Why Choose Waiakea Volcanic Water

In the world of bottled water, resume means everything. No, the water doesn’t necessarily have to be the most popular brand to become a top-pick. The water must have a solid reputation or else no one will drink it. There are literally hundreds of bottled-water brands on the market today, but all aren’t created equal. Some of this water comes froms natural springs. Other brands of bottled water seem to have no authentic background at all. In this case, the company that owns water like this might just be filling those plastic bottles straight from a bathtub. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but you should always do some due diligence on anything that you buy.

Since 2012, there has been one brand of bottled water that has been making a huge splash, no pun intended. This brand is known as Waiakea Volcanic water, and it comes straight from the state of Hawaii. This specific brand does a great job of educating its customers. Waiakea remains true to its actual heritage. The name Waiakea means broad waters, and it will give you a taste of what Hawaii has to offer. This water drains down through one of the earth’s most pure natural structures. When Waiakea names its top product volcanic water, then you must understand that it truly means it. The Mauna Loa Volcano is the source of the water, and this rock does an amazing job with the purification process. Most volcanic rocks are porous to some degree, and these types of natural structures give the water some extra incentives such as electrolytes and minerals.

The plastic bottles themselves have a 15-year lifespan. After that, the bottles will begin to degrade. What more can you ask for from a bottled-water brand? Waiakea Volcanic water is certainly changing the status quo for the better.