Ian King Shares Cryptocurrency Expertise with Banyan Readers

Cryptocurrency is a fresh face within the investment industry. Although respectable establishments like Wall Street are beginning to take the digital medium seriously, cryptocurrency still has a long way to go for mainstream consideration. The Bitcoin boom proved how profitable the market can be, and now many eyes are focused on crypto trading. Many individuals are still new to the concept of digital coinage, and as such really have no idea where to even start. Enter Banyan Hill Publishing. An independent website formed back in 1998, Banyan offers unique trading advice to assist normal Americans in their investment endeavors. Each market that Banyan explores has its own representative, a distinguished member of the panel. Ian King is the master of cryptocurrency and through his magazine Crypto Profit Trader, he prepares potential investors for their foray into the crypto market. He teaches strategy, safety, security, and a three-part process to select viable trends. Follow Ian on Twitter.

Currently Banyan Hill has a readership of over 400,000 would-be investors all of them checking in daily to plan their financial futures. Banyan focuses on numerous aspects of the investment market. Readers can get top-level information of subjects like natural resources, commodities, small-cap stocks, options plays, mid-cap stocks, income-producers, and undervalued U.S. companies. Whatever eclectic preference a would-be investor may have, Banyan has an expert equipped with the skill set needed to bring success. Ian King discovered cryptocurrency upon leaving Wall Street. A former hedge fund manager with a merited portfolio, Ian King decided to try venture investing. Crypto Profit Trader offers general information on cryptocurrency and exactly what it is. It also gives actionable tips on how to enter this newly formed and fast-paced market. Many investors have no idea where to start when it comes to crypto, so Ian King shows them the way. Bitcoin is only one of many forms of digital coinage, and King knows how to anticipate the system. His knowledge is another winning example of how Banyan gives what even Wall Street cannot. Visit: https://banyanhill.com/bitcoin-expert-ian-king/


Bernardo Chua, the unexpected juggernaut of the organic coffee industry

Bernardo Chua is an impressive entrepreneurial mastermind with a focus on coffee that comes from an unlikely place in the business world, the Philippines. He started his heavy-hitting career as an executive with Gano Excel in his home country, which then moved on to expand to Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States because of his contributions. After this he continued to move to California, where he became president of Gano Excel’s US division. Gano Excel’s products were known for containing ganoderma, and the products sold were mainly supplements, instant coffee, and other food products.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to make his own name in the organic coffee world by founding ORGANO GOLD™ in Richmond, B.C., Canada. This orginazation consisted of a group of multiple companies operating under the name of this brand. The goal of his new company was to sell a wide range of healthy bioactive coffee products that contained Ganoderma Lucidum, which is derived from the lingzhi mushroom and is known as the “Plant of Longevity.” The large and earthy mushroom has been used in traditional Asian pharmacology for over 200 years. His brand new company continued on to sell through an established multi-level distribution network on a purely wholesale basis with a suggested retail price. In 2015, he decided to rebrand the company as ORGANO™ over the older longer name.

ORGANO™ isn’t just known for its coffee though, the company also features nutritional supplements, personal care products, and teas. One of their newest and featured products is the OGX body management line, which features nutritional shake mixes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, fruit flavored mixes packed with antioxidants, and detoxifying drinks. The company also features Beauty products such as soap with antioxidant-boosting ingredients such as gutathione, grape seed oil, and the signature Ganoderma lucidum. They also have a toothpaste known as OG smile which features their signature herb, Ganoderma, and fresh mint. Overall, Bernardo Chua is making waves in multiple industries advocating for organic products with traditional medicines, and in the future him and ORGANO™ could start becoming a household name with his well-crafted, natural products.

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Paul Mampilly Sets His Eyes On The Newest Investment, Sneakers

The world of finances is challenging and ever-changing. Finding a professional who knows what they are talking about when it comes to investing can be difficult. Paul Mampilly has been working in the finance sector for decades now and gives his readers easy and honest investing advice that really works. His dedication and drive came from an early age in the sports. He was not a great athlete by any means. He did not have the skill or talent for sports, but that did not stop him from trying. He trained extra hard and did not give up so Paul Mampilly could at least compete with the other kids and put up a good fight. This kind of determination and fierce persistence translated over to his future career in the financial industry. Read more reviews at stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Paul Mampilly flexed his strong work ethic when he entered the world of banking at Deutsche Bank and ING. People in the field could see that Paul was clearly talented and so Kinetics Asset Management brought him on the team to manage their hedge fund. Nothing short of impressive Mr. Mampilly turned their billion dollar fund up 26 percent annually to a whopping $25 billion dollars and the “World’s Best” hedge funds according the Barron’s. Paul was invited to an investment competition and won, turning a $50 million fund into $88 million dollars. This was the prestigious Templeton Foundation who hosted it.

