Media House with a Difference: NewsWatch Television

Avanca is a mobile accessories designer and has been recognized on several occasions for its lifestyle designs. Avanca has been working with their sister firm; Ockel which is a manufacturer of pocket PC. Recently Avanca worked with Newswatch to assist Ockel market their product; Pocket PC during a Crowdfunding event. It was not the first time that Ockel was using the media company during the Indiegogo campaign. The company has been experiencing their expansion for using Newswatch for marketing. The first time, Ockel recorded a rise of about 2939%, and they were happy for Newswatch. Newswatch was responsible for all the video production as well as the logistics of the campaign. The media group has also been responsible for traveling to and from Germany for the IFA International conference, BROLL filming as well as post-production editing.

Newswatch is an organization that has been handling as well as responsible for several activities among them; entertainment news, health, travels as well as technology. Newswatch television has been airing their shows as well as programs on a weekly basis on ION Network and AMC Network where they have their bi-monthly shows. Newswatch shows are hosted by Andrew Tropeano, and their reports are given by Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom, and Erick Forrest.

The entertainment house has been in existence for an extended period and has been airing their programs and shows since 1990. Recently the group celebrated their 1000th episode. Newswatch has been broadcasting more than 10000 stories on ION as well as AMC. The media house has been airing a broad range of stories from all sectors including; medical stories, breakthrough, automotive, entertainments, the introduction of new products, legal issues, celebrities, public policy issues, and other topics that affect the society. Newswatch is one of the favorite television stations for stars in the United States. It has been in existence for more than 25 years reaching over 700million people.


Vijay Eswaran Makes Life Better For Many People

The QI Group is one of the largest and most successful multilevel marketing companies on the planet. It was co-founded by Malaysian native Vijay Eswaran in 1998. The company is an e-commerce force that markets a wide range of products throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Founded in the Philippines, the QI Group currently has its headquarters in Hong Kong, regional offices in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and subsidiaries in almost a dozen other countries. The company has created employment opportunities for more than a million people throughout the area it serves.

Eswaran is a major force behind the company’s growth and development. His innovative marketing strategies have enabled the QI Group to reach out to consumers in large cities, small towns and hard to reach villages. He first became involved with multilevel marketing while attending the London School of Economics in the 1980s. By the time he received his degree in socioeconomics he was professionally certified in multilevel marketing by CIBA. When Eswaran moved to the United States to work on his MBA at Southern Illinois University, he worked with a MLM company called Synaptics.

Because of his work with the QI Group Vijay Eswaran is now one of Asia’s richest men. But he has generously shared his wealth with many others. He’s helped to provide financial, material and charitable support to many individuals, families and communities through his philanthropic organizations the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. These organizations provide a wide range of educational, social and economic services. These services have helped to improve life for countless people and give them a much brighter future.

The work that Vijay Eswaran has done has won him numerous accolades and awards. They include the New Global Indian award given for business excellence and philanthropy as well as being named to Forbes Asia’s list of the ’48 Heroes Of Philanthropy. But Eswaran is not in it for the awards, he is interested in helping people improve their lives and fulfill their potential. To that end he has written a series of inspirational books and gives very powerful motivational talks.