The Prime of Louis Chenevert in the Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert is a proficient entrepreneur. He has been at the helm of various organizations helping them grow drastically. He was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is a graduate of HEC Montreal with business administration degree in production management. He also has doctorate honors from HEC Montreal and Concordia University.

Louis Chenevert began his career at General Motors. He was promoted to production general manager due to his exemplary work. Louis worked at General Motors for 14 years. In 1993, Louis joined Pratt and Whitney where he stabilized the performance of the company over time. He was then elected president. His short tenure saw the company’s aerospace industry grow in the market share.

Due to his admirable work at Pratt and Whitney, Louis earned a role at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the chairman in 2006. Pratt and Whitney was a subsidiary of UTC. Chenevert would then grow the company incorporating unique skills that were unmatched by their competitors. He was later appointed as the CEO of the corporation in 2010.

Chenevert would then bring an exciting development in the aerospace industry. Instead of outsourcing labor, Louis focused on operational talent within the country. Cheap labor in branches outside the country only led to inferior products. Assembling engineers and other support staff within the states at Connecticut led to the consolidation of different skill sets working on similar goals. Therefore, the corporation would achieve better results due to smaller operational teams with the proper skill set, tools, and an inspiring working environment.

Chenevert was able to pull off a remarkable achievement through the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation. The accord went for about a year to complete. It would then make UTC a one-stop shop for aeronautical solutions turning it into UTC aerospace systems.

According to Louis Chenevert, eliminating barriers at work such as energy drainers went a long way in improving results. Focus, thinking big, passion, optimism and determination has been the force behind the fruitful entrepreneur he is. After a successful period at UTC, Chenevert stepped down as the CEO in 2014. In 2015, Louis decided to work for Goldman Sachs as an Exclusive advisor.

Basic Forex Trading Education from Netpicks Trading Strategies

Based on whether a given currency pair will rise or fall, Netpicks says that forex traders can invest in such price movement. Forex trading, also known as foreign exchange or FX trading is currