NetPicks: Forex Trader’s Path to Profits


In 1996 Mr. Mark Soberman, an expert trader had a vision. He realized that with the advent of the World Wide Web and electronic trading platforms, the once-exclusive world of financial markets would now be available to anyone who wanted to participate. This new crowd of novice traders would need instruction. Thus, Mr. Soberman created NetPicks, an educational tool to bring the masses up to speed in the art and science of trading forex.

Without question, the forex market is the most liquid financial market on earth. Each day more than 5 trillion Dollars changes hands in the forex market. This depth makes it possible for traders to liquidate their positions instantaneously due to the forex market’s excellent liquidity. Unlike other financial markets, the forex market trades around the clock. Traders can open and close their trades at all hours of the day. Helpful tips on

The process of opening and closing forex trades is a straightforward one, yet it is a challenging market to conquer if you are unfamiliar with its nuances. There will be many decisions which traders must be prepared to make, from the simplest to the most psychologically draining. Without a robust knowledge base to draw on most newbie traders will become casualties of the market. That is where NetPicks comes in.

Education Through Video-Based Program

NetPicks is a video-based educational course intended to be completed by traders in weeks, not months (  The program starts by explaining what the forex market is before going on to cover more involved topics such as the following:

  • price entry execution
  • money management
  • technical and fundamental analysis
  • the psychology of trading

In addition to the academic knowledge imparted through the NetPicks program, the course also shares wisdom with traders. Things which everyone likely agrees about, yet needs to hear coming from a place of authority before it becomes concrete in their minds. A few of these simple axioms are:

  • Only trade with money which you can afford to lose.
  • Never open a position unless you have the edge over the market.
  • Trading is all about risk management. Never risk more than 1 to 3% of your account on a single trade.

NetPicks is considered by many to be “the gold standard” in forex training courses because of its original approach to removing the mystery from trading. NetPicks is also a valuable body of knowledge for experienced traders who want to rehash concepts they have covered in the past and would like to review (

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