OSI Industries Food Services Award Executive Makes Business News Headlines

Who Is The Food Industry Leaders

The food service industry is currently being led by the largest producers in North America. OSI Industries operates from 55 facilities with a proud network of over 20,000+ employees. Theft competitors were only willing to comply with strict food mandates under sanctions and fines, but OSI answered to a stabilized food group under the watchful eye of the FDA. Their team of professionals put a nutritious meal on millions of tables and food industry retailers. OSI operates under full food disclosure laws and help you discover what’s processed in your food, or how rich is the soil where your food is being grown on their website.

OSI Industries Inc. Food Services

Food services from OSI Industries gives their partners an opportunity to process food on a large scale. They have been able to meet the demands of large corporations and facilities at OSI Industries. Major corporations have been able to identify with their comprehensive food services model, and they operate over 16+ countries. Their food services has helped them operate in over 16 countries including Asia and China. They also operate effectively in the United States and China.

Visionary Award Given To OSI Recipient, Sheldon Lavin

Professional businessman, chairman, and CEO of OSI, Sheldon Lavin was one of the first to make an effort towards improving economic hardship in the areas OSI was making partnerships with by creating jobs and resources to sustain education, food, and medicine. In 2016, his efforts led him to receive the Global Visionary Award for job growth around the world. Throughout their facilities they have been able to give their partners successful business growth. They make job opportunities available to adults at-risk of poverty. Their operative food processing services contributes to millions of nutritious meals each year.

OSI Expansion Is A Success

The EU food market is an attractive food industry which recently won a deal in the successful Flagship Europe facilities. They’re responsible for processing their food condiments and frozen poultry. The deal was said to be worth an estimated $7.2 million dollars and has contributed to a significant business growth model. Present your successful growth model through direct efforts or food processing skills to OSI by registering for a job opportunity with growth. Trust your diet to the OSI Industries family today and feed food consumers the best with OSI Industries.

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