Bernardo Chua: A Passion for Ganoderma

Bernardo Chua has worked hard in his lifetime, and his achievements show it. He does not have a medical degree, yet he has touched the lives of so many with his healthful, natural products. A native of the Philippines, his parents are both Chinese. From them, he learned about a centuries-old healthful component called Ganoderma Lucidum, which comes from the Lingzhi mushroom. Ganoderma lucidum has cancer-fighting properties, has been lauded as a boon to the immune system, an alleviator of stress, insomnia, and stomach ulcers, among its many benefits. He was a pioneer in introducing Ganoderma to the market. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

He became president of Gano Excel, which carries many products containing Ganoderma, such as coffee, tea, soap and other enriched products. Gano Excel is known internationally in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States, in large part because of his successful work as its President. Another of his talents as it pertains to Ganoderma, is the development of direct selling. With direct selling, products are sold to the consumer directly, in the consumer’s home or work, rather than in a store environment. Companies are able to generate more sales because there are less parties involved. He has won the Direct Sales Company of the Year five times.

After the Ganoderma products’ success in Asia, he wanted to reveal Ganoderma’s benefits to the West. So in 2008, he went on to found his own company called Organo Gold, which also carries coffee, tea, and many other healthful products enriched with Ganoderma. Ganoderma products are his passion; he works with the farmers who develop his products, and also enjoys teaching the public about the many health benefits of Ganoderma. Organo Gold also started the OG Cares Foundation, an institution which helps guide many youths to become independent. Bernardo Chua is quite a valuable figure in the world’s health market. Follow: