Ted Bauman Says Retirement Should Be Based on Value

There is a number on the dashboard of software for personal finance, according to financial gurus it one of the three most important numbers in your life. Your credit score and age are the other two. There financial indicators are more important than good works, ethics or morality. The other number is your net worth. Visit Ted Bauman at medium.com to know more

Future Speculations

There is a difference between value and price. The amount of money that someone wants in exchange for something is price. Such as paying $1.75 at Starbucks to get a grande, or buying a video game console for $299.

The subjective assessment of the usefulness of something is its value. While the price of the video game is set at $299, there are other things that you can do with that. Value is supposed to be indicated by price in the market, but they can become detached from the value. An example would be the toys children spun on their finger and the prices were high because of the demand until the children got bored with the toy. When demand dropped so did the prices.

Adding time to the relationship between price and value is where you get the net worth in the picture. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

The Next Generation

At retirement the assets making up net worth are usually cashed in, including homes. Some people sell their home to pay for assisted living to live out their remaining days in and be taken care of. If the younger generation does not have the money to buy the homes at the price used to measure net worth there could be a problem.

It looks like today’s younger generation will not be financially stable in 2037. The worth of every household would be $56,540 if the wealth was equally divided according to the global wealth report from Credit Suisse Research Institute. The top one percent have more than half the wealth with the average wealth being just over three and a half thousand dollars. Those who are worth more than the median is in the fifty percent of the richest of the population. Increasing inequality means that the numbers going into retirement might be faulty.

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Matt Badiali: Natural Resources Expert

Matt Badiali deals in natural resources such as fossil fuel derived oil or natural gas. He is an expert on the mining, energy and agricultural industries, because he is having worked on oil rigs, owned oil wells, and explored abandoned mines. He has been to Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland and many other locations, helping to scout for natural resources that can make a profit. He is capable of analyzing geological data which helps him determine sources, as he is the sort of person who needs to see things for himself so he can draw his own scientific conclusion. Follow Matt Badiali at stocktwits.com

As a geologist with extensive training, Matt can spot red flags that can be seen on the ground. Matt knows how to combine his geology knowledge with his work as an investor. He meets with many a mining CEO to hear about the latest technological findings. He knows how to track down profit for his readers. He applies his natural resources data to the investment world. Matt has a B.S. in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Coal was once the main source of fuel used and then natural gas became prominent. More info at Talk Markets.

All natural gas releases is two molecules of water and one molecule of carbon dioxide when it is burned. Coal was once the main source of fuel since it was cheap and able to be moved around easily. In the 1990s, there was a shale revolution in the United States which displaced coal, making natural gas all the rage. Gas turbines can make for instant fuel resources. When demand increased for natural gas, so did supply, Matt Badiali writes for Medium.com. The price went down from $14 per thousand cubic feet (MCF) in 2008 to $1.65 per MCF in March 2016.

Natural gas is produced but goes into storage the whole summer and each winter the supply is used for electrical power generation. 2014 was notable for the natural gas reduction in natural gas featuring lower prices for this precious natural resource that can generate electricity. Matt often keeps track of oil prices in his work, and prior to joining Banyan Hill, Matt was a geologist for a drilling company, as well as a consultant to an environmental company. Matt is a very hands-on sort of scientist and investor since he talks to everybody, which is his way.

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Lori Senecal On Her Career

The Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky will be leaving marketing, according to a report. Porter, the chairman of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, said that they asked Lori Senecal to become their Global Chief Executive Officer because of her marketing genius. He added that the results they have since achieved have been remarkable, and that they have not lost a single client since Lori Senecal joined them. They also managed to net new clients, such as American Airlines. Lori Senecal and Porter have been working hard to make sure that there is a team in place that will help manage the company in an efficient manner after Lori Senecal leaves. Lori Senecal said that after looking over the team, she is satisfied. Lori Senecal also said that she is satisfied and overjoyed at the way her career took, and she is proud of all the things that she accomplished.

Lori Senecal is well respected in the marketing world, and she sure knows how to come up with innovative techniques and strategies that help catapult the businesses she works with to success. She is known to never be satisfied with staying in her comfort zone, as anyone who knows her can attest to. She always strives to go higher than she is expected to, and she always ends up achieving greater results than anyone expected her to. During her work with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, she helped expand their global reach and helped them gain many new customers.

Lori Senecal studied and graduated from McGill University. She worked with McCann Erickson for a while, where she headed their New York office and worked with brands such as Coca Cola. She grew Crispin Porter + Bogusky to an agency that employs over eight hundred employees. She is a fluent speaker of French. Check out their GCReport for more.

She decided to get into business when she was still in high school. She loved gymnastics, but she chose coaching instead of competing because of her height. However, while working as a coach, she learned a lot about leadership qualities, and she developed the skills she would need later as an entrepreneur. She learned how to communicate with others.

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Timothy Armour: One Of The Most Influential And Accomplished Businessmen

The name Tim Armour, as most people in the corporate world call Timothy Armour, brings to mind a perfect image of a person who has employed proper strategies to attain business success. Tim is an all-round and self-accomplished businessman who has achieved a lot for a man his age.

The 57-year-old chairman of the Capital Group of investment, which is one of the leading financial institutions in the United States, is a bachelor’s degree holder in economics from Middlebury College. He is not only business smart, but has a big heart for helping people. He is known to give donations from time to time to support medical needs of the less fortunate. Timothy has donated money to his former college and other learning institutions, thus making him a man who loves creating a better tomorrow for the youths.

Equipped with the right education combined with vast experience gained while working at the capital group, Timothy made a perfect Chairman for the Capital group of companies. As the chairperson, Tim has worked towards the welfare of not only the Americans, but to other people from the rest of the world. Regarding Capital’s partnership with Samsung to come up with strategic plans in Korea, Timothy supported the move saying it would protect the savings, insurance-linked and retirement needs of Korean investors. He also acknowledged that the move would also provide solutions to the financial problems that most Korean investors face.

The well-informed businessman keeps up with all the current trends that affect the business world. Concerning the ‘Recent Market Selloff Caused by China Miseries’, Tim’s opinion was that the correction that was caused by market volatility sparked by China was a common occurrence and a healthy one. He is also very open-minded as he views the period of instability in China as a source of vast business opportunities and investments.

Appreciating The Contribution Don Ressler Has Made Towards Developing Entrepreneurship

Running a business in a highly competitive market and emerging a leader is not an easy process and could take many years before the business grows to a profitable level. This does not mean that all businesses should struggle before they achieve the goals they have.

With the right strategies and procedures, it can take few days before a business emerges a performer and if the entrepreneur is informed enough, they can keep it at the top of the industry for many years. Don Ressler is among entrepreneurs who have managed to grow businesses within few years and retained a leading position for many years.

He has been working on his dream for more than 15 years in all the ideas he launched, he managed to come up with a strong system that surpassed the performance of existing businesses. Don Ressler launched FitnessHeaven over 15 years ago and being his first business, he put focus on learning and building the business. Although he did not have much experience and skills, he still managed to steer the company for several years before he made a decision to sell it to Intermix Media in 2001.

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Alena Media
After selling FitnessHeaven.com, he invited Adam Goldenberg to work as partners in a better idea. They founded Alena Media to offer marketing support to businesses in different specialties. Running the company for less than four years, they started earning millions from marketing and it is at this point the duo saw the need to pursue bigger ideas that would reveal their strengths well. Alena Media was sold to News Corp in 2005 in line with their plan of raising capital for a different idea.

Intelligent Beauty
Don Ressler and his partner brainstormed for several days and the idea to build a beauty shop came up. They worked on building the company that was launched in 2008. Intelligent Beauty is a company that has proved to offer awesome returns and has been growing gradually since inception.

About JustFab
JustFab is revolutionary idea that was founded in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The idea represents an online store that is run on subscription basis and it stocks fashion products in different categories. JustFab has been implementing its growth strategy all along and in 2012, they went for $76 million funding that was meant to develop the company to enter other markets like Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Harahan and Dua Are Cleaning Up Across the USA

A unique household service founded by two Harvard students is rapidly booming in every city where the business services are being offered. Oisin Hanrahan and Umag Dua, while sitting in their dorm in 2012, pondering business ideas designed a unique business concept that has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of business people. Their ingenious idea is unique and as simple as using your cell phone. A person merely completes an easy form fill-in on their cell phone and order cleaning service, plumbing repair, etc. for their home or business, date, time and number of rooms needing service and submit. Within a short period, a reply is received with an estimate for the service requested and it can be either accepted or rejected. Accept and the appointment is scheduled. All work guaranteed, and the tip and tax are included in the work proposal and payment is immediate to the freelance worker. The user provides payment information and Handy manages the receipt of payment for work and payment to the freelancer including year-end 1099 statement, and included in the payment is Handybook’s fee.

