Talk Fusion CEO Boba Reina’s Path to Success

Some people can go their entire lives without finding the career that was meant for them while others seem to sink right in and get to work without waiting. Bob Reina was a police officer for more than a decade when he met a network marketing executive. This executive introduced Reina to an entirely new career path and it would lead Reina right into untold success with his company, Talk Fusion. Reina founded Talk Fusion just about ten years ago and since then he has grown the company into a true workhorse in the video marketing and communication industry. Now, Reina is opening up about the path he took to reach this success and how he made it happen along the way. Learn more here:


As we said above, Reina was working as a police officer for over a decade. While he loved the profession he was eventually introduced to a job market that would provide him with the opportunity to truly take control of his career path. Reina points to the network marketing industry as his first opportunity to truly work for himself and work toward filling up his career goals. Of course, Reina found network marketing to be a struggle at first — there were times when his commission was smaller than his phone bill. Still, this got Reina on the track toward Talk Fusion. Learn more here:


Talk Fusion eventually came about after Reina stumbled upon a problem that he didn’t know he had. Reina had been trying to share a video with family via email when he realized, at the time, there was no way to simply embed the file. Reina instantly came up with the seed that would germinate to become his coveted Video Email program. Reina hooked up with an IT professional and good friend and the two immediately set out to work. Learn more here:


When Talk Fusion finally launched Reina would not be surprised to see it succeed so quickly. Reina had spent the better part of the last year hyping up his product, connecting with businesses, and building relationships. In short, Reina believed in his product and as a result everyone else did too.