Shiraz Boghani: Entrepreneurial Ambition

You would be hard-pressed to find a more active, determined, ambitious, and bright business mind than that of Shiraz Boghani. While there are many who aspire to open their own successful business, few are able to make the leap from dream to reality, as there are often so many trials and tribulations between that it takes a kind of drive, determination, and passion to make it to the destination. Boghani has demonstrated over his career that he is more than capable of achieving this, and his many awards and career milestones would agree.

Named the “Hotelier of the Year” by the Asian Business Awards in 2016, Boghani has a gift for hospitality and a talent for business. He has a managerial style and a dedication to excellence which has allowed his business to thrive, even in times when the market or the economy might be suffering.

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Shiraz Boghani got his start in hoteliering in the 1990s, when he became one of the first hoteliers to start limited service branded hotels in the London area. While full-service hotels offer many luxuries such as built-in restaurants, complimentary breakfasts, and things of that nature, they also usually carry a hefty price tag, and are usually simply not practical for the traveling businessman or woman, or even average family that is just looking for comfortable lodging at an affordable price.

With an excellent nose for opportunity, Shiraz Boghani saw this discrepancy in the industry and found space for development. He was inspired to help fill this need of affordable and comfortable lodging without all the frills by starting his limited service hotel chain. Now traveling businessmen and women, salespeople, and vacationing families could all get comfortable accommodations at a good price, and not sacrifice the luxurious feel of a hotel stay.

The need for this service was clear, as Boghani quickly began to experience success. He has currently been involved in over 25 different projects for creating limited service hotels in London. He is also the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, and uses the platform to help share his insights and experience, business acumen and strategy with other peers looking to experience the same kind of growth and success. Mr. Boghani’s talents are not just limited to hospitality however, he has a mind for business that reaches out into many different enterprises and industries, which is why he is a well-respected businessman that many heed the advice of.

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