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What’s one of the first actions of a new mother and father? Inspect their newborn for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Of course the doctors and nurses have just done that but.. you know. Reassurance.


The grand majority of us are born with the correct number of digits. None of us are born with the ability to count them, nor the wherewithal to plan how we’re going to contribute to the world in some remunerable fashion such that we may provide for the growth and upkeep of those twenty digits and everything connected to them. Sadly, throughout our first twenty plus years of life no one, not even our parents, inspect our ability to account for this requirement for living. If you’re like 95% of the world’s population, you have not received any form of sustainable financial counseling that centers around your best interests. Sure you’ve received guidance on how to use and apply for a credit card. Or maybe you’ve even stumbled across information on how to maintain a decent credit score for worthiness to commit yourself to even more credit in the future. But clearly more teaching is required, from fundamentals to advanced personal finance strategies. That once multimillion dollar actors, singers and professional athletes could find themselves homeless and broke within their lifetime speaks volumes for the need for better financial education for everyone, everyone who doesn’t want to get robbed blind. Robbed of their earnings and their dreams.


We all have the responsibility to seek out financial information and guidance or even just make our own way through but with accountability. That’s hard to do though when you’re unaware of what you don’t know. We are not born with such knowledge and skills but there are basic fundamental principles that we can learn and apply to our lives in order to maximize our financial health. Monetary wealth implicates enhanced living in every aspect of life you can fathom such as health, friendships, family provision, access to experiences that nurture your talents and even unto helping others financially.


A large majority of the skills we must acquire for success involve learning how to respond to our financial environment. It’s no coincidence that you’re bombarded with advertisements for high ticket items near your tax refund due date. (Don’t ask how marketers know when this is.) At every stage of our lives, actually even for every minute of our lives, we must maintain an active awareness of our financial positions and employ specific goals for continual improvement.


In order to accomplish this, you need connections with people who understand you and who also understand how to successfully engage in the financial environment surrounding you. Ideally, such individuals or institutions will have participated in such aspects of your life even prior to your birth, showing your parents how to open a juvenile savings account and purchase stocks in your name and social security number and the like. They will have helped your parents recognize and nurture your innate talents and find appropriate organizations where you could have practiced and developed those skills into lucrative projects, endeavors and businesses.


It’s not too late for you to accomplish these goals for yourself and it’s definitely a great time to begin slaying them for your children. Let Infinity Group partner with you for the lifetime goal of focused living for financial health. A professional counselor at Infinity Group Australia reviews your current financial status with you and all appropriate family members so that everyone can climb on board and plug into the tasks, attitudes and behaviors necessary to achieve your family’s financial goals. Our team of professionals at Infinity Group Australia reviews your individual and collective family financial goals and guide you in the research and development of the best relationships that will help you progressively complete each task. Let Infinity Group Australia show you how to overcome debt and create streams of income that flow with you and your family through advanced ages. Contact Infinity Group Australia today to get started! Learn more: