Jeff Yastine Wants Investors To Understand The Plight Of Amazon


Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as its editorial director and the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. He has over 20 years of experience as a financial journalist and stock market investor and also contributes to the Winning Investor Daily as well as the Sovereign Investor Daily, which are two more Banyan Hill Publications. He is good at breaking down economic, monetary, and business trends in a way that investors can understand and his writing has helped thousands of people. He worked as a correspondent and anchor with the PBS Nightly Business Report for over a decade and a half and was nominated for an Emmy. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Jeff Yastine has been noticing that Amazon is receiving more and more negative comments and that this may be a sign that people are becoming tired of having to compete with the giant. He believes that at some point a United States President will accuse the company of violating antitrust laws and that this will go badly for Amazon. Jeff Yastine has indicated through Tweets that many stores are beginning to go out of business because of Amazon. He made it clear that even though these companies were likely being run in a way that was best for them, it didn’t seem to matter; Amazon continues to crush them all.

Jeff Yastine has also made it clear that many retailers are forced to list their items on Amazon and that Amazon can also list their own similar products at a reduced price on their website. He agrees with Lina M. Khan, a legal scholar from Yale, who said that Amazon’s platform will probably be a target for antitrust regulators at some point. She also indicated that Amazon’s case is a hard one because it isn’t exactly violating antitrust laws, and she thinks some of this has to do with the way that Jeff Bezos has been able to get around them. The problem is that most retailers are forced to use Amazon and that this allows Amazon to collect a large amount of data about these retailers.

Jeff Yastine believes that the hunt is already beginning, because in Japan, an antitrust group took a closer look at the company’s offices after possible antitrust laws were broken. It found that Amazon had been passing on the charges of deals it offered to its customers to suppliers of goods and that these suppliers gave in because they would have to remove their products from the company’s website if they didn’t.

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Jeff Yastine is the Total Wealth Insider director and also the Banyan Hill Publishing editorial director. He acquired his education from Florida University where he studied journalism and immediately after completing school he landed his first job at the Raleigh-Durham market of North Carolina where he worked as a TV reporter. In the year 1993, he became part of PBS, a nightly business broadcast, where he worked as an anchor and a national correspondent until 2010. While working in the PBS, he got more exposed to the world of economics business and finance through interviewing several entrepreneurs who are top most around the globe like the Wayne Huizenga the waste management founder, founder of low-cost mutual fund Richard Branson, Nobel prize winner Laureate Richard among others. He joined the Banyan Hill Publishing firm in the year 2015. See more of Jeff Yastine on facebook.

He is also a weekly contributor to the Winning Investor Daily where he offers his assistance to investors in learning the monetary, economic and business trends. He has also won several awards throughout his career among them being part of the NBR journalist team that won the NY state society in the year 2002 and was also nominated in 2007 for the Emmy Award.

John F. Kennedy created the Kennedy accounts with the aim of making America moving again. Being a son the SEC chair, John Kennedy was well versed with the importance of stock markets. At the time Kennedy was vying, America’s economy was under strain with high rise of unemployment, the GDP was getting flat, and the stock market was dropping. With the aim of making the state a great nation, he started channeling money to companies and investors. This resulted in what Jeff Yastine called the Kennedy accounts.

Jeff Yastine is also a writer in the CrunchBase and On a recent article he wrote on the medium about Amazon competitors, he says that as at the 21st century, the only organizations that pose a threat to Amazon are NYSE: GGW a global food provider firm, NYSE: GGW an industrial supply firm supplies and eBay that owns several better ware houses compared to those of Amazon.

He also speaks about the cybersecurity where he blames the poor computer security systems for the cyber hacks witnessed in companies. He advises that a good security system is a must have and a priority for all companies around the globe. He blames the companies, saying that the biggest challenge facing most firms is not the inability to put on security systems but the assumption of cybersecurity threats. Learn More:


Jeff Yastine is providing insight to investors on financial stock markets.

Jeff Yastine is providing insight to investors on financial stock markets.