Where do Hanrahan and Dua find the people to do the job? Easy to find the people, but the interview process, background check, and references need to pass the scrutiny of Handybook isn’t that simple. They say it is easier to get into Harvard than to pass their rigorous background check. This service offers a win-win situation for user and freelance workers. Handybook is the hub of the service, finding the freelance workers, matching them up with the users, thus providing the unique service guaranteed to both user and freelance worker. Utilizing the 1099 form, all freelance workers receive an annual 1099 statement and handle reporting of their taxes. Hourly rates fluctuate between $15.00 and $22.00 per hour depending on the job requirements, but the average wage is $18.00 per hour. Handybook not only provides a useful service to their customers’ but affords freelance workers the opportunity to increase reportable income.

The Handybook is available in the larger cities in the United States, such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles and continuing to increase their expansion to other major cities throughout the US. Growing so rapidly has required a software upgrade to manage the customer growth and increase options and variety of services being offered, in addition to reliable service providers. Running a two-sided marketplace isn’t as easy as it appears, and matching the job request with the appropriate provider takes a unique skill, but these Hanrahan and Dua are not only cleaning up homes and businesses, they are cleaning up in the profit area too. This New York-based company is being called the Uber of home maintenance.

Included in their expansion was the purchase of a cleaning business on the west coast for an undisclosed price in the neighborhood of $10 million. Investors in Handybook’s funding rounds are very pleased with the progress this investment has attained and are looking for future growth and expansion of this business. Specially designed and uniquely managed for ultimate customer service and satisfaction.

Shaygan Kheradpir Career Journey

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, United Kingdom. He was raised in Iran. He went through Aiglon College in Switzerland. Mr. Kheradpir further, studied his degree at Cornell University in the United States of America. He holds masters degree and PhD in electrical engineering.

As a young man, he started working at GTE and majorly worked in the IT departments. He eventually became the Chief Officer of information in the same firm. He also served as the president and later maintaining the same position but in a different company that was formed when GTE and Bell Atlantic combined to form Verizon Communications in the year 2000, which is one of the largest technology companies in the world. He served here for eleven years as the chief officer information.

Mr. Kheradpir is competent enough as shown from his previous performance in several companies. He is depicted as an individual who is goals center and a team player. During his reign at Verizon he achieved a lot to sustain the company. Some of his achievements while were; he introduced the concept of diversification of the company’s products and services. He even contributed greatly in the idea of making some operations automatic in the company. Being a team player, he comfortably works with other people. He led a group of more than six thousand people in promotion of the IT systems. He generated ideas that brought about creation of other new product and significantly improved the image of Verizon. He furthermore, came up with strategies that helped the company control on the labor cost by reducing the number of staffs as well as capitalizing on the available resources. Moreover, he came up with an effective budget for the company.

Kheradpir also served at Barclays as the CEO before going to work at Juniper Networks, where he worked as the chief Executive Officer. At Juniper he also made positive impacts in terms of the expenses of the company through proper managing purchasing habits and maximizing on profits. One of the advantages that has kept Kheradpir of Cornell at the top is that, he has diversification of roles. This feature makes him work comfortably in different companies and with different people. He is accommodating and understanding. His success is based on the believe that the customer is the most important part of a business. He also trusts that the only way to prosperity, is through helping your customers to achieve their needs. Focus is also one of his major policies, he believes that if a company is working according to the mission and goals it will always achieve it vision.

However, Kheradpir left Juniper and went to Coriant. He was inducted at the management level. This offered him a chance to take part in planning and strategizing. Out of his hard work, he was promoted as a CEO. Shaygan Kheradpir is a mission driven and believes in change he focused majorly on the interests of the customer, employees and investors together with the local community in addition to his roles as a business and technology executive.

Doe Deere: Colorful and Headstrong

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime, a Los Angeles, California, based cosmetics company. In 2004, Deere created an ebay account with the handle ‘limecrime.’ On this ebay account, she sold pieces from her DIY fashion line and modeled all of her pieces herself. Because she wanted her whole aesthetic to be consistent, she also made sure her makeup was as colorful as the clothing she designed.

