Sujit Choudhry: A Master of Comparative Laws

The move towards globalization of varies geopolitical regions calls for unification and harmonization of the legal systems to facilitate harmonious coexistence. Comparative law is an important success factor in the quest for a more globalized society. By comparing the various foreign legal systems, we are better prepared to comprehend the private and public laws we are likely to encounter in our encounters within a globalized society. This is because the intertwinement of economic, social and cultural systems extends to legal systems. It is the precipice for greater global cooperation and better cross-border interactions. Therefore, scholars such as Sujit Choudhry play who specializes in comparative law play critical role in fostering globalization. They help in fostering understanding of global legal systems so that legislators across various political regions can formulate broad-based laws using foreign laws as guidelines. Additionally, they play a key role in ensuring that such comparisons can be used beyond legislations; justice systems also draw inspiration from comparative law.  Related article on

Sujit Choudhry: Academic Background

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned scholar in comparative law. He has incessantly sought for knowledge in law and specifically, comparative law. He is an alumnus of some of the elite universities globally. His quest began in 1992 when he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the prestigious McGill University. He later proceeded to Oxford University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Art degree with specialization in law. He was a Rhode Scholar at Oxford University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree from University of Toronto. He is also a Harvard University alumnus after pursuing his Master of Law degree at the university. His academic background has given him a depth insight in various legal systems globally and hence, a mastery of comparative law and general law practice.  More to read on

Professional Career

Sujit Choudhry has used his vast knowledge in general law practice and comparative law to launch a successful career as scholar and global champion for peaceful conflict resolution. Over the years, he has developed a reputation as a global mediator and advisor for the United Nations. In this role, Professor Choudhry played critical roles in resolving conflicts across the globe especially those involving genocide and ethnic violence.  Follow Sujit on He worked in resolving conflicts in Ukraine and Egypt among others. He is also I. Michael Professor at California University. He teaches law at the University’s School of Law since 2014. He is a consultant for the World Bank, an author, editor and a researcher in law. He previously served as a professor of law at Toronto and New York City universities.  Watch an important video clip here.

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