simple answer to the form of government known as socialism. Two different countries can claim to be socialist and at the same time have very little in common with each other.

Historically socialism has worn many different hats. There was the authoritative regime of the Soviet Union. This was a very repressive regime in which millions of people died in prison camps or were arrested one day and never heard from again. Some people think that socialism and communism are automatically the same thing. This is an over simplification of things according to Thor Halvorssen.

In countries where commodities have their prices set at a fixed rate to theoretically make them more affordable to the people, shortages of these commodities can develop. If the free market is used instead then things like this can be avoided. He likes Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton

The Human Rights Foundation Expands Its Scope

Human rights advocacy has been a part of Thor Halvorssen’s life since 1989. As an adolescent in London, he organized protests against apartheid in South Africa and began a lifetime of fighting for the underdog. But his advocacy is rooted in family history.

His father became falsely imprisoned in Venezuela in 1993. In prison, he endured horrible conditions and beatings. With the help of international human rights groups like Amnesty International and the International Society for Human Rights, Thor’s father received his freedom. Later, Thor Halvorssen’s mother was shot in New York City during a political protest in 2004. This inspired Thor Halvorssen to establish the Human Rights Foundation soon after, in 2005.

His human rights advocacy group has been prolific in protecting the poor, underprivileged and marginalized. The Human Rights Foundation has secured the release of seven prisoners of conscious and, until now, has focused primarily on promoting democracy in South America.

Now Thor Halvorssen has taken his fight to a completely different location — Angola, Africa. Jumping on the opportunity to expose the Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, Thor reached out to an American pop rapper named Nicki Minaj.

Minaj was scheduled to appear at a concert at the behest of the African President. The concert was sponsored by Unitel, a communications company run by the President’s family. Thor Halvorssen, through the Human Rights Foundation, wrote an open letter to the rapper pleading for her to cancel her appearance. If the pop starlet did cancel her appearance, it would be international news and would help the Human Rights Foundation expose a dictator. He wrote in the open letter that taking money from Unitel would be payment as the result of Angolan “government corruption and human rights violations.”

And while the worldwide celebrity of Nicki Minaj would certainly help expose the President, Thor Halvorssen’s voice is also prolific. His writing has been published in Forbes, The Washington Times, New York Times, NPR, Time Magazine, the Economist, and more. With the reach of the Human Rights Foundation and the stardom of Nicki Minaj, the world is now seeing the President of Angola for who he really is: a dictator.

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization calls the African President a dictator, accusing him of using unilateral power to accumulate illegitimate wealth, abusing the country’s vast natural resources in oil and diamonds.