The Role of George Soros in World Politics

An article on the Open Society Website revealed that George Soros had made donations of over $12 billion since the year 1979. Having being born in Hungary 85 years ago, George Soros fled the Eastern Europe Country in the year 1947 to escape Nazi persecution. George Soros has a Jewish descent. Soon after moving to London in the year 1947, Soros would work as a conductor on the trains. He then changed jobs and became a waiter. Later on, he joined the London School of Economics and decided to try out finance. In his entire life, George Soros has been committed to helping other people survive. He is not a self-centered person and cares about fellow human beings. For this reason, he is actively involved in causes to alleviate people from oppression across in the globe. In the United States alone, George Soros supports immigration reforms, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance reforms. Read this story about George at

On a global scale, George Soros through the Open Society has fought for many causes. These causes include freedom of expression, accountable governments and standing against inequality and injustice of any form. George Soros also preaches transparency and stands against the oppression of the weak people in the society. This means that he funds movements to crash oppression of LGBTI people, sex works as well as drug users. He is motivated by seeing firsthand what oppression of the minor can result to during the killing of 500,000 Jews when growing up as a child in Hungary. He managed to survive this persecution by using fake identities provided to him by his father. Not only did his father produce fake documents for them but he also provided the documents for other Jews.

After finishing his studies in London, George Soros decided to move to the land of the free and opportunities in the year 1956. He took a job opportunity in Wall Street and was joined by his parents in the same year who were fleeing cold way in Europe. Having worked on the Wall Street for 14 years, George Soros opened one of the most successful hedge funds in the US called Soros Fund Management. This has been his main source of revenue since then.

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Other than business, George Soros is very active when it comes to world politics. He is a member of the Democratic Party and makes donations towards the development of the party. His latest donation to this party is a $25 million donation to help the election of Hilary Clinton. According to the Politico, Clinton and George Soros have known each other for over 30 years. Soros often speaks for Ukraine and requests the European Union to implement strict measures to Russia for invading Kremlin. He also negotiates on behalf of Ukraine to the International Monetary Fund. Read his profile at Washington Times.

Help Provide Relief for Animals Suffering in New York City

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