George Soros: How an Astute Hedge Fund Billionaire Has Defied Odds to Make an Indelible Mark through Philanthropy Worldwide

George Soros grabbed the headlines by donating a whopping $18 billion to his Foundation, widely known as the Open Society Foundation. The enigmatic billionaire captures the headlines now and then, but his total donation has undoubtedly gone down in history since it is one of the largest donation ever made by a private philanthropist to a single foundation.The donation is second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has been dispersed behind the scenes over the past few years. Furthermore, it has undeniably placed Soros at the center of controversy based on his conservative opinions on various political and social matters.Founded over three decades ago, the Open Society Foundation is deeply entrenched in over 120 countries with a keen emphasis on the promotion of democracy and human rights. However, the Foundation has been much more vocal in the U.S compared to other nations based on its staunch support of programs dedicated to protecting lesbians and gays as well as bringing to light police abuse.

Since its formation, the Open Society Foundation has become synonymous with funding treatment centers brazing the 2014 Ebola outbreak with massive success as well as protecting U.S citizens in the wake of widespread hate incidents. In the wake of such hate crimes, George Soros deemed it necessary to donate $10 million to combat the violence. According to Soros, there was a need to place adequate emphasis on dark forces that culminated from the election period.As a Democrat benefactor, George Soros has been known to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well as other promising Democratic politicians. However, such donations have been at the receiving end of a political backlash from Republicans and their like-minded followers. For instance, a conservative website called Breitbart recently questioned Mr. Soros’ motive in making Ireland a “pro-abortion state” while holding significant influence in European nations.However, supporters have not hesitated to support Mr. Soros on more than one occasion. For instance, Eileen Heisman, the chief executive of National Philanthropic Trust recently hailed Soros’ pragmatic approach to various issues of political and social concern.

George Soros

George Soros’ rise to fame and wealth is undoubtedly a rags-to-riches story. As a young boy, Soros fled Hungary in the wake of the Nazi evolution to seek asylum in England. While in England, Soros painstakingly put himself through Business School and worked several jobs at a time before grabbing the headlines for the first time in 1992. By aggressively selling the currency the British pound, Soros earned the title of “the man who broke the Bank of England” after placing a $1 billion bet against the pound.

What the Future Holds For George Soros

Having been closely involved in the Open Society Foundation, George Soros is expected to donate an additional $2 billion to make significant progress with the Foundation. According to the Soros Fund Management, the billionaire donates at least $900 million annually to sustain programs and grants of various magnitudes. While pulling strings from the shadows, George Soros intends to fend off criticism after funding several learning institutions in Hungary. As of now, George Soros surely has some unfinished business to tend to worldwide.

Proactive Strategies in Online Trading with Netpicks

Boasting of seventeen years provision of online trading education, Netpicks has managed to rise to the top ranks in the world of online trading. Headed by one Mark Soberman with the unwavering support of a team of trading professionals, the online trading strategy company has over time dedicated itself entirely to ensuring the transformation of regular traders into trading success. This is conceivable given the wide range of lessons offered including but not limited to forex, options, stocks, systems, futures, and signals.  Learn how to be a socially responsible trader, click this demo video here.

Netpicks, which is headquartered in Irving, Texas, has three primary goals that guide their trading systems. These are that the trading is a full-time career, it should offer you part-time income, and more so, it is to be done within minutes. All the systems they teach to their students can ideally be learned and understood within a short time frame via video training, allowing one enough time to get into the field and practice rather than dragging along months of study. Their survival through the changing tides in online trading for over twenty years has enabled Netpicks to understand the value of having a well-seasoned partner by one’s side throughout the arduous journey that is online trading, and they surely never leave your team.  For update on their recent timeline activities, check on

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Some of the online trading strategies covered by Netpicks are the proactive strategies that ensure profits in the event of choppy market environments. An example of a choppy market environment situation is one expected in the summer months following the recent technology sector sell-off that drastically changed Wall Street sentiments.  Additional trading tips on

The “Lock and Walk” strategy has been utilized successfully in the past in such situations. It assesses support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, 0.36% while aiming to trade the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, +0.88% and the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, -0.74% when the levels are tested. Also of great importance is the rule that should the strategy have 67 basis points in gain, it’s designed to close until the next trading session. The aim is ideally being long-term positions thus its success in choppy environments.  Start getting connected, click on

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Netpicks trading strategy.

