A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Contribution To The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Eric Pulier is a creative professional whose effort has seen many young professionals achieve success from the ideas he has shared with them. He has come a long way from a basic background but with the resolve to pursue his dreams and establish a strong foundation, Eric Pulier has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He runs several ventures like Akana Media and Digital Evolution, which have grown to become successful companies that are working with talented startups to pave way for their growth.

Apart from offering solutions in entrepreneurship, Eric Pulier supports different philanthropic organizations. His contribution in philanthropy has seen him design several programs that are meant to offer solutions to intractable problems. He, for example, designed a system that allows children with chronic illnesses to get in touch with the world and feel appreciated.

Early life and education

Most of the events that prepared Eric Pulier to be who he is today are rarely highlighted, but his success is a reflection of dedication and the resolve to stick to his ideas. His passion for programming began while he was in fourth grade and at this tender age, Eric set out on a mission to research and learn about the inns and outs of programming. To confirm his dedication, he managed to launch a database company as early as when he joined high school. The success he had attained to this point steered him to continue with his dedication.

At the MIT, Eric pursued Computer Science. During this time he also joined the Harvard University and majored in English and American Literature. He pursued both courses with a lot of zeal and dedication and in 1988, he graduated and emerged with high honors. Three years after graduation, Eric Pulier founded his first venture, People Doing Things.


To reach a wider audience, Eric also applied his skills at literature to address several topics. He has been posting about business and technology, educating entrepreneurs about the two and how they are interdependent. One of his books published in 2005,Understanding Enterprise SOA, has effectively addressed pressing issues that make businesses to fail, especially startups.

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