Boraie Delighted To Be A Major Part Of New New Jersey Development

New Jersey has one of the largest economies in the entire country. While one of the smallest states in the country, it is also home to over nine million people. Many residents choose to live in the suburbs here but a significant percentage also appreciate the delights the urban areas of the state have to offer. One of the largest cities in the state is Newark. Newark is a short distance from both the eponymous airport and New York City. At Boraie, they are proud to be part of an effort to help bring more housing choices to one of the state’s most historic cities. Those who live in Newark can now choose to work with them and live and do business at One Rector Street. Many state officials are hopeful that with Boraie’s help, the city can again become one of the most important destinations for the urban residential markets and those who want to enjoy the city’s many attractions. While the new project is formally called One Rector Street, many people are calling in Shaq towers in honor of the famous basketball player. His help, like that of Boraie, has been instrumental in seeing the project take shape.


Public and Private Partnership


At Boraie, they speak out firmly for the public to pair with skilled members of the private sector for the mutual benefit of all concerned. This new project is one that they have helped create from start to finish. The new governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, offered praise for the new project. He described the project as a important milestone for the entire city. He believes, as those at Boriae, that this new project indicates that the city here is on the rise and will continue to see further, necessary growth. Boraie Development has been quite proud to be part of a project that offers twenty-one stories in the very heart of the city.


According pressofatlanticcity, over the past few years, the company has been there to help bring it to life. They have been part of an effort that has taken full advantage of a skilled local talent pool determined to bring out the best in the area. With the completion of the new tower, they can take a bow knowing they have helped make life better for current residents of Newark and all those who wish to move to this highly vibrant regional location. For more details check out



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