Paul Mampilly’s vast experience and insight into lasting trends in the financial sector have made him a well sought after financial advisor for people. He has recently set his eyes on the world of shoes, sneakers to be exact. Certain retro Air Jordans have fetched high returns as large as 900 percent for a pair of Air Jordan 2 Retro “Don C.”

The sneaker business is skyrocketing thanks to a certain generation. Millennials which are one of the largest generations to date love their sneakers especially brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Adidas’s stock is up 185 percent and Nike is up 71 percent. Taking notice of these brands can make investors a lot of money potentially. Paul Mampilly founded a newsletter called “Profits Unlimited” where he recommends certain stocks and investments. Now he doesn’t just randomly pick things but does a lot of research and watches them over an amount of time to see how they are doing. Readers have already financially benefited from his advice. View: https://interview.net/paul-mampilly/


Peter Briger: The Billionaire in the Bitcoin Sensation

Only through facing business challenges can a company learn to stand out. The challenges can shape a company’s strength and overcoming them is a secret to lengthening the life of an enterprise. One of the few of the business leaders today who understand the value of such concept is Peter Briger, the famous Principal of Fortress Investment Group. He’s also the company’s Co-Chairman in its Board of Directors.

Fortress Investment Group is easily considered to be one of the best alternative asset managers in the world today, and it is through the value they put in surviving challenges that make them one of the best companies today.

Forbes’ Billionaire List

An accurate description of the business success of Briger would have to start from the recent accomplishments we can find in his Crunchbase profile. For starters, we know that Peter Briger has already reached Forbes’ World’s Billionaire’s List in 2008, and the exact rank he reached is #962. Most of his wealth that contributed to him reaching this position was when he was able to grow the business of Fortress Investment Group through a merger with Softbank. For about $8.08 per share, Softbank was able to leverage the operations of Fortress Investment Group.

The main reason of the purchase of Softbank was because it wanted to harness the potential of Peter Briger and his company’s expertise in even growing the fantastic net worth of Softbank. Softbank also saw a lot of potential in the portfolio of Fortress, which includes a series of investments in railways, showing strong potential to become the next transportation infrastructure in the world.

Wall Street on Bitcoin

An interesting event in the professional timeline of Peter Briger today would have to do with Wall Street Journal’s investment in bitcoin. Wall Street has recently just been comfortable with the way they see how bitcoin is going through the fluctuations of the market lately. As an investor and professional executive in the field of new trading opportunities, Peter Briger gave a professional statement on this new move by Wall Street. He argued that bitcoin is exciting today because of the value it offers for people, which is to send money almost anywhere one is. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Peter also argued that he wanted the United States to get an alternative version of bitcoin that is regulated and that Fortress and big companies like Wells Fargo could also take part in. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Here is Everything You Need to Know about Matt Badiali freedom checks

Matt Badiali has got everyone in the financial market talking after he introduced freedom checks. Matt Badiali features on ads holding the freedom checks which appear similar to government’s checks that you receive after tax refund.

Matt Badiali is not a stranger in the financial world, he is a financial analyst and has had the opportunity to interview CEOs giving him a vast knowledge of investments. Matt has masters in Geology from Atlantic University in Florida and a degree in Earth sciences from Penn State University. He has worked as a geologist in many parts of the world where has inspected mines and wells. Some of the countries he has worked in include Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq Switzerland, Turkey, Haiti, Iraq and Papua New Guinea. View ideamensch.com to know more.

Matt Badiali’s freedom checks are an investment which you need to commit to by making repeated investments to make profits in the future. Though they may appear similar to government’s checks, freedom checks are private checks.

Through freedom checks, Matt Badiali is marketing master limited partnerships which are business partnerships where one can obtain tax-related advantages of partnerships. It also means your profits will only be taxed after your investors receive them. Moreover, MLP enjoys the fluid nature and high liquidity of a company that has gone public. MLPs have existed since 1987. Freedom checks have two regulations; one is that companies must agree to pay these checks on annually and the other is that 90% of the revenue that powers freedom checks must come in the form of transportation, storage, processing or production of oil or gas in America.

Some advertisements have been misleading people by portraying freedom checks as a government program, and this is entirely false. These checks are private, and as a result, they are not subjected to income tax hence allowing higher returns. Freedom checks enable ordinary people to invest because they can trade for as low as $10 and less.

MLPs allow you to buy shares and later you receive payments that you can either reinvest in additional shares or deposit them. These investments are income-focused and enable shareholders to receive high distribution yields.

Matt Badiali’s experience as a geologist who has travelled all over the world has enabled him to obtain ground information on ways to succeed financially. Badiali and has spent eleven years writing and researching on investment opportunities that are less common. His research has led him to freedom checks an investment opportunity that will change the investment sector.

