Aloha Construction Provides World-Class Repair And Renovation Services

Aloha Construction serves the entire state of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. It has completed over 7000 local projects and is one of the leading construction services companies in the region. The company is well-known for the excellence and integrity of its highly skilled workforce. Aloha Construction is family owned and operated, and it has recruited talented individuals from across the construction industry to fill roles as field supervisors, installers, inspectors, and other jobs. From roofing to renovation, the company has the ability to deal with just about every home construction need. This was among the many reasons Better Business Bureau accredited the business and gave an A+ rating.


You probably do not spend much time looking at or thinking about your roof. But it does wear down over time, and this can lead to problems. If you have felt a draft, seen a leak, or heard strange noises emanating from the top of your home, it may be a sign that your roof is in a state of dis-repair. You should call professionals to come and look at it. Aloha Construction can send a team out to examine your roof, find the source of the problem, provide you with a cost and repair time estimate, and begin the work needed to fix it. View More Information Here.


Aloha Construction can also repair your gutter system or install a new one. You must have working gutter on your home. Without one the rain water will fall from the roof onto the ground, causing the erosion of the soil on your property and even the flooding of your basement. The company can put in a new gutter and down spout system if you need one.


Aloha Construction also offers world-class renovation solutions and services. Aloha Construction, Inc received BBB 2017 Torch Award for Ethics. If you have been thinking about building a new extension to your home, the company can help you develop the idea. A team of designers, technicians, and engineers will also help you implement the actual plan, doing the work required to give you the elegant and sturdy space that you have always wanted.


If you have the more modest desire to replace your door and windows or lay down new flooring in one of your rooms, a team of home construction professionals can be dispatched to help you with that as well.