Adam Milstein Appears on the List of Most Influential JewsAdam Milstein Appears on the List of Most Influential Jews

On the 5th of October 2016, the Business Wire reported that Adam Milstein had been recognized as one of the most 50 influential Jews of modern times. This recognition was by the Jewish Journal. This recognition names the Jewish figures that have played a key role in transforming the Jewish community as well as those people with the capability of continued help over the next few years. Adam Milstein was recognized a number thirty nine in this list.

Adam Milstein recognition was due to the role that he has played in the establishment of the Israel-American Council. In this organization, he is recognized as the co-founder as well as the Chairman. His recognition was also due to the role he has played in philanthropic causes especially through the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He and his wife established this organization in the year 2001.

Other factors that led to his recognition include his participation in other Jewish organizations such as the Stand By Me as well as Birthright Israel. Adam Milstein has an affiliation with other Jewish organizations such as Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships.

Appearing on this list was competitive as it featured famous and prominent people such as Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Congressman Charles Schumer, and several Supreme Court Justices. The list also had other prominent people such as Gal Gadot and Sheldon Adelson.

Adam Milstein acknowledged that to be named on this list was an honor and a privilege. He thanked his wife for the contribution that she had made to ensure that he appears on this list. He referred to the recognition of a historic achievement. Adam Milstein was born in Haifa Israel and fought in the war just like his father. He used to work in the real estate business and is a partner at the Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam established the Adam and Gila Foundation with the aim of making the Jewish People strong and also help the Jews in America to embrace their culture. Adam Milstein holds a degree in economics and business and also attended the University of Southern California for an MBA program. Adam and Gila have three children.