The growth of any business is highly dependent on the company’s efforts in creating a good working environment with all partners. This is important businesses depend on each other and the failure of one could ultimately be the failure of all.

According to David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, success in business can only be measured by how much an organisation values its partnerships. The ability to view and treat every customer, and also the staff in an organisation as partners in business allows for tremendous growth. This, David McDonald says, is the only forum that allows the organisation to better understand a client’s needs, and make for timely and efficient delivery of goods or services as needed. This creates trust which in return translates to repeat business.

David McDonald has served at OSI Group for close to 30 years, having joined the organisation in 1987, soon after graduating with a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Under his leadership, OSI Group has acquired among others, Baho Foods, a Dutch meat and poultry processing company. The move to acquire Baho Foods, which has been in the food processing and distribution business for over 60 years is largely seen as an opportunity for OSI Group to expand its reach to Europe. OSI group has also acquired Chicago based Tyson Foods, an acquisition which under David McDonald’s supervision saw OSI Group retain all the staff members who would have otherwise lost their jobs with the early closure of the company.

David McDonald has led OSI Group to greater heights every year with his exceptional leadership and relationship building skills during his tenure at the organisation. This has earned him respect in the food processing and distribution industry, and also in social circles. He is one of the few scholars who have been awarded the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award, a world-recognized award that is given to the most respected and influential individuals in the business world today.

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Shervin Pishevar Expresses Concern About Monopolies

Shervin Pishevar, a venture capitalist known for being an early investor in several hot tech companies, recently expressed his concern about the monopolies taking place in the United States. Shervin expressed his concern using Twitter and sent out dozens of tweets in less than 24 hours.

A monopoly is identified as exclusive possession or control in a particular commodity or service. Shervin Pishevar identifies that Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Apple all have monopolies in the United States. He goes as far as comparing them to Ma Bell and says that they are more dangerous than the telephone company because of the amount of data that they have access to.

One of the more concerning aspects is that the monopolies are growing. They are gaining more power because they are buying many of the startups that enter the marketplace. Shervin Pishevar refers to these as silent assassinations. Essentially, any startup that shows any level of competitiveness and innovation is purchased by one of the monopolies, which only gives the monopoly additional strength.

Shervin Pishevar doesn’t offer any solutions as to how to strip the monopolies of their power. The only warns that it’s necessary for the monopolies to be broken up, similar to Ma Bell. By doing so, it will allow more businesses to enter the marketplace. More businesses will ultimately be what is healthier for consumers.

As it stands right now, the monopolies have access to more data than any sovereign. Additionally, cities are crying out for Amazon and the other monopolies. The government is also allowing the monopolies to continue. View More Information Here.

Shervin Pishevar has over 91,000 followers. His tweets have been mentioned on countless blogs and many people have retweeted, which ensures that more and more people are learning about the monopolies and the concern that needs to be discussed in one way or another.


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Hussain Sajwani’s Philanthropy and Businesses

Hussain Sajwani is the founders and current Chief Executive officer of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC was established in 2002. It has its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company specializes in the development of real estate projects for residential and commercials properties. DAMAC mainly operates in Dubai and the Middle East. He holds a Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani started off with the food business in the 1980’s. During the Iraq war, he supplied the United States troop with food supplies. He then ventured into the real estate business in 2002. He founded the company after his government allowed non-Emiratis to own properties. The foreigners became his main clients since they needed luxurious homes for settlement. The company has completed more than 8,000 projects since its establishment. In 2011, Hussain Sajwani opened the hospitality unit to his group of companies. The advance has made DAMAC Group one of the leading company in the hotel service and apartment industry. Mr. Sajwani is planning to expand his business enterprises to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey and other parts of the world in future.


The Hussain Sajwani family has a close relationship with the current President of the United States Donald Trump. The two billionaires are not only friends but also business partners. Husain Sajwani family has close ties with that of President Trump’s. The two real estate developers collaborated in the construction of two golf courses that all bear the name of Donald Trump. The golf courses are the Trump International Golf Course Dubai and the Trump World Golf Course. All of them are located in the United Arab Emirates.


The DAMAC owner is an active philanthropist. He has donated huge amounts of money to charities helping the needy in the society. He donated $2 million to the AED campaign in 2013. The campaign offers to clothe to needy children around the world. Mr. Sajwani has also donated money to his government aimed at improving the living standards of people in the United Arab Emirates. The apt entrepreneur lives in Dubai with his family. Learn more: