Happy Classrooms Use ClassDojo

As teachers spread the word about their experience using the app, ClassDojo has become one of the fastest growing ed-tech companies. From its start in 2011, ClassDojo is now in 180 countries, translated into 40 different languages and used in roughly 90% of elementary and middle schools in the United States. The convenience and simplicity of the program makes it an easy way for teachers to exchange information and actively engage students and parents to enhance learning and development.

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San Francisco start-up ed-tech company ClassDojo offers an incentive-based point system for participation and creates a game out of modelling good deportment and scholastic involvement for happier classrooms. The positive-culture building educational tool does more than that though. Connecting parents with teachers and students over the course of the school day the free iOS and Android app allows parents to log in and see updates, messages, even videos and photos of their child. ClassDojo shifts from a concept content provider, to a dedicated communications platform, to a versatile tool for creating community buy-in and student empowerment.  Amazon.com provides additional info.


Parents connected through email or cell phone can log in to the App to access student progress reports. This offers real time feedback on their child’s school day in a simple and effective visual graph, and this knowledge provides continuity between school and home. It keeps parents informed and involved. Students thrive under an incentivized educational system that includes family involvement. The rewards system cultivates and inspires socio-emotional competence in a happy, dynamic learning environment.

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