Rona Borre is the Icing on the Cake, and She is the Cake Too!

Rona Borre has a remarkable story to tell. After graduating from the University of Arizona, she worked for a large staffing company where she led the company in sales and destroyed every sales record that the firm had every recorded. She then quit her high-paying position to start her own company.

She worked out of a spare bedroom in her condo in Chicago and started Instant Alliance, a staffing company as well, and today it is one of the fastest-growing small companies in America. Related article on  Instant Alliance specializes in hiring financial and technological professionals for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized, and smaller companies too.  Additional article on

Borre and her colleagues work very hard to get to know the hiring executives of their client companies so that they can understand in a detailed manner just what kind of new hire will work the best in the new position. The examination of the company culture is also a big consideration because the candidate must be able to thrive in the culture of his new employer.

Once Borre and her team have the answers to these questions, they go to work and find the right candidate. This cuts down on the hundreds of resumes and interviews required with most of the other competitors, as Borre can cut to the chase and find the right candidate very quickly.

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The results speak for themselves with very high satisfaction with the people that Instant Alliance finds and places, and referrals are never a problem at all.

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