Fabletics Is Expanding In A Big Way


On their Facebook account, we can see thatĀ Fabletics is a company that has taken the internet by storm. Open up any web page or log into a social media account, and chances are you will see an advertisement for them. Fabletics offers a whole line of adorable workout clothes. They offer a large variety from leggings and workout pants to sports bras and tanks. The clothes are designed by Kate Hudson and they’re all in the latest styles. They offer fun and bright colors and patterns.

It’s not just the design that makes them so popular, it’s also the structure. All of the clothes are designed expertly and offer the support that one needs while getting in a workout at the gym or going for a jog outside.

Fabletics has seen immense success and it’s not just because of the clothes. It’s because of the idea behind it which is a new concept. A person can find the clothes that are right for them by taking a short quiz. After that, a person can shop to their hearts content and they can enjoy a new member VIP exclusive! Fabletics operates off of a subscription-based idea. Kate Hudson has really put her heart and soul into this company and it shows in each and every piece of active wear.

Some people feel nervous about shopping online. They never know what they’re going to get and if their products are what they claim to be. With Fabletics, people don’t have to worry about that. Every product arrives exactly as it is described. People are getting high-quality without paying the high-end price of a designer. Now, there’s even more good news, however, for those who are still nervous to shop online. Fabletics just made a big announcement.

Fabletics will be opening 75 to 100 stores over the next several years! This is great news for everyone who loves the company and activewear in general. Hudson’s company Fabletics already has 7 stores that are opened across the company and now there will be even more.

According to Racked, Fabletics will have an expert team on hand in the store. They will help customers try on and pick out which outfits they want to take home. This is exciting for anyone who needs that help getting fitted into the perfect outfit. The staff will also help customers sign up online to the subscription-based service. They will explain exactly how it is and how to use it. Therefore, now that they know what the clothes are like and what size works, they can easily shop. The subscription-based service online will allow them to receive discounts and look forward to a new outfit each and every month.

The combination of online and in store is a winning one which is sure to please people far and wide.

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