Kevin Seawright Makes Home Buying Possible

Kevin Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. This company was made to help affordable housing more accessible to people. RPS Solutions LLC makes it possible for people with limited resources to be able to buy a home of their own. The people who are not familiar with home buying procedures are able to get help and learn the home buying process. RPS has become partners with the National Community Stabilization. Since this partnership has taken place, it will be easier for people in the community to have access to resources and access to more properties.

Kevin Seawright has made a difference in many peoples lives by founding RPS Solutions LLC. A new homeowner in the Baltimore area thanks the two companies for helping her become a new home owner. She says that they have made her transition into home ownership very easy and smooth. She is a proud home owner thanks to RPS Solutions LLC and the National Community Stabilization. These two companies have helped her so much. This woman was able to buy her own house because of the generous help she received. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

Mr. Seawright says that the NCST has benefited the Baltimore economy greatly. They have taken abandoned buildings and houses and renovated them. The NCST has matched buyers who qualify, with about 23,000 homes that have been fixed up and made livable. RPS Solutions LLC is known for helping needy people and families throughout the Baltimore area. The team of people at this company have backgrounds in working in various fields. They have years experience in finance, management and business.

Mr. Seawright is a professional in accounting and has many years of experience in business management. He has experience in real estate, both residential and commercial. He has experience developing education projects for the public. He has been in many societies that focus on business administration.He was a member of the Babe Ruth Museum board. He has academic credentials in human resources and in the management fields. He is often in Newark, NJ where he enjoys spending time. He likes to share his knowledge with the people of Newark, like he does with the people of Baltimore. HE has so much knowledge to share with others and really goes out of his way to help the communities he cares about the most. Many people have truly benefited from the help Kevin Seawright has given them.

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Michael Burwell Enormous Success

Michael Burwell is the new Chief Financial Officer of a firm called Willis Towers Watson Company. The company is one of the best world advisory, solution and brokerage companies. Its core mission is to assists clients globally to turn business risks into successful business ventures. Michael Burwell replaced his predecessor Roger Millay who voluntarily retired in October 2017.


Burwell brings an experience of 31 years from Pricewaterhouse Coopers on finance and professional services. Michael Burwell has been in senior leadership roles where he has served for the last ten years. He brings on board an audit experience of 11 years. While this being his initial time there, he practiced assurance work on numerous audit clients. Additionally, he has a Transaction Services experience as an advisor for 12 years. His advises covered assisting companies with due diligence and evaluations of pre-mergers. He was admitted in 1997 as a partner and started PwC’s Transaction Services while based in Detroit. Burwell became successful in Detroit leading to his leadership of central business region of PwC.


He eventually became overall head of US Transaction Services. Michael Burwell was appointed the firm’s Chief Financial Officer in 2007. In 2008, he was further named the Chief Operating Officer across the US business of PwC. He became the Vice-Chair of Global and US Transformation in 2012. Burwell made changes in this role to enhance organizational effectiveness in the management of internal functions a varied group. These functions included Finance, Human Capital, Technology, and Sourcing of Global Strategy. Moreover, he has worked as senior relationship partner during his tenure on numerous clients.


Burwell has a deep understanding of managing and producing results in a complex global market. He has a strong focus on quality service delivery to the company’s clients. He can help a company achieve its full potential and long-term progress. All these are made possible through his proficiency in finance, trades, and makeover. In addition to that, Mike is a strong leader committed to clients with inclusive culture.


Burwell is a 1986 graduate of Michigan State University. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. Furthermore, he is a Certified Public Accountant.



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Michael Burwell – A Financial Leader

Mr. Michael (‘Mike’) J. Burwell joined the global investment giant firm Willis Towers Watson in 2012. He was placed in charge of the company’s division which managed new technology investments, international business outsourcing, finance, new global and national client accounts, and human resource management. Michael Burwell was rewarded for his tenaciousness by being promoted to Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson in 2017. Mike is replacing the previous CFO who has retired.


The Willis Towers Watson firm has a lucrative financial history that stems back to 1828. The investment firm handles varied consultative financial services for businesses of all sizes. Willis Towers Watson is viewed as a trusting firm to do business with and its successful analytical skills. Companies large and small enter into partnership with Willis Towers Watson for advice on multi-service platforms like varying brokerage services, actuarial solutions, capital formulas, and many other investment amalgamations.


Michael J. Burwell attended Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and received a CPA certification. Later in life, Michigan State University honored Mike with an Alumnus of the Year award. Michael’s background career involved his managerial climb within the preeminent firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Mr. Burwell served as partner in the transaction services department of Pricewaterhouse’s Detroit division.


