Dog Food And Human Food: Not As Many Differences Anymore


The Daily Herald published an article that discussed some of the changes that are currently occurring in the dog food industry. In the article, many new dog food companies were discussed. They are entering the dog food market with innovative products that consumers are keen to try. In order to compete, the bigger and better known companies are starting to acquire them. Purina purchased Merrick Pet Care in July. Merrick was new on the scene but had an exciting product, certified organic dry dog food and wet dog food. In particular, the acquisition was due to their creative recipes for their Backcountry like, such as Pacific Catch and Game Bird.

Purina has also made a move in the market to corner specific ailments. They now make a dog food specifically for senior dogs, called Bright Minds. The receipt is made from a coconut oil sourced fat that is easier for older dogs to metabolize so that they have more energy for other areas of their life, like playing.

One of Purina‘s brands, Beneful, has seen significant success since its inception in 2001. The brand pleases customers with favorite dog flavors like cheese, bacon, peanut butter and beef. They also add a variety of textures to their foods, from chunks to thing slices. Beneful strongly believes in providing the best quality of ingredients with the utmost freshness. They are proud that both their dry and wet dog food contains balanced nutrition and is rich in antioxidants and omega.

Beneful has a variety of different food recipes. Consumers will find combinations of everything from a Romana style medley with chicken, pasta, carrots and spinach to chopped blends with lamb, carrots, brown rice, spinach and tomatoes. That company has grown incredibly fast since introducing some of Beneful products. From 2006 to 2012 the company quintupled in size from 300 million dollars in annual revenue to 1.5 billion dollars. The company credits this growth to the assurance that they can provide customers of having some of the freshest quality and safest ingredients.