The Unique Contribution of Whitney Wolfe in Reviving Women Spirit

Bumble, a dating app designed by Whitney Wolfe has helped many people to find a love, a job opportunity or a new friend. However, the greatest beneficiary is Whitney Wolfe who got a $230 million fortune. Forbes predicts that she could be on the list of top wealthiest women at a tender age of 29 if Bumble continues with the same growth rate. Read more articles about Whitney Wolfe at

Bumble has great competition from Tinder, a similar dating app. She was a member of Tinder before she left in 2014 due to sexual harassment by one of the co-founders. Whitney Wolfe thought of creating an online social platform for women rather than getting back into dating sites. However, she partnered with Andrew, one of the co-workers at Tinder to come up with Bumble in December 2014. By the end of one month, the app had 100000 successful downloads.

Later in 2016, they launched BFF app that would help women find friends rather than dates. A career-networking app known as Bizz was launched last year in a bid to diversify this social network. The focus of the company is growing the potential of women in the country. The continued support of women has resulted in its tremendous growth and loyal customer user base. This is one of the fastest growing dating platforms with over thirty-five million users. Back in 2017, it brought in $100 million revenue.

Bumbles opened its headquarters in Austin, and it was nicknamed “The Hive”. The yellow honeycomb space is designed in a captivating manner where every square of the building inspires confidence and positivity. There are conference rooms, a kitchen with beer and kombucha, a private space for nursing mothers, manicure sections among other in this building.

There are well-stipulated rules and policies for the employees where the highest percentages of them are women. Bumble maintains a flexible understanding of working hours and the capacity for women to bring their children to the office. The employees have added benefits such therapy sessions, reimbursement of gym sessions and acupuncture visits. The focus is to promote women and support them. Through Whitney Wolfe’s initiative to start up Bumble, many females have benefited and gained support from the management of the company.

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Mountain Biker Michael Hagele Explains How To Get Started In His Sport

Michael Hagele is a big aficionado who says that there are a number of ways to for beginners to take up this increasingly popular sport. He says that those who are armed with a good attitude, the physical body for it, and the proper equipment can quickly get up to speed in mountain biking and start progressing from easy courses to more difficult ones.

He recommends that going to a mountain bike skills camp can be a great option. These types of camps have sprung up in California, Virginia, the Northeast corner of America and in the mountain West states. He says another way to go about starting out as a mountain biker is to start doing so locally. He says you should have a friend or two on these outings and he says that bringing along somebody who already has experience is a really good idea. Learn more at about Michael.

Michael Hagele says that when mountain biking you need be very aware of your surroundings and upcoming obstacles. He says that even groomed and marked trails can have hazards such as tree roots, fallen branches, and rocks in various sizes. Trails can also have slippery spots on them which you need to be prepared for as well.

Compared to regular bicycles a mountain bike has a sturdier and thicker frame to it so it can stand up to the riggers of this sport. The tires are both wider than what are on a typical bike and the air pressure is kept lower. They also have twice as many gears as a regular bike does. Beginners can start out with their own bike or optionally rent or borrow it as well.

Michael Hagele works in Silicon Valley’s tech industry. He started his career as a lawyer at the Fenwick & West LLP law firm. He then worked for a number of startup tech companies before starting his own law firm and becoming a senior outside counsel. He is deeply experienced with things such as buying and selling intellectual property rights, mergers and acquisitions, writing up development agreements, domestic and international firms, and other legal matters.



Michael Hagele Is A Leading Technology Expert

Michael Hagele is a technological expert in the fields of internet, biotechnology and defense. He has founded and invested in various companies in the restaurant and hospitality sector. Hagele is a prominent investor in the developing technology firms.

Mr. Michael Hagele has massive experience and expertise in telecommunications, hardware, software, licensing distribution and development contracts, drafting, negotiating and closing technology. He has broad experience in technology companies and fields that make him a sought-after entrepreneur.

Michael’s learned from his past roles that smaller and sole technology business could offer services that are cost-efficient, licit and high-quality to clients. He focuses on productivity and proper handling of customers and employees. To ensure productivity, Michael plans for his day the very time he wakes up. He starts his day with vital business matters that involve technology clients and customers. He takes an afternoon break. During this break, Michael likes involving himself in mountain climbing or bike riding. He argues that this is the period that he uses to reflect his ideas and come up with some more. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Michael is a believer in hard work and persistence. He never gives up on an idea. He believes that the best ideas involve challenging an assumption and adding information or a resource to it. Michael is ever excited by the artificial intelligence that people are showing all over the world. According to him, artificial intelligence is one of the factors that helps non-profitable business identify the most productive way to use in funding.

Michael Hagele revealed that he is always passionate about putting clients first in business. He argues that business that listens, understands and responds appropriately to the customers’ needs are likely to succeed compared to the ones that do less of these values.

Michael utilizes social media to create awareness of his business and the product that he offers to potential customers. He noted that he uses social sites to interact, learn, share and educate customers.

Michael if a former car wash attendant. He worked in the car wash in the past. He regrets how he risked working in the car wash in winter but says that he learned the value of hard work and education in life. Visit: