Why Lovaganza’s Global Celebration is Eliciting Excitement

Lovaganza 2020 is currently preparing for its global celebration, which is programmed to last from May to September 2020. The celebration will be held simultaneously in eight different locations across the globe. All earthly cultures will be showcased during this extravaganza. This will be done through film, live events and exhibitions. The theme of the festival will be “starting a Bohemian voyage around the world.” The festival will be a reminiscent of the nostalgia associated with the world fairs of the bygone era. It will be inspired by the future, the present and the past.

The celebrations of Lovaganza were initially scheduled to be held in 2015. They were however postponed so that the organizers could capture emergent entertainment technologies. This was also done to pave way for the incorporation of new and top-notch concepts. According to the organizers, this is the best way of getting immersed in different world cultures. The event will be concurrently held in Europe, Middle East, Asia, America and Oceania on Instagram. In September 2020, the festivities will culminate in Hand Across the World, a ceremony that will be beamed to a global audience.

Preceding Events

A number of events are currently being held in preparation for the main festival. In 2017, The Travel Show will kick off in a bid to promote Lovaganza 2020. This show will be used as an avenue for publicizing Lovaganza’s 3D cinematic glasses. A short documentary will also be released to show the progress that Lovaganza has made since its inception. The organizers plan to present the film in different Lovaganza venues throughout the world. The film will be presented on the Immerscope screens, which are an emerging technology. Individuals who wish to follow all the proceedings are asked to visit Lovaganza’s website.

Brief Notes about Lovaganza

This organization was formed to highlight technologies of the past, present and future. It uses two major protocols to inspire a global audience, and also to create a global society where all cultures are held in high esteem. The two protocols that Lovaganza uses are Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and The Lovaganza Foundation.

Lovaganza Entertainment is the profit making division of the organization. It is mainly used to entertain while inspiring audiences to discover the cultures of other societies. Lovaganza Foundation is the organization’s non-profit arm. It aims at increasing the visibility of Lovaganza Entertainment while backing up social initiatives throughout the world. The foundation will be officially launched in 2018. Since it was started, it has successfully managed to galvanize support for different development initiatives.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.