Revolutionizing the Music Streaming Industry in the Eyes of Desiree Perez

The music industry has no doubt taken a turn for the best thanks to the emergence of online streaming platforms sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Tidal. As a matter of fact, in 2016, streaming sales racked close to $15.7 billion, a figure that has never been achieved before by the regular sale of music. The picture that has been created here is simple. Music depends on technology to thrive and attract listeners and more information click here.

Behind the success of this industry has been a team of directors and technocrats who have ensured that you as a listener has received the music you love. Some of these directors are known to some of us while some are shadows in the dark. Their primary role has been to tackle various challenges that may arise as a result of streaming the music you love. These challenges might be such as data management issues, fair payment to the content creators, as well as putting emerging business models to the spotlight.

Some of these directors are Stefan Bloom who is the Chief Content Officer at Spotify, Stephen Boom, the Vice President of Amazon Music, Lindsey Pear, the Head of Digital Marketing and Original Content at Apple, Simon Dennet, the Chief Commercial Officer at Kobalt, and Desiree Perez, the current COO of Tidal music.


Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is no doubt a force to reckon with when it comes to the sale of music, booking appointments, and negotiating music deals with event organizers and producers. Desiree currently at Tidal, one of the leading streaming companies owned by rap and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

Jay Z personally handpicked Desiree to manage his company, and since then, Desiree has done nothing more than to propel Tidal to unimaginable heights. As a producer and manager, Desiree Perez oversaw the success of Beyoncé and Jay-Z On the Run Tour as well as Jay-Z’s Change: The LifeParticle Effect Tour.

With the streaming industry gaining more platform as days go by, it remains to be seen what Desiree has in store for Tidal and us in general.

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The Changes that Boraie Construction is Making to the New Brunswick Skyline

The Boraie Development is a company offers an array of services focused on all areas of the real estate market. It involves Real Estate Development, Property Management, marketing, and sales. The company is based in New Jersey and has focused a lot of efforts in the New Brunswick area. The company started developing the area five years ago. They have a plan to breathe new life the city of New Brunswick. This is a welcome change in the city, which has had very few developments in the past decade. It is seen as a step towards the transformation of the community as well.

So far, the company has developed multi-use facilities that have attracted small businesses and residents into the city. The Atlantic city area has also been a focus of theirs as it recovers from the economic downturn. Boraie Development is almost nearing the completion of their latest New Brunswick project, a luxurious high-rise residence located in the heart of the city. The project is named The Aspire and is the vision the company has had for New Brunswick for four decades.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, at 25- stories, Aspire is the tallest building in New Brunswick. It has 40,000 square feet of office space and 121 residential units. 10,000 square feet of retaining space and 400 parking space garage. The building has outdoor space as well that is suitable for walking your dog or barbecuing with your family and friends. Sam Boraie, the CEO of Boraie Construction, is a member of the Board of Trustees for the historic State Theater in New Jersey. Mr. Boraie has helped to sponsor a free summer movie series at the theater in an aim to bring entertainment to the New Brunswick community.  Visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

Sam Boraie is also on the board of Elijah’s Promise, a charitable organization based in New Brunswick. The charity believes in using food to bring change in the community. The foundation also aims to use food to promote education, jobs for the community and good health through eating healthy. The charity organization achieves this through a community garden and soup kitchen in New Brunswick. The soup kitchen feeds the hungry to eradicate hunger in the area. Sam Boraie was also recently named by Rutgers as Chair in Genomic Science. With the able leadership of Sam Boraie, the community of New Brunswick can look forward to not only improved surroundings, but also to a community that is more empowered economically.

Amicus Therapeutics Inc., a leading global biotechnology company

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. is an American biopharmaceutical company located in Cranbury, New Jersey. The firm deals with the development of advanced therapy drugs. The company chains of products are developed to treat rare kind of devastating human genetic diseases. Its star product includes migalastat. This a drug that is expected to treat Fabry disease patient based on their genetic diagnosis. Another medicine is SD-101, at therapy drug for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).


