Securus wants GTL to go for a technology bake off with them

Securus is the leading company when it comes to the provision of communication and IT services for the inmates. The solutions that they provide include tracking criminals, offering telephone services, and many other similar services. The company has a great reputation for these services. However, for some time now, they have been embroiled in a row with GTL Technology over the alleged use of a patented product that the later company uses in the delivery of their services. The court case has been going on for a while with Securus offering an out of court settlement a few times. GTL on the other hand has been insisted on some sort of supreme ruling.

Of late, Securus has decided to try and extend an olive branch to GTL again. They have invited them to a technology based bake off. This came after GTL claimed that they were better at offering the support services for the criminal justice system better than Securus. The bake off is aimed at putting to rest the claims that GTL is better at their customer service than Securus Technologies. The CEO at Securus, Rick Smith, stated that they needed an independent judge to look into the companies and judge for themselves who was better in the provision of the said services.

He was categorical in stating that it was a little shortsighted to claim that GTL was doing better than their company. He stated that Securus had been operational for the past four years, during which time; they had invested close to a billion dollars in their business. He was confident that they were the better business outfit because:

  • Their products were tested and had been proven to be better for the system.
  • Unlike GTL, who handle their customer complaints through outsourced services, Securus had a completely equipped local center.
  • There were field technicians who were permanently employed to improve the services at Securus while GTL had contracted the services.

He was confident that the bake off would once and for all put to rest the claims that GTL was making about providing better services for the system than Securus was doing.


Securus is A+

Since 1986, Securus Technologies has been providing quality, affordable calling options for inmates and their families. It has been through hard work and dedication to their clients that they have now earned the Better Business Bureau’s highest mark of A+! Complimenting the high mark they have also earned accreditation, which is voluntarily issued by the BBB.

Through the years, Securus Technologies has focused on the needs of their clients. Constantly reshaping and upgrading all their services has allowed them to rise above the rest in communication and incident resolution for inmates in America’s prison system. Having a loved one incarcerated is stressful enough without having to worry about how you will stay in touch. Securus takes the stress out of the situation with several options. In addition to call services, they also help with other actions like allowing inmates to file and monitor their own incident reports. Too many times the human factor is lost in these scenarios, but this is the very element that Securus takes into consideration, and is also why they are now the top choice for inmate communications. I highly recommend them anytime you find yourself facing the need. For more information on the Better Business Bureau’s rating, please visit: PR News Wire BBB Accreditation

I would also like to invite you to learn more about Securus Technologies. View the company profile on


Class Dojo Has Built A Communication Platform To Improve School Communities

Class Dojo is a educational app built for improving the overall communication between parents, teachers, and students within the school communities. Similar in form to social media sites like Facebook, but with a different purpose. Class Dojo helps parents stay better connected with their kids while they are in school, even when they are at home. Class Dojo founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, started up the app back in 2011 to realize there vision of improving the quality of education and filling a gap in the market for a useful educational communication tool.

The platform allows instructors to take videos and photos while in class as well as send instant messages through the app to parents. On a day to day basis, parents can check in on their child’s classroom through the app to see how things are going. Overall, this is helping improve the relationships between parents and teachers while helping students become more engaged.

Class Dojo has managed to grow exponentially since they first launched by providing top-notch educational technology, which is being used by millions of people worldwide. Currently, the app is seeing use by two thirds of all US Schools and their reach extends to over a hundred different countries around the globe. The app is available to all schools, both public and private, and consists of a team made up of former educators with backgrounds in education. Today, Class Dojo is helping to improve the education all students can receive.

So far, Class Dojo has managed to raise a substantial amount of money to further fund the project and improve on its content and features. The company’s second round of fund raising brought in more than $21 million dollars to further expand Class Dojo. It’s not surprising to see the founders putting the money to good use, since they are former educators themselves. As time goes on they will continue to make more features for teachers to help better engage their students in class.

Parents are able to keep up with all school activities through the app and by receiving direct messages from their students teachers on upcoming events. The program is currently completely free to use and requires no personal information for signup. Most devices are compatible with Class Dojo, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Most importantly, all content and information between parents, teachers, and students is safe and secure.


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