Netpicks is a trading company that trains ambitious stock and forex traders. Netpicks headquarters is in Lrving, Texas. The netpicks trading company started just as an online trading business as well as day trading. It has been good in providing training education. Netpicks trading does training that helps in achieving success in the markets; this includes preparation of systems to signals, stock options, futures, forex, ETFs, and swing trading.

Netpicks Company staff has been trained to do trading professionally to yield higher profit margin. For one to be a successful trader you must utilize such skills like risk management, proper record keeping, be a trading psychologist, be a market researcher and accountability. In trading, one’s mental approach is very vital, also being aware of the structure of trading. There are three levels of responsibilities that are involved in stock trading.  Learn more about trading on this demo video clips here

There is the methodological planning of departments. Secondly, there is running the show. This level plans every trading opportunity as well as monitoring the developments that are being made in the market and making sure that risk and all methods are taken into action all the times. Level three involves the workers. They are required to obey orders from other levels, place trades that are handed to them down and also they are needed to remain focused on the trade as well as sticking to the risk and methodology procedures.  Related article on

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Market watch about trading strategies recently has shown that after the technology sector has selloff, the street has changed. This change in sentiment has opened the door for a choppy market during the months that are summer. Netpicks has the proactive strategies to take advantage of the situation. The plans are meant to make profits from choppy market environments.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, check on

One of the designed strategies is called Lock and Walk. This approach is associated with a fundamental rule that state if the plan has sixty-seven basis points in gains, it is designed significantly to shut down and wait until the next trading session to start to operate. Adopting Lock and Walk stock trading strategy help the traders to remain on the gaining side in case of market uncertainties.  Get connected, hit

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The Success Story of 2015 BFW Winner Omar Yunes

Sushi Itto franchisee Omar Yunes became the winner of the last Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition last year in Florence, Italy. Yunes got hold of the Japanese food chain aged only 21, and he now has 13 franchise units under his belt in three Mexican cities namely Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. The 13 units boast of over 400 employees whom Yunes credits the success to, adding that he is merely their representative.


Thirty-four countries were represented at the BFW, including Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, France, Hungary, and Argentina. Yunes was vetted based on aspects such as knowledge contribution, improvements proposed to the model, employee motivation, and influence on the network. He bagged the prize having stood out in all the above aspects. Diego Elizarraras, the event organizer, stated that the award consolidated the great position that Mexican franchises are in globally. He added that it was no longer a regional affair like before and more information click here.


Pendamex franchisee Ivan Tamer came in second place, having achieved a new marketing system managing Pendamex’s pawnshops. This was upon the implementation of effective strategies and tools to improve the brand. Its manager, Patricia Campos, stated that Ivan had put in place parameters that stood out in their network. The Mexican Association of Franchises, Entrepreneur Magazine, Universidad Anahuac, and entrepreneurs of the franchise sector adjudicated the Mexican chapter of the BFW and learn more about about Omar Yunes.


About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a leading Mexican investor best known to be behind Japanese food franchise Sushi Itto. He runs more than 13 franchises in Mexico, making him one of the biggest names in the food business. Yunes’s brand has also employed many Mexicans, having over 400 hundred employees across the franchises business units in Mexico. He has developed a strong business network, and this has been recognized by receiving awards such as the BFW and Omar’s lacrosse camp.


Netpicks Pushes Investors in Right Direction

People that are serious about building their investment portfolio will have a reason to check out Netpics. This is an online trading strategy company that allows people to get a better idea on how they can maximize their returns on investments. Anyone that is looking for a way to build a better investment portfolio will appreciate this type of company.

The investor that is interested in learning about the concept of options trading and other things like top-performing trading strategies will certainly benefit from Netpicks and all of the different platforms that this company can offer. It is one of those organizations that provides people with the necessary tools that they are going to need to make their portfolios better.

Many people can learn the basics about trading stocks without utilizing any type of system. It is a pretty cut-and-dry objective when it comes to basic stock trading and holding. When it comes to options trading, however, it is much more complicated if you do not know the process. Netpicks is the system trading organization that gives people a better sense of how they can engage in options trading and maximize there account growth.

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It is certainly beneficial to have a company like this in place because it gives you a new sense of what you can do to make your portfolio stand out. Many people that are investing have their portfolios on auto pilot. They may be getting meager returns on investment, and they have no real desire to learn about the things that can help them maximize their return. This is what the majority of investors are doing.

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There are some investors, however, that are ambitious. They want to know about options trading. They want to know about the various strategies that they can use to become successful when it comes to long-term retirement planning. They want to be able to build a better retirement account, and they want to know how they can do it on their own. Netpicks is the type of organization that provides people with this type of skills to maintain high return portfolios.

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