Amicus Therapeutics Inc. was founded in February 2002 by John F. Crowley, an American entrepreneur, and biotechnology executive. Before 2007 a variety of venture capital firms funded the company. These firms included Canaan Partners, Radius Venture and New Enterprise Associates. In the year 2007 Amicus Therapeutics Inc. was quoted in form of FOLD under the NASDAQ


Presently, the company has a direct and personal relationship with their patient. The company acts with integrity to comply with the set measures of safety and professionalism (WeeklyOpinion). The key characteristics of the company’s investments are: the disease must be rare and have a devastating disorder. Also, the technology invested in has the possibility of being the best. Lastly, for the benefit of the patient, a meaningful clinical data must be provided.


The company leadership


Mr. Crowley is the current Chief Executive Officer since 2005. Also, he is the chairman of the board from 2010, a post that was held by Donald Hayden, Jr who remains as the lead independent director. Mr. Crowley is a B.S in Foreign Services graduate from Georgetown University. He is also a holder of M.B.A from Harvard University.


Mr. Bradley Campbell is the company’s president and chief operating officer. Harvard Business School alumnus has 15-year experience in the area of Orphan Drug. Also, he graduated from Duke University with B.A. in Public Policy. Currently, Mr. Bradley is the one responsible for designing, strategizing and commercializing of the migalastat drug. Furthermore, his role in the company involves global marketing, technical operations, and program management functions.


Amicus Therapeutics chief financial officer is Chip Baird. Mr. Chip responsibility include in the area of human resource, project and facilities management, finance, and public relation. Baird is a Georgetown University graduate with B.S. Foreign service and a holder of M.B.A in finance.

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Technological Innovations For Managing Osteoarthritis at the Osteo Relief Institute

Although many people assume that Arthritis is one disease, it is, in reality, a term that refers to all infections and pain that affect the joints. Over 50 million adults in the USA have one form or the other of the infection, and it should not come as a surprise to you that there are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis. But all the types can be managed well at the Osteo Relief Institute.



However, the commonest form of arthritis is known as osteoarthritis (Crunchbase). It is a manifestation of the degeneration of the soft tissue or the cartilage that hook the joints. It can be referred to as a degenerative disease that affects the joints.



The pain associated with osteoarthritis comes as a result of the wearing down and break of the cartilage making a bone to rub against themselves causing stiffness and swelling, as Dr. Mathews CiRullo explains ( After a prolonged effect of bone rubbing against bone, the pain may become chronic due to loss of strengths by the joints.



There is no known cure for the condition, but for a better quality of life, many treatment options for managing the pain are available. Some of the factors that contribute to the risk of osteoarthritis include previous injury, overweight, age and family history. The extent of the pain and swelling can be minimized by the patient through adherence to constant self-management provided by the Osteo Relief Institute



One of the best facilities for managing the pain associated with the condition is the Osteo Relief Institute. With their range of clinics providing a variety of care, the Osteo Relief Institute has well trained and qualified staff made up of a team of board certified physicians.



The group also includes a physical therapist who treats every patient as family. All the clinics in different locations run by the Osteo Relief Institute use the most modern and innovative technology that enables reduction of much of the pain. All the locations operate independently and the staffs running the facilities are exceptionally trained in communication and patient care. The main medical facility is situated in the Shore Region in Wall Township.

Securus Technologies Serves the Public

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides communications services between incarcerated individuals and their families and friends all over North America. Over 1.2 million inmates and their families are able to be connected as well as over 3,400 law enforcement agencies, public safety organizations, and correctional agencies.


The relationships between families and incarcerated relative can be maintained more easily because of the services that are provided by Securus in a very reliable manner in a cost effective way.


Some of the services that Securus provides include:

  • Advance Connect – A prepaid phone account where the charges are prepaid so that connections between a family and their incarcerated loved ones will be maintained.
  • Traditional collect where a call is made from the correctional facility and accepted and paid for by the recipient of the call.
  • Direct Billing – This is where a family can receive calls from the inmate and the family is billed directly for the cost of the service
  • Inmate Debit – where the inmate pays for the cost of the calls through prepaid funds can be added directly to the account of the inmate.


Video services are also available in a real-life mode so that families and inmates can converse with each other directly. This eliminates the long trip to the correctional facility and waiting in line to wait their turn for families due to limited space in the visitation booths. With live video conferencing families and inmates can meet in real time just as if the family was present at the facility.


With the “Jail Voicemail” feature, if a family calls the inmate and for some reason the inmate is not available, the family can leave a message for the inmate to call back. There is also a money transfer feature where families can transfer money to the account of an inmate and email services that are available.