Learn more: https://medium.com/@MattBadiali/fraud-ec6eecc6ce1b


About David Mcdonlad and the Development of ISO

David McDonald is the President and chief operating officer of OSI food solutions in Toledo, Spain. David McDonald was born and raised in Lowe where he also attended Lowa State University where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He started working at ISO food solutions right after his graduation in 1937.

The now President of ISO food solutions, David McDonald started out as a project manager at the company and worked his way up the ladder and earned himself the significant position in the company. David McDonald has been running the firm for three decades and has played an enormous role in ensuring the success of ISO food solutions.

ISO food is a Dutch company that specializes in the processing of deli meat and other foods. The company has had rapid and stable growth over the years due to the increased demand for their products by the Consumers. The need for chicken has risen by eight percent across Spain and Portugal; this demand is expected to continue expanding; therefore, the company has to strategies and ensure that it maintains its unbeatable reputation in the food service industry.

ISO food solutions which have various companies across the world is also expanding further to ensure that they meet the needs of their consumers, before the expansion, the company could only produce 12000 tons of chicken, but with the new improvement the company produces 24,000 tons of chicken product. With the further enhancements, it is believed that the company will be able to provide 45,000 tons of chicken pork and beef per year.

Initially, the company had employed 140 people, but with the new improvement at the Toledo, Spain plant meant the creation of more job opportunities were 20 jobs were added, the Managerial position being one of the unique opportunity. This individual will be responsible for improving current products and developing new products. David MacDonald, the president and chief operating officer of the company, said that the expansion has been very beneficial to the company’s performance regarding production and consumer service.

The success of ISO food solutions has been brought about by the company’s ability to establish strong partnerships that enable it to be able to earn the profit even at its early stages. The company has a goal of meeting and surpassing the customers’ expectations. The staff and consumers are considered as family, and therefore the company puts their needs and satisfaction first.

To know more visit @: www.crunchbase.com/person/david-mcdonald-7#/entity

How to Help Your Business Thrive with Flavio Maluf

In its nearly 7 decades of operation, Brazil’s Eucatex Group has been an industry leader in the production of fiberboard and wood-panelling. The flourishing company has expanded well beyond its humble beginnings, now providing materials for furniture manufacturing, construction, and packaging, as well as the toy and automobile industries. As Eucatex enters a new phase of operations, expanding well beyond its Sao Paulo base, its President Flavio Maluf, whose family founded the company, has decades of experience that he is happy to share with the business community. Visit ideamensch.com to learn more

For Flavio Maluf, Eucatex’s success isn’t just about a long history of profitable operation, it is about continually adapting and evolving to fit the needs of the future. In today’s connected world of social media and rapid global communications, this means creating a strong visual identity using symbols, colors, and a logo that are identifiable. Modern business operations must also take into account the digitization of paperwork and records. An initial investment in digital systems can quickly be offset by savings in costs to physically house and store paper documentation, as well as reducing a company’s environmental footprint.

Another modern component to Eucatex’s success, notes Flavio Maluf, is the company’s willingness to invest in a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. A good CRM brings the customer’s wants and needs in line with the company’s goals. Technology is also bringing automation more and more into the conversation for any company.

Outside of business operations and processes, Flavio Maluf emphasizes a comprehensive approach to tax law and rules. Maluf notes many incentives available to businesses in Brazil to help lessen their tax burden. The Fiscal Incentive Law, for instance, is one that Flavio Maluf strongly supports. The law doesn’t necessarily reduce a company’s tax bill, but it allows the company to direct those taxes to projects the company wishes to champion, like scientific or cultural programs. There are also regional tax incentives that can be investigated, and incentives specific to certain important industries.

At the end of the day, usually a very successful day, for Flavio Maluf it is a staff of innovative and creative employees that will allow a company to survive and thrive in today’s market.

View: http://www.barbacenaonline.com.br/noticia/saude/flavio-maluf-e-o-novo-diretor-da-santa-casa-de-barbacena

Bruno Fagali: Getting Consultation With Knowledgeable Lawyer

Are you searching for a Regulatory or Administrative Law expert? Want to hire a reliable and experienced lawyer in Brazil? Perhaps you are aware that Bruno Fagali represents businesses, corporations and professionals and has a great reputation in the legal community.

If your case pertains to Administrative Law, Ethics or Regulatory Law, you can benefit tremendously by choosing Bruno as your advisor. He is a highly knowledgeable and reputable lawyer. He also advises and represent clients who are involved in issues related to Compliance and Urban Law and is good at what he does.

Looking for a competent attorney to handle your case? Bruno Fagali is one of the best lawyers in Brazil and many clients rave about the quality of service he provides.

