Ara Chackerian on the healthcare industry

San Francisco based entrepreneur and businessman Ara Chackerian. He also also an angel investor and active philanthropist. In his current role he helps early stage healthcare companies reach there full potential by investing in them. He is a Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC which helps these companies. Ara is a General Partner at Limonapa Teak. It is based in Nicaragua and is a farm that provides jobs for the local community that are incredibly needed, but also use environmentally friendly methods. Ara

Ara Chackerian sits on a number of boards. He is on the Board of Directors for Nor Luyce and PipelineRx.

Mr. Chackerian attended Florida State University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing in 1991. While some successful business people and entrepreneurs have a very scheduled morning routine, Ara does not. His wife referred to him as a whimsical person. He instead focuses on strategy and vision, with a huge focus on philanthropy. Ideas come from his life and experiences. His parents also influenced him in a huge way. With over 25 years Ara Chackerian of experience in the healthcare field he has built companies such as TMS Health Solutions, BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, and Embion/Provider Links. How TMS Health Solutions came to be when they decided to built a network of diagnostic radiology centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. They found new ways to treat depression with transcranial magnetic stimulation. A lot of research and energy has gone into creating this company that helps people. Digital healthcare is a trend that Ara thinks is going to be huge soon. One amazing piece of technology will be able to detect depression. People who suffer from depression are known to change their behavior and speech patterns. This technology can help patients get help by recognizing what stage they are at. This is going to be revolutionary. One of the best investments Ara made recently was on his daughter. When Mr. Chackerian and his family lived in Nicaragua he helped subsidize his 15 years old daughter’s paycheck. It was her first job and was paid only $1 dollar an hour. It felt good for him to contribute to his daughters hard work. Check out

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