Jeff Yastine is a journalist with particular expertise in the field of finances and the stock market.  Jeff Yastine has been working as a financial journalist for over two decades and has been nominated for the Emmy awards. Jeff Yastine has reported on some significant events in history and has also interviewed prominent personnel in the field of business. Jeff reported on the historic handover of the Panama Canal in the year 1990. Also, he reported on the economic effects of the Hurricane Katarina that hit parts of the country in the year 2005. The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe of the oil spill that took place in 2010 was also reported in detail by Jeff. Read this article at Jeff Yastine worked as an anchor on the PBS Night Business Report, and he had the opportunity to have a one on one with Warren Buffett, Bill Gross, Michael Dell and many other successful entrepreneurs. Jeff was also able to report on the economic bubble in the late 1990s, and he was able to warn investors of the unstained growth of the tech market. Also, in the mid-2000s during the economic turmoil and the drop in sales in the real estate, Jeff had already reported on the possibility of the market to crumble due to economic bursts. Jeff Yastine works with Banyan Hill Publishing serving in the position of the editorial director. Since joining the Banyan Hill Publishing team in 2015, Jeff has proven to be a precious asset to the organization due to his background of knowledge concerning wealth, the stock and financial market. Jeff has been able to use the many years of experience in finances and stocks to help investors understand the trends in economic and monetary trends to make informed decisions about profitable investments. Jeff is a well-travelled person, and he has been on two trips twice to Cuba on a mission to report on the impacts of foreign investors on the economy of the country. In 2007, Jeff reported on the public infrastructure in the United States such as roads and bridges and shed some light on how the systems were underfunded. He was nominated for the Business Emmy Award following his thorough research about the public infrastructure that was underfunded. Jeff also made a special report about the bond market of America and together with other journalists on the NBR team they were awarded the excellence award in financial journalism. Visit:


The Mountainous Knowledge of Jeff Yastine in the Financial Sector

Jeff Yastine currently serves at Banyan Hill Publishing as the firm’s Editorial Director. Additionally, he is an editor at Wealth Insider. Jeff is a hardworking individual who prepares weekly articles about determining market opportunities and investments in general. Also, he is a significant contributor to Winning Investor Daily where he advises investors, discusses business opportunities, and financial trends. For more than two decades, Jeff Yastine has been serving in the stock market and finance sector. The knowledge he has acquired over the years in the finance sector is overwhelming. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff served as the financial respondent and anchor of PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010. Jeff worked at the company for about 17 years. At the PBS Nightly Business Report, he worked closely with top financiers and entrepreneurs.  Jeff Yastine made several investment reports which served the purpose of identifying small-cap growth stocks. Some of the exciting topics he has addressed include the dotcom generation and the real estate industry.

In 2002, Yastine took part in drafting the NBR Guide. He also researched to find out the challenges resulting from the inadequate infrastructure of America. Some of the helpful resources that he investigated include roads, power systems, and dams. He then prepared a detailed report that later made him get recognition at the Emmy Awards.

By interviewing some of the most successful stock market experts and investors he gets investment insights that enable him to give other entrepreneurs helpful advice. Jeff is an alumnus of Florida University where he studied journalism. Upon completing his studies, he got a job at a local television station. He served at the TV station before leaving for PBS in 1993.

Jeff Yastine has interviewed high profile individuals such as Bill Gross, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Wayne Huizenga among others. His experience in the industry has enabled him to gain a lot of knowledge in academic, local and international markets. Richard Thaler is one individual that Jeff enjoyed the most interviewing. Mr. Richard is a Nobel Prize winner who got the award for his outstanding inputs to behavioral economics.

In 2015, Yastine got the opportunity to join Banyan Hill. The company management was honored to have a Jeff Yastine as part of its team due to his past experiences in the financial industry. For over 20 years, Mr. Yastine has gathered immense knowledge in finance. Most people and especially investors read his articles to find out the most effective business strategies that they can use to gain enormous profits. Learn:

Ted Bauman Provides The Strategies You Need To Grow Your Wealth

When Ted Bauman became a financial writer, he did not take a conventional route to achieve this objective. Many of his colleagues tend to take a more traditional path in order to become financial writers.

Conversely, Ted Bauman has drawn on his past experiences as an economist and as a financial systems manager in order to provide his clientele with the growth strategies that they need. He is currently a writer for Banyan Hill and with the Bauman Letter, investors now have access to a proper newsletter that offers them the chance to set feasible goals. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

While some might portray the lifestyles of the financial elite as being well out of your reach, the Bauman Letter is here to level the playing field. The growing of wealth is something that is often portrayed as being out of the reach of the average citizen.

As an expat who has resided in dozens of different countries over the course of his life, Bauman has a unique perspective when it comes to living a life of sovereignty. The resources that we need to live the life that we have always wanted are right in front of us.

With the help of the Bauman Letter, these resources are now more accessible than ever before. Those who sign up for this newsletter receive access to special reports that are designed to offer the type of secrets that are only thought to be available to the financial elite.

Ted is active on both Twitter and Facebook where he shares his knowledge on investment matters.