Michael was appointed Chief Financial Officer for Pricewaterhouse’s U.S. business practices division and within a year, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. He became experienced in company pre-merger valuations and the due diligence process. Other management titles in his work at PricewaterhouseCoopers included Head of Global Transformation.


When Mike left PricewaterhouseCoopers firm for Willis Towers Watson, he brought with him 31 years of financial and auditing service experience. Willis Towers Watson manages offices in more than 40 countries and continues to grow with John Haley, Director and Chief Executive Officer at the helm. Mr. Haley has worked for Willis Towers Watson since he joined the firm in 1977 and has led the company through many lucrative mergers and acquisitions. View Additional Info Here.


Upon the promotion of Michael Burwell, Mr. Haley stated that he believes that Mike understands the direction that Willis Towers Watson is taking. Mr. Haley further said that Mike brings valuable key leadership skills to the firm. Michael’s financial experience is what the company needs to continue to fulfill their potential in a global economy as a leading financial establishment. Mr. Burwell’s response was that he was honored to work for a company whose commitment to their clients is an impressive history. Mike further stated that he looks forward to imparting his skills and experience to the company’s continued success.



What Can We Learn From Michael Burwell?

Changing companies whilst acquiring a higher position each time the modification occurred, Michael Burwell has set an example thus paving the way for many who crave for substantial success in the world of business, stock market, client handling etc. Over 30 years of experience places Michael in a position to be more than eligible to contribute some useful advice to less adept. Currently working at the Willis Towers Watson Company as CFO, neither more nor less, Mike has some knowledge to share!


Leading his company as one of the strongest representatives of the same, required some pretty uneasy decisions to be made. This made him hit the list of the least popular in their organization. Situation that seemed as a perfect opportunity to take part in the world of technology as the new pioneers also brought resounding risks with it. Race with the competition looked hefty, but achievable. Being the one who suggested stepping out definitely influenced his loss of popularity, however people quickly noticed how much of a forecaster Michael Burwell actually is! Advice: it has to make sense in the long run!


Being a person who is worthy of trust, is a dependable shoulder to lean on, and also a dedicated listener, are the traits that place you in the company of memorable and highly valuable people! Pure search for your own interest has a high tendency of rising onto the surface at some point, while attentive listening accompanied by a firm understanding of people’s needs and concerns not only make you the best choice of partner in the future, but also gives you the advantage of impressing people with your dedication and reliability. Read This Article to learn more.


Finding mutual language with your customers along with trying to bind your connection to a deeper level, make you an asset that no serious businessman is willing to lose. Just imagine how awkward it would be to run over the same briefing each time the team sets up a meeting. Having a person well-prepared, responsible and trustworthy opens many doors! We absolutely trust Michael’s advice, which is why we will adopt his outlook on life, as our own.


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Michael Burwell: Businessman

Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson and before this assignment, he spent 31 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Detroit, serving as the US Transaction Services Leader. At Willis Towers Watson, Burwell has been the replacement CFO for Roger Milay who retired by choice on October 2nd, 2017. Michael Burwell has served in leadership roles for the last 10 years also bringing 11 years of audit experience and 12 years of Transaction Services Industry experience all while helping companies with pre-merger due diligence and valuation. Burwell has joined Willis Towers Watson at a key point in the company’s process of evolution.


Burwell has experience in finance, transactions, and changes. Burwell is a CPA and has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Michigan State University. Willis Towers Watson has existed since 1828 and Willis Towers Watson has 40,000 employees besides serving more than 140 companies. Burwell’s day starts at 5:00 a.m. and he makes his bed no matter where he is. He then rides his Peloton bike at home or whether or not he finds one. He spends the beginning of each week and month reflecting on it.


He knows how to get good ideas from the people around him. Michael Burwell knows the talent at his company belongs to who can get the Uber or Airbnb idea first. Insuretech Connect is an organization devoted to bringing together the largest and most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors and new insurance industry companies from around the world. Willis Towers Watson has been observing new ideas growing from their Plug and Play relationship with Insuretech, which is making interesting connections according to Burwell. Burwell believes in doing more with less available, so technology helps him stay organized. See This Page for additional information.


His younger self needs to hear that collaboration does not equal consensus. Quit trying to make everybody happy, since that doesn’t work. He states that micro-communities will continue to evolve because like-minded people want to connect, and advertisers try to reach them. Advice for everybody else involves the act of being a good listener to build your network, try to invest in knowing what this interesting thing about another person is like. Also, Burwell says that the best $100 ever spent was a cord organizer for his briefcase because he travels the world and needs all the cords in his bag.


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