Bruce Levenson Deals the Atlanta Hawks.

The Atlanta Hawks have long been considered a team stuck in NBA purgatory. The Hawks have continually been good enough to compete but not good enough to win a championship. Atlanta Hawks former owner Bruce Levenson took over the team with those struggles in sight while armed with the knowledge that he would have to address it. Well, it is easy to say after continued success and back to back years of 50+ wins that Levenson succeeded in his attempt. Now Levenson is stepping back and selling the team, allowing someone else to carry on with his legacy.

Antony Ressler is the man leading the charge to buy up the Atlanta Hawks ( Ressler is at the head of a purchasing group and he is bringing his considerable financial leverage tot he table in order to make this deal go through. Ressler is an investment fund manager and he is working alongside former NBA star Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler to make the purchase for around $850 million total.

According to Time, when Ressler takes over the team he will be commanding a franchise that is desperate to move to the next level in terms of NBA Final aspirations. Coach Mike Budenholzer has given the Hawks hope on the offensive end of things and the Hawks have gotten continued solid play out of their roster. Now it is up to the Hawks to push ahead and compete in a star driven league.

Resller has said all of the right things since the sale was completed saying, “We are honored and thrilled to have been chosen to become the new stewards of the Hawks”. Ressler went on to advocate the strength of the NBA brand as viewed through the lens of the high sale for the Hawks. Levenson will now move on in a post-NBA business world to continue his successful run. Source: