Keith Mann is Setting New Trends of Excellency Across Different Sectors

Keith Mann has a wealth of professional expertise in the executive search sector spanning for more than 15 years. He is a specialist in the specialty of hiring strategy, staffing, and compensation. Mann previously worked at Dynamic Executive Search as a Managing Director in charge of recruiting talents for the international financial services firms. He instituted the Alternative Investment Practice as a subsection of Dynamics Executive Search back in 2002 upon discovering that hedge fund sector was a rapidly expanding market yet underserved by the search community.


In 2006, Keith Mann grew the practice into the privately held equity industry. In 2009, he founded Dynamic Search Partners (DSP), a leading executive search company that focused exclusively on alternative investment firms. Currently, he leads the DSP as the CEO, and he is in charge of the daily management of the company. He helps his customers in recruiting investment, marketing, and strategy specialist for their current team. Additionally, he helps them with the development of new platforms. DSP serves companies across the alternative investment sector in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. It fills more than 200 clientele mandate annually.


Works of charity


Keith Mann has created a culture of corporate responsibility in his company. He leads by example by dedicating money and time in advancing education, eradicating poverty, supporting police efforts, and advocating for fair treatment of animals. He has orchestrated several fundraising campaigns for many community-based non-profits.


Keith and Kelly Mann Scholarship


Keith Mann initiated a Professional Achievement Award popularly called Keith and Kelly Mann Scholarship. The award aims at recognizing the accomplishment of innovative young entrepreneurs. The Uncommon Schools, a distinguished charter management organization located in the New York City, will enforce the Keith and Kelly Mann Scholarship. The award will go to one student who graduates with an excellent performance from one of the Brooklyn-headquartered high schools and chartered by Uncommon Schools.




In a fundraising event held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, Keith Mann and his team of financial service specialists raised more than $22,000. The funds raised will finance Uncommon Schools’ initiatives. The major beneficiaries were the students who completed their 2014-2015 academic year exams.