About David Mcdonlad and the Development of ISO

David McDonald is the President and chief operating officer of OSI food solutions in Toledo, Spain. David McDonald was born and raised in Lowe where he also attended Lowa State University where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He started working at ISO food solutions right after his graduation in 1937.

The now President of ISO food solutions, David McDonald started out as a project manager at the company and worked his way up the ladder and earned himself the significant position in the company. David McDonald has been running the firm for three decades and has played an enormous role in ensuring the success of ISO food solutions.

ISO food is a Dutch company that specializes in the processing of deli meat and other foods. The company has had rapid and stable growth over the years due to the increased demand for their products by the Consumers. The need for chicken has risen by eight percent across Spain and Portugal; this demand is expected to continue expanding; therefore, the company has to strategies and ensure that it maintains its unbeatable reputation in the food service industry.

ISO food solutions which have various companies across the world is also expanding further to ensure that they meet the needs of their consumers, before the expansion, the company could only produce 12000 tons of chicken, but with the new improvement the company produces 24,000 tons of chicken product. With the further enhancements, it is believed that the company will be able to provide 45,000 tons of chicken pork and beef per year.

Initially, the company had employed 140 people, but with the new improvement at the Toledo, Spain plant meant the creation of more job opportunities were 20 jobs were added, the Managerial position being one of the unique opportunity. This individual will be responsible for improving current products and developing new products. David MacDonald, the president and chief operating officer of the company, said that the expansion has been very beneficial to the company’s performance regarding production and consumer service.

The success of ISO food solutions has been brought about by the company’s ability to establish strong partnerships that enable it to be able to earn the profit even at its early stages. The company has a goal of meeting and surpassing the customers’ expectations. The staff and consumers are considered as family, and therefore the company puts their needs and satisfaction first.

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