Deere’s idea for a cosmetics line originated around the same time as her fashion line. She says that the idea was “part inspiration, part necessity.” The bright and unusual colors that Deere was looking for was nearly impossible to come by. In 2008, Deere launched Lime Crime.

For Deere, success is being on the same page as her customers. Her main goal is for her vision to be something that strikes a chord with her fans, so much so that they are proud to wear Lime Crime and become an ambassador for the brand. Being successful also means evolving and reinventing yourself multiple times while still remaining your true self. Deere also believes that being successful is making other people truly happy.

Deere’s biggest success thus far has been introducing a new category to the makeup market: a “liquid-to-matte lipstick that stays on, doesn’t crumble, and is transfer-proof.” Deere says that she worked for months in the lab with a chemist to perfect the formula of the new lipstick. The product line, which is called The Velvetines, is vegan. This means that the lipsticks contain absolutely no animal products or animal derived ingredients. Deere says that another big accomplishment for Lime Crime was getting the entire cosmetics lime certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, the most strict cruelty free certifier in the beauty industry.

Deere has had her share of challenges over the past few years. In 2014, Lime Crime had a devastating security breach. The Lime Crime website was hacked and customer information was stolen. Deere recognizes that the hacking was no fault of her own, but she still feels somewhat responsible for incident. She believes that restoring her customers’ confidence in the brand was the most difficult thing that she has ever had to do. After the incident, the Lime Crime team set up a extensive FAQ, a call center, an e-mail account for all hacking incident-related questions, and hired extra Customer Care help to reply to customers on Social Media outlets. Additionally, Lime Crime brought in online security experts to make sure such a hacking incident never happened again.

It’s hard to believe that someone like Doe Deere, who is a role model to so many women, would have a role model of her own. Deere notes that Kimberley Gordon, the mastermind of Wildfox, is her most important role model. Both Lime Crime and Wildfox started out with “a passion” and launched around the same time. Deere believes that Wildfox and Lime Crime also appeal to the same sort of person. She says that “it’s an absolute honor to call her my friend and mentor.”

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Susan McGalla: Sucessful Business Woman and Expert Consultant

Susan McGalla is a modern American executive consultant on wikinvest.com and also a business lady from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, she acts as a board of director of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. The company is publicly traded that provides services in the real estate. She is popular for her roles as the president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc and also as the chief executive of the Wet Seals Inc. She has worked at the Allegheny Conference as the community development director and also as the trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the Mount Union College. After graduation, she worked at Joseph Horne Company in the managerial and also the marketing positions for duration of 8 years. In 1994, she was able to register at the American Eagle Outfitters, where she launched her career as a buyer of merchandise specializing in women clothing. She served in managerial roles in the company until she got promoted to the position of chief merchandising officer. Later on, she became the president of the same company. Her hard work made the company register better profits while working as the chief merchandising officer of the American Eagle Brand. This was the company’s flagship project and it registered immense success. As the president of the firm, she was tasked with overseeing the launch of the 77 kids and the Aerie brands.

In January 2009, she left the American Eagle Company to search for greener pastures. She became a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries. Due to her results-oriented performance, she was appointed the same year to the board of directors at the HFF Inc. she eventually succeeded Ed Thomas in Wet Seal to become the company’s chief executive officer in 2011. That was after serving on the board of director’s office for two years.

Because of her hunger for success, in July 2012 she left willingly from the company to try other areas. She decided to establish her business, which she named P3 Executive consulting. Currently, she is working at Pittsburgh Steelers as the director in charge of growth and strategic planning. Mc Gall is familiar as a woman who keeps her words. It is not a secret how she has been able to achieve her success. Her career is marked by hard work and a lot of dedication to her job. She is an accomplished professional in fashion branding, business management, and also retail positioning. She is skilled in many areas, which include e- commerce, digital marketing, multi channel retail, sales, store operations, strategic planning, and brand development.

Susan has learned how to handle her commerce world perfectly while juggling her career with her personal life. She has also learned how to craft her way to success because, initially, there was not enough information that could have helped her and other women attain success in the male-dominated business world. Today, she has greatly succeeded in large companies and rose to become an industry leader in marketing, operations efficiency, and talent management.