The Political Reforms That End Citizens United Wants To Make In American Politics

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that is funded by grassroots donors. It was established on March 1st, 2015. The committee is dedicated to putting a stop to Citizens United and to see reforms take place in the country’s campaign finance system.

In recent months, the committee has been raising some funds of their own, to help the fight to drive big money, out of Washington DC. In the first three months of this year, the group raised more than $4 million. It predicts it will raise $35 million more before the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. In 2016 the PAC raised $25 million for the elections in the first cycle; which would be a significant rise, as per reports by USA TODAY.

Out of the 100,000 people who contributed to the PAC in the first quarter, 40,000 did it for the first time. Tiffany Muller who is the PAC president reiterated that their goal is to elect campaign-finance reform champions to Congress in 2018. Democrats are said to be furious about President Trump winning the last election and are gearing to fight back against his nominees and agenda.

In 2010 the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United changed the landscape of American politics forever. It emphasized the idea that corporations are people and this facilitated the formation of super PACs. Billionaires and corporations with particular interests could now spend unlimited money to get their preferred candidates elected. The money is untraceable which leads to unaccountability and no transparency. End Citizens United is a traditional PAC and therefore cannot accept any donation more than $5,000 from a single donor.

In 2016 this cap did not make a difference as the groups fundraising saw it become one of the top Democratic-aligned groups that spent a lot of money last year. End Citizens United recently collaborated with more than two dozen groups to ask Republican senators who had received campaign donations from Betsy Devos not to vote in her nomination as the Education secretary.

Citizens United hopes to achieve its goal by electing pro-reform candidates, working through ballot measure campaigns to pass pro-reform laws in different states, making the issue of money in politics a national priority and using their grassroots memberships to show political power on the money in politics issue. The group believes that Citizens United brought down 100 years of law that had been in place to curb corruption in the electoral system.

End Citizens United chose to work with Democrats because they are leading the charge against Citizens United. The Democratic Party leadership also appeals to the group as they believe real change will come from a Democratic Party leadership. The group is becoming more powerful with thousands of grassroots members funding them.