Before hiring a lawyer get everything in writing. Make sure you have a signed contract or agreement with your potential lawyer. That way, you can be sure there won’t be any nasty surprise. It is not a good idea to have verbal agreement when it comes to enlisting the services of a lawyer.

Disputes involving contract breach or business transactions are some of the common legal problems that occur in the business environment. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs and organizations to have disagreement pertaining to certain aspects of their transactions or contract. Not all attorneys have the skills or resources to address these issues effectively. That’s why you need to do your research.

Before choosing a lawyer, find out about their reputation or experience in the filed. You’ll want to get a lawyer that has great expertise and experience in the type of case you’re dealing with. Does the lawyer advise on contractual relations and transactions? Does he or she handle cases related to divestiture, mergers, acquisition and dissolution of business entities?

As a competent attorney, Bruno Fagali handles both simple and complicated legal issues for a wide variety of organizations and businesses.

Business litigation is a serious matter and Bruno Fagali strives to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients. He takes steps to protect his clients’ interests, and ensure that they comply with the rules and regulations of their industry.

The negative impacts of a legal matter can be devastating to a business, organization or professional. With Bruno by your side, you can be confident that your personal or business reputation will be well protected.

The Honorable Life and Career of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon to the Saudi Royal family, led a very honorable life from the time he was a young boy. Born in Palestine, he was later raised in Kuwait where his father had found work related to his training. Over the years, his education and training would prove that he was worthy of working for the Saudi Royal family. This wasn’t the only capstone to his career. He was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon that could speak Arabic and English fluently. This made him the perfect candidate, and it also made him the first choice to aid in helping with complicated procedures for children in Saudi Arabia that needed it.


Dr. Saad earned his medical degree from the University of Cairo in Egypt, but his internship was completed in England. Once his internship was completed, he traveled to the United States where he would continue his medical practice. He was more than ready to practice in the United States after a rigorous term in Riyadh, where he worked for the Saudi Royal family. One of the most complex procedures that he was credited for, was a surgery on the youngest baby with aneurysm. Saving the baby’s life, the story was published in a journal to share the story with others. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/


Dr. Saad was one of a kind, and he retired after 47 years of practicing as a pediatric surgeon. His time serving in Riyadh, led him to take on the role of a surgeon at King Faisal Hospital, where he was enlisted by the assistant chief to operate on his son. The assistant chief had complete trust in Dr. Saad, knowing that Dr. Saad was fully qualified for the job. Additionally, Dr. Saad was also responsible for treating the royals from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates at this same hospital.


Although Dr. Saad was regarded as the most prominent pediatric surgeon during his time here, he also completed four medical missions where he would practice medicine for children that were unable to afford the procedures. His background was that he came from a very poor family, so he always committed to doing his absolute best in order to treat all patients with the utmost care. He was dedicated to his education, and was focused on doing his absolute best because it was the only way he could complete his education. Dr. Saad learned early in his career from his mentor Dr. Othersen to treat all patients the same, regardless of their race, religion, financial standing or their mental and physical abilities. This valuable lesson would serve him well his entire life, and made him an even better doctor than he could have imagined.

Netpicks: Helping Forex Traders since 1996

Today there are many options for the individual who wishes to begin trading online from home. One of the largest markets that are available is that of the foreign exchange market. Netpicks has been providing trading tips for individuals who are interested in the foreign exchange markets, also known as the Forex markets, since the year 1996 (hitechchronicle.com). The Forex markets are simply the markets where individuals are able to trade foreign currencies. There are several things that make these markets attractive to individuals who wish to take short-term trades in order to generate a profit potential.

The big states that the foreign exchange markets have some of the highest liquidity available in any market in the world at a given time. On a daily basis over $5 trillion worth of trades are made. Netpicks states that for the trader who is interested in short-term trading options this means that the Forex markets are incredibly attractive. They are typically subject to higher levels of volatility than is experienced in the stock market. This means that you are able to create significant levels of profit and a much shorter period of time if you know what you are doing.

Netpicks suggests that new traders take their time and study the markets before entering a position. If you are able to give yourself a solid base of education on the markets, it will significantly increase your chances of experiencing success. There are several pieces of the puzzle that you need to understand in order to execute trades successfully fully.

Netpicks strongly emphasizes that traders in the foreign exchange markets must utilize the ability to make trades without being influenced by their emotions. In addition, you should not be trading with money that is needed for other things. You should never trade with money that you could not afford to lose. An experienced trader in the foreign exchange markets could potentially generate large sums of profits with as little as $100.

Netpicks has been around since the beginning of online trading. The team behind the company Netpicks has a strong emphasis on helping traders achieve success.

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