Bauman also writes for Medium, where he offers strategies to his clients for a stress-free retirement. He also delivers foolproof tax advice that provides his readers with the opportunity to maximize their tax-related profits. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Additionally, his Medium articles will cover other important topics that other economists may not be as quick to discuss. Whether its helpful advice on how to eliminate debt or a primer on all of the safer gaining strategies that some may not be aware of, there is no shortage of helpful tips and pointers to be gained by reading his newsletters and postings.

All of the values that matter most to Ted are evident in his work. The concept of personal freedom is a recurring theme and his love for writing always shines through. By following all of the advice that he has to offer, readers have the chance to pursue any financial goal that they may have from a far more informed place than they were in previously.

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Brian Torchin Gives Advice on Staffing For Quality Chiropractic Practices

Brian Torchin lives in Pennsylvania and is prominent in the healthcare industry. His rising in the healthcare sector began with managing offices in Philadelphia, Florida, and Delaware. Brian Torchin is the current president of Health Care Recruitment Counsellors, LLC that has undergone expansion in Asia and Europe. His expertise grows daily as a physician in chiropractic practices. Through this knowledge, Brian and the entire organization set a goal of proving healthcare services with quality staff services. The organization, Health Care recruitment Counselor, HCRC, is providing staff who will ensure there is regular and effective communication between clients and the physicians. They offer various services in medical practices and more specifically working with hospitals and the private sector in chiropractic area. HCRC Staffing is committed to ensuring that their clients who entail hospitals get qualified staff by filling any vacancies in the medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy in those organizations. Visit for more info.

Apart from enabling their clients to connect with the most qualified therapists, physicians, and professionals, the company, HCRC staffing conducts consultation sessions, background checks, and training of staff. Brian Torchin regularly brings to attention posts on different topics through the HCRC staffing website. The blog goes by the highlight towards learning the downs when hiring a chiropractor and perfect ways of hiring staff people. Most of the deals covered are on how to recruit prospective employers as well as writing on the precautions and the red lights in medical practices. One of the articles he has written is on warning signs that tell if what one is practicing might be unfriendly to patients. In the article, Brian points out the significance of having an environment that is attractive to prospective patients. Brian emphasizes that from the office staff, it is important to ensure that the staff communicate clearly, pay attention to the patients, and appreciate them for choosing your office. Brian Torchin’s integrity, professionalism, and honesty are far a great taste to every recruiter in the US. Brian speaks at the public conference, shares advise on staffing, and the right perspective of doing things well to achieve success. HCRC staffing offers services anywhere and currently in Australia and Canada. They are committed to utilizing the medical staffing knowledge and wisdom to create superior chiropractic services. View:


Ted Bauman’s Inspirational Career

Ted Bauman started working at Banyan Hill Company as an editor in 2013. Mr. Bauman specializes in personal security, protection of businesses, intercontinental migration issues, and secure investment strategies. Mr. Bauman lives in Atlanta. Ted has spent a significant part of his life helping people to live a life free from the greed of corporations and governments. It is worth noting that Ted Bauman was raised in Maryland even though he was born in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Ted pursued History and economics from Cape Town University. After completing his studies, Bauman worked in South Africa for 25 years. During his stay in South Africa, he occupied executive positions in different companies. In most firms, Ted served as a fund manager. One of Ted Bauman’s greatest achievements was establishing Slum Dweller Internationals that has helped about 14 million people across the world. Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates.

When interviewed by Ideamensch, Ted says that he takes his daughter to school before going to work. Ted works until 5:00 pm where he engages in other activities. Ted loves reading and getting a lot of information on current affairs. Ted uses real-life examples to keep his readers interested in his articles. Bauman also believes that using real-life experiences to write is the best way to give the most helpful information to people.

Ted finds it quite interesting when his readers want to learn more about the economy. Most people want to learn about the best business management strategies. Readers also want to know the best way to invest to benefit the entire society in the long run. Ted is most productive in the morning, so he likes to handle the most challenging tasks first. Ted understands when he is most productive to work. This time management strategy enables him to complete work within the shortest time possible.

Ted Bauman says that he had his worst work experiences when he was an employee at McDonald’s and Burger King. Ted also worked at several gas stations where he was lowly paid. Bauman also recalls working in high-end restaurants. While working in such places, he felt that he deserved much better in future.

Ted Bauman says that gathering information from different sources helps him to get the best ideas. Gathering news also allows Ted to write insightful articles. Conducting research also helps Bauman to collect helpful information on wealth, freedom and business security. Ted uses the internet and mainstream media as his sources of information. Learn more:


A Young Genius: Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a man who knows how to shake things up when it comes to investing in the stock market. He was born in India and came to the United States at a young age. He found that he had a gift for picking just the right stock at just the right time. He as a very impressive track record when it came to making money for his wealthy clients. Here now is a brief history of Paul Mampilly and how he became such a phenomenal success.

Paul Mampilly was a man who was destined to become a Wall Street mover and shaker. His career began in 1991 and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most sought-after individuals when it came to investing. His career potential only increased when he managed accounts for such firms as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, and Sears. He was definitely on top of his game. Read this article for more information.

His success continued when the Templeton Foundation invited him to take part in an investment contest. This would be a benchmark for Paul as he was given fifty million dollars to invest over a two year period and won the contest by having a positive return of seventy-six percent on his investments. With this win, he was brought into the mainstream and appeared on a number of television programs talking about investments and his success.

In 2012, Paul Mampilly decided to pull away from the market and take a break from investing. In 2016, however, he came back to prominence with a newsletter for the average American called Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited is his guide for those who may be new to the investing game and helps people pick stocks that are sure-fire winners. As of now, that publication has more than sixty thousand subscribers and continues to grow as time goes on. He also has two other interests called True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He teaches people how to invest in stocks and create a fortune just like he did with a minimum of risk involved. If one person knows how to play the stock market the right way it is this man.

Paul Mampilly had made a career out of making the rich richer and those who are new to the game wealthy in their own right. It is the game he likes to play and is happy to do it. Read more:


Ted Bauman: A Finance Analyst and Strategist

Ted Bauman is a keen observer of trends pertinent to finance. He captures his knowledge into words for his readers to read and benefit from. His ability to analyze situations and his perceptibility into future events is built upon years of experience and learning. Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. but left the US in his early days for South Africa. He acquired his undergrad from the University of Cape Town. This is where he sought work as a consultant, upon graduation. After working in a number of public and private companies, as well as in sectors of the South African government, his focus fell on housing and techniques to improve the living quality of local people. His work called for extensive travel across more than 75 countries, which resulted in him learning methods and ideas to effectively build houses for the poor. Follow Ted Bauman at

After much utilization of his work, he decided to return to the United States in 2008. He focused on making multiple investments, and began to document his assessments for the sake of sharing them with the public. This is when he decided to enroll as a writer at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013.

Ted Bauman loves to inform people about topics on finances and has authored several informative articles, one of them being on the difference between value and price. In this article, he concludes how both these terms are viewed interchangeably, yet in reality they are far apart and in some cases, exclusive. According to Ted Bauman, the value of a thing shouldn’t be determined by its price but what it is made out of. For example, gold has a natural advantage of never devaluing because of its rarity. But the prices of gold still rise and fall. This is due to the basic factor of economics: supply and demand. When the supply increases the demand falls, and prices fall as well. So the price of a thing doesn’t necessarily reflect its value, but the level of its demand. Demand is subject to change but the value of a thing determined by its constituents would remain constant. This is why Ted Bauman advises people to go for the value of things, not the prices and be wary of what they invest into. A well thought out investment will help in the long run. Ted has also released many articles that help guide people regarding protection of assets. Visit about Ted Bauman

Alongside Banyan Hill Publication, Ted Bauman also writes on several other platforms such as Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club. His range of knowledge also includes migration crisis, and investment strategies.

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Ted Bauman’s Tax Advice

As with many people in the business field, Ted Bauman comes from humble origins. He was born in Washington, D.C., but moved to South Africa early in his life. He obtained degrees in Economics and History at the the University of Cape Town while living there. Ted Bauman later returned to the United States in 2008 to become the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He obtained his current position in 2013, where he continues to be very successful. Click Here for more info.

The website Premier Gazette recently published an article explaining 10 tax tips from Ted Bauman, who is currently the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. His first piece of advice is to pay your mortgage interest and property taxes early in order to take advantage of lower rates. Ted Bauman also adds how planned medical services should be covered early as well. He then suggests to make student loan interest deductions early. Taking advantage of covering this list of deductions early ensures the best return for you as a tax payer.

Naturally, Ted Bauman makes a note to count up your donations. It’s always useful for deductions. He then suggests to buy a car and finish any housing deals before the end of 2017. That will qualify you for a tax benefit. For older people, Ted Bauman suggests looking at retirement accounts. It may be more rewarding to switch plans if the option is available. Ted Bauman concludes by saying investing in a limited liability companies may be worth considering with how the new tax plan works.As a whole, a common thread throughout the tips was to file early to lock in lower rates and maximize returns.

Ted Bauman is a man people respect. His life mission has always been to help people with finances. There are so many tax rules, regulations, and even loopholes that he helps people navigate through. Ted Bauman’s international and education background makes him highly qualified to discuss tax issues. However, at the end of the day it is probably best to consult a tax expert. They can make sure you’re taking advantage of everything available. View: