The Success of Doe Deereā€™s Lime Crime Makeup Brand

Lime Crime is a company that has gone above and beyond expectations for makeup. According to Beauty Bay, Lime Crime was created in 2008 by Doe Deere, an individual who truly has a passion for makeup and has been motivated to make sure that individuals of any sex feel beautiful and positive on the inside as well as on the outside.

Lime Crime has attracted millions of customers as well as fans that has appreciated the efforts of Doe Deere to be truly heard by the company and to have a word into the products that are not only created, but also that are sold. Doe Deere has loved makeup ever since she was young and has always been a creative individual.

Doe Deere has plans to continue her makeup business and to continue improving her methods of applying makeup as well as the types that she uses for each of her customers.

What makes the business of Doe Deere unique is the fact that Doe Deere loves bright colors. The name of the company was created not only as a brand name that stands out to others, but also as a name that embodies what her company is.

The business of Doe Deere is a business that not only supports fashionable statements, but is also a company that supports and promotes individuality. The name of the company arose when Doe Deere discovered that her favorite color to use on the faces of her customers is the color of lime, a color that truly brings out the beautiful features of individuals.

In recent news, Doe Deere was interviewed by Galore magazine, a magazine that wanted to learn about Doe Deere and her successful company. As a leader as well as a businesswoman, Doe Deere has been titled as one of the most successful individuals within the makeup industry for her dedication as well as her innovation.

As for the future, Doe Deere is excited to pursue a greater expansion for the company and is hopeful to one day own a brick and mortar shop for her customers to visit and to obtain a new experience to what it means to be beautiful.