Why the Definition of a Premium Dog Food is Changing

The definition of what is considered a premium dog food has been changing and now new technologies are driving the way to new and innovative products for dog owners, as per an article by the Daily Herald. Higher quality ingredients are being added and the overall quality and taste of dog food is now improving to the point where humans can try the food and not be grossed out by the flavor. No longer does dog food simply taste like industrial by-products. In fact, some manufacturers such as Mars’ Cesar Home Delights is designing dog foods that sound like dishes you get from your neighborhood restaurant, like lasagna and beef stroganoff. While there is the question of whether dogs preferred these concocted dishes more than just meat, can be formed, there does appear to be a market for these. Other brands such as Freshpet have specially designed refrigerators for fresh meat to serve to your dogs without the added preservatives that are used in canned food and promise a higher quality product as well. Of course, the cost of this food is double what traditional dog food costs. Beneful, a brand that has long been associated with quality, offers an as you like it option that allows for a personalized plate for your dog with owners being able to specify the ingredients in the dog food to allow for greater selection and control of your dog’s diet. In addition, Beneful’s parent company, Purina which is owned by Nestle, another well-regarded brand, acquired Merrick Pet Food which has long been associated with quality organic foods and have been integrating this into the Beneful line for a higher quality premium dog food that is truly standing out to consumers as top of the line. The providers of premium dog foods are not standing on their laurels and are constantly innovating in order to get ahead in the marketplace. Therefore, the definition of what is considered to be a truly premium product has been shifting, much to the delight of customers who are receiving higher quality products all around. This is keeping their dogs healthier and improving the bond between owners and pets.