Smart Process Supply Chain at Edisoft Company

Measuring on-time performance has long been an important key performance indicator. With this indicator, carrier score cards were regularly reviewed to find out the performance in the transport department. For the record, the method was mostly used in both ocean and air carriers while performance in Rail was directly determined by departure schedules. With rapid changes in technology, more information is now easily available to shippers. This trend has made real-time performance tracking possible.


Through internet of things, mobile solutions, and GPS data can now be stored and retrieved with convenience ( On-time performance is a primary indicator of efficiency and reliability of a particular carrier. Moreover, carrier supply chain performance is equally demonstrated by specific functional and partnership metrics. For instance, international shipment has a cycle time of 21 days and six days in variation compared to a local shipment that takes four days with one-day variation. To accurately evaluate key performance indicators, evaluation of data quality is inevitable.


Edisoft is among the renowned companies that offer specialized services in configurable smart process supply chain. The company is resourceful to distributors and manufacturers who seek to improve their supply chain performance. Edisoft leverage data strategically to offer its customers a range of services. These include Warehouse fulfillment, automated Vendor Compliance, and integrated carrier management systems.


Edisoft is a software company that mainly serves international partners and clients. The company was first established in 1995, with its main headquarters in Canada, ON, and Toronto. Additionally, Edisoft owns satellite offices in the United States of America, Miami, and FL. Its main categories of service include software, supply chain, SaaS and manufacturing.


At Edisoft, supply chain performance is directly driven by Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrated into warehousing. As a result, this offers the necessary automation solutions to its clients. This system has considerably helped to increase staff productivity, business process compliances, and big data accuracy.


In summary, Edisoft offers integrated shipping solutions (YouTube). All the relevant data are sequentially captured at every stage in the shipping process. EDI platform at Edisoft also enables easy sending and reception of files through FTP connections and Direct AS2 among others.

Eli Gershkovitch Fulfilled His Dream To Build Something Valuable With Steamworks

One of the favorite pastimes of Canadians is a good beer. One of the favorite beers is Imperial I.P.A. and it is brewed at the Garrison Brewing Company. This type of beer originally comes from England, has an extremely hoppy taste, and a bitter and dry flavor. One of the more complex beers is Yellow Belly with a distinctive flavor of strawberry preserves and overly cooked toast. This can be found mainly in Newfoundland, Labrador, and St. John’s. One of the best traditional ales comes from the Big Rock Brewery and delights Canadians with citrus, chocolate, and caramel. This ale has been around since 1985. When it comes to beer Eli Gershkovitch is the man to ask.


Eli Gershkovitch has been interested in the craft of brewing ale since the beginning of his career. Although he was an attorney his passion for crafting beer became a force in his life in 1987. Once he tasted Belgian beer his course was set. The time Eli Gershkovitch spent practicing law came in handy when he found the right location to open a brewpub in Gastown. He was already familiar with how to acquire a liquor license and he already had the skill to handle the licensing rules.


Eli Gershkovitch chose a landmark location for his business and began his career steam-powering brew. This was the inspiration for the name Steamworks. Eli Gershkovitch opened his pub in 1995 and the six beers he produced his first year soon became very successful. This has increased to an annual production of fifteen to seventeen beers as he simply supplied the demand with growth. The pale ale and pilsner were two of his most popular creations. He chose his own road with a unique location, the spirit of an entrepreneur, and sheer determination.

Eli Gershkovitch spent years planning and organizing to make his dream a reality. He has clients all over the world who love his beer and has now been in business for 21 years ( His desire was to build something valuable and he succeeded with Steamworks. His product is available in stores in numerous countries and although he started out small he has become a giant in his industry.

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From bathroom cleaner to a CEO – Glen Wakeman

As the business world deals with trends of the supply and demand curves, tax implications of various issues, and strategies for revenue growth, Glen Wakeman is staying loyal to small start-ups and fellow businessman and women, who he provides with strategies on finance and management.

This CEO, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics, as well as an MBA in Finance is currently on top of Lunchpad Holdings, LLC ( Wakeman co-founded this company to help early-stage entrepreneurs with their online business planning. Earlier in his life, he had a chance to live in six different countries, and in one of his interviews, Wakeman states that the best $100 dollars he ever spent were on a Berlitz Spanish language course, which showcases the international perspective that he carries. During that same interview, he claimed that one of his best traits is curiosity and ultimately it seems natural that a curious individual became diversified in his area of expertise.

Prior to co-founding and becoming a CEO of Lunchpad Holdings, LLC, Wakeman enjoyed a fruitful career as a business development, President, and member of various Boards of Directors (Ideamensch). He spends his free time giving back to others in the business world through his writing where strategies and advice is offered. Although diverse, Glen Wakeman is very present in his own company where he makes sure to review all the numbers delivered to him, on a daily basis. He is active in various fields of his company that is, but not limited to, researching popular trends and competition, reviewing inquiries, and even responding to communication.

As a magnate of the business world who inspires others, Wakeman does not lack in his own creativity which can be seen in the fact that he helped establish the company where he is the CEO currently. The idea development process that he discussed on one occasion involves a team discussion, further showcasing his people skills and what he holds important. After all, starting as a bathroom cleaner, it is indisputable that Glen Wakeman has advice for everyone, and small business owners should be open to his critique.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water: An Eco-Friendly Bottled Water Brand

With climate change concerns, water crisis, and destruction of the environment among other problems currently afflicting humankind, the best startups are those that address these issues. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, a bottled water company, has set itself apart by doing business while being concerned about the environment and human welfare. With a lot on its plate, the company still managed to grow by 1059% in the last three years. The growth caught the attention of Inc. Magazine, a magazine that ranks the fastest-growing 5000 companies in America. The Inc. Magazine included Waiakea among the leading 500 companies. The company is yet to be honored by the magazine.

Waiakea is one of the leading bottled water brands in America. The company secured the position through its offering of distinctive, delicious, and naturally alkaline bottled water. Waiakea’s water is tapped from the area around Mauna Loa. The water is then passed through porous lava which enhances the mineral composition of the water.
Since its establishment in 2012, Waiakea has won several awards. Most of the awards are as a result of the positive impact the company is creating in the environment and the society. Waiakea has advocated for reforestation, eco-friendly production methods, and increased social responsibility by corporations. The following are some of the awards the company has received, Food and Beverage Innovation Award 2015, Best Biz Award, and Dujour Awards just to mention a few.
Waiakea has been lauded for its philanthropic efforts. The company has partnered with Pump Aid to provide clean water to 1.35 million people in Africa. Malawi, a country in Africa, has benefited from Waiakea’s generosity. Malawi has been supplied with over 4,230 pumps which serve over 487,600 of her people. Waiakea and Pump Aid incorporate local leaders in their programs creating employment for the leaders. Waiakea’s presence in Africa has enabled more children to access education and reduced prevalence of water borne-diseases.
Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Company in 2012. He is also the CEO of the company. Emmons got into entrepreneurship at a tender age of 22 years. In 2015, the company was worth $10 million.

Netpicks Enhancing Online Trading

Today’s business environment is a myriad of activities with the popular trends fading away giving way to new technological business aspects. The internet, for instance, has been a major influence on technology and many people are slowly shifting their attention to the online trading platform. However, the online market is a bit imprecise in that information about some of these trades is not readily available. Most of the online businesses are the ‘Do it yourself’ types of business. Information about these businesses and the logic behind them are a bit unclear to many. This, therefore, creates a gap between potential investors and their willingness to commit their resources in the online market.

Netpicks is one of the largest companies that have seen the problem presented by the online market and the company has moved in with speed to close the above mentioned gap. The company provides online training services to investors eying on the lucrative online market and mostly on online businesses such as the forex, stocks, ETF’S, Futures, and Options. Watch important clips from this useful link.  The company has dedicated its resources to create a platform where investors can acquire all this knowledge to help them in making an informed decision on their online investment. Netpickshas developed a very flexible learning schedule for its clients based on the current busy world with limited time. Read more about NetPicks here

Depending on one’s schedule, Netpicks has split its learning process into several plans including, full-time, part-time, and what the company calls a ‘done in a minute’ process. Depending on your preference, the company advises you on the best plan to suit your schedule. The best part of the training is the fact that Netpick has a follow up policy that ensures that you are guided through the training and even after in the actual investment. The company believes in going all the way with the client so that they feel safe and confident to risk their finances. To read more on their blogs, visit their page.

Trading smart is the new terminology in the business world and technology has made it possible. Netpick on the hand is keen to make sure that these trading avenues are known to investors globally.  To keep updated with their recent timeline activities, hop over to

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