Bruno Fagali And His Analysis Of The Issue Of Fake News Today

It is said the world is getting more complicated, more centralized, and less attached to reality. Most of the experiences we have are constructed to deceive. It would’ve been wholesome if these constructed experience would not affect the way we perceive reality or how we go about our day to day life. Unfortunately, as proven in the blog feature of Bruno Fagali, this is not the case.

Many companies today are indulging in fake news. Many individuals create phony news to cause destruction, decay, and malice to the humanity as a whole. While these things appear too abstract, they’re not. We’re gonna see below that the issue of fake news has even caused a lot of stress and threats in the political sphere.

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The Fake News in The Trump Administration

We can read the blog of Bruno Fagali that the Trump Administration has been said to be an example of a byproduct of fake news. Many bots and algorithms have been initiated to make sure that Trump can get the upper hand in the elections. To do this, according to Bruno Fagali, requires a lot of investment and understanding of computer system and video production according to Mr. Fagali was also able to see that there are now sophisticated video production programs that churn out these fake news that is easy to use and sometimes even free to use. Bruno Fagali argues that unless the government intervenes, we will not be able to get the kind of protection from the media generators of such fake news. Fortunately, the government of Brazil is already responsive to this threat. With the creation of Consultative Council on Internet and Elections, it is now easier to develop research studies to dismantle the programs that further the spread of fake news.

About Bruno Fagali

Mr. Bruno Fagali is the lawyer in Brazil who leads in administering the various Regulatory Law, Compliance Law, Ethics and Urban Law policies in Brazil that not only will shape the future of the country but would also shape the theories of how the laws can be ethical and protect the citizens without causing additional harm. He graduated in University of Sao Paolo.

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