Rick Smith and Inmate Communication Achievements

Rick A. Smith works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a firm that’s known as Securus Technologies. His full first name is Richard. Securus Technologies is the name of a prominent prison technology business that was established in 1986. It’s headquartered in Dallas in Texas. It has regional branches in other locations, too. People who are in Atlanta, Georgia can easily access one of the company’s branches. Rick Smith is a Dallas resident who is more than well-versed in subjects that involve inmate communication practices and approaches. He has an extensive grasp of subjects that involve entrepreneurship, creativity and technology in general. Smith is nothing if not a balanced individual. He takes a well-rounded approach to his successful career. That’s the reason he makes an effort to regularly focus on the pastimes that mean so much to him. Smith adores spending time outdoors. He adores traveling and seeing the nation and world as well. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Rick Smith puts a lot of time and dedication into Securus Technologies. He’s an executive who is perpetually broadening his horizons. He’s a professional who is constantly working hard to learn more about bettering inmate communication practices for the future. Securus Technologies is a company that’s about nonstop advancements and positive changes. It specializes in all kinds of video services and phone services for inmates. Prison voicemail is yet another expertise sector for the staff at Securus Technologies. The company is known by many in its field for its work in email services, money transfers and so much more.

Securus Technologies is a business that accommodates a large number of facilities in areas all over both Canada and the United States. Rick Smith, because of that, has expertise in North American correctional facility matters that spans many sectors. Securus Technologies happily accommodates more than 2,000 correctional centers in North America. It accommodates close to 3,500 corrections, law enforcement and public safety groups as well. Well over a million North American inmates rely on Securus Technologies and all of the services it brings to the table on a daily basis. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Smith has been in charge at Securus Technologies as its determined CEO since 2014. He worked as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and President of a company that was called Eschelon Telecom Inc. before that as well. He began his job with Eschelon Telecom Inc. in the spring of 2000. He exited his position with the firm more than 3 years later in the late summer of 2003, too. This professional has a great education under his belt. He attended the State University of New York located in Buffalo, New York. Rick Smith Securus majored in engineering there and earned a bachelor’s degree. He also went to the University of Rochester.

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Roberto Santiago: A Luxury Representative of the People

Roberto Santiago is among those mythical entrepreneurs in Brazil. His feats of success are the things that are taught in school for inspiration. Indeed, he is regarded as a great man, a legend. Roberto Santiago owns a premier modern retail center dubbed Manaira; it is situated in Joao Pessoa. Santiago purchased the property on which the Manaira retail complex is currently located in 1987 and acquired it a couple years before mall had been ready and it was started in 1989. The Manaira retail center consists of a theatre, roof top concert hall, gambling space, food court, several shopping stores, a set of office space, finance institutions, and also a gymnasium.


The Domus Hall has adequate distance to sponsor musical festivals, conventions, displays and weddings, college campuses, and temples. The Domus Hall is located on the cozy rooftop of the mall. The Domus Hall is sound proof and airconditioned. Additionally, it’s designed with the very best sound equipment. It’s a two-story structure that’s sub divided into separate cottages for men and women that require privacy and also the ground floor is set aside for bigger general affairs. The Domus Hall has drawn performances out of, not merely native musicians, but also international performers who would have otherwise never seen Brazil. This mall is regarded as a beautiful landmark and a main point for travelers to see. Many tourists visit the mall when coming to Brazil. The attraction has drawn money into Brazil’s economy and done excellent for job availability and economic stability.


There Are Plenty of entertainment choices at Manaira Retail Complex including a picture theatre which has the latest films. Additionally, it includes a gambling room connected to a bowling alley. Because of this, the restaurants include take out to luxury dining establishments including Espaco Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital steak house. The upscale patrons appreciate this and love the ability to go into the mall for a fun time. They can also have their tasty food delivered like a luxury meal on wheels!


The experience in Santiago’s mall favors people from all over. All races, creeds, colors, and denominations enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. The mall also houses the faculty center for the college of Paraiba; ergo, you can find various faculty and student members round the mall.


Roberto Santiago possesses another contemporary retail center called Mangeira aside from Manaira. The Mangeira was created in 2013. Both Stores, Manaira along with Mangeira, have improved the economical and societal facets of the town of Joao Pessoa. Because of this, many businesses have launched startups in the town, consequently giving the citizens unlimited choices of employment. What Roberto Santiago has done for his people is amazing. He has given them a place to shop and a place to be proud.


From bathroom cleaner to a CEO – Glen Wakeman

As the business world deals with trends of the supply and demand curves, tax implications of various issues, and strategies for revenue growth, Glen Wakeman is staying loyal to small start-ups and fellow businessman and women, who he provides with strategies on finance and management.

This CEO, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics, as well as an MBA in Finance is currently on top of Lunchpad Holdings, LLC (http://www.glenwakeman.com/). Wakeman co-founded this company to help early-stage entrepreneurs with their online business planning. Earlier in his life, he had a chance to live in six different countries, and in one of his interviews, Wakeman states that the best $100 dollars he ever spent were on a Berlitz Spanish language course, which showcases the international perspective that he carries. During that same interview, he claimed that one of his best traits is curiosity and ultimately it seems natural that a curious individual became diversified in his area of expertise.

Prior to co-founding and becoming a CEO of Lunchpad Holdings, LLC, Wakeman enjoyed a fruitful career as a business development, President, and member of various Boards of Directors (Ideamensch). He spends his free time giving back to others in the business world through his writing where strategies and advice is offered. Although diverse, Glen Wakeman is very present in his own company where he makes sure to review all the numbers delivered to him, on a daily basis. He is active in various fields of his company that is, but not limited to, researching popular trends and competition, reviewing inquiries, and even responding to communication.

As a magnate of the business world who inspires others, Wakeman does not lack in his own creativity which can be seen in the fact that he helped establish the company where he is the CEO currently. The idea development process that he discussed on one occasion involves a team discussion, further showcasing his people skills and what he holds important. After all, starting as a bathroom cleaner, it is indisputable that Glen Wakeman has advice for everyone, and small business owners should be open to his critique.

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Daniel Mark Harrison Moves From Reporting To Becoming The Financial News

As a prominent journalist, Daniel Mark Harrison was well known as one of the most respected and impressive voices in the financial news media after breaking a number of large stories. In 2017, Harrison is now the news as he takes his own monkey.capital brand to the next level of success after purchasing the domain name to make it easier for clients to explore the offerings of his team; Daniel Mark Harrison has worked hard to create a company with investments in SpaceX supply chain management investments and its own cryptocurrency.

The next step has been taken in developing a new image for Monkey Capital. Daniel Mark Harrison his company will have a large number of new clients.

Danial Mark Harrison has spent much of his life and career exploring the financial markets of Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Across a number of markets, Daniel Mark Harrison has found success as a leading investor through his own investment company, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., that has proven a success for both the investor himself and his own family.

Daniel Mark Harrison has taken on a series of roles for his own and a range of other companies that show the skills he has developed over the course of his life. Among the career roles Daniel Mark Harrison has undertaken include journalist, editor, author, and entrepreneur; Daniel Mark Harrison has built a strong reputation as an expert in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies developing over the last few years.

The education and career of Daniel Mark Harrison are as impressive as possible with a range of graduate studies completed at the world-renowned Oxford University and New York University. Among the media outlets, Daniel Mark Harrison has provided his financial expertise for are CNN and many other internationally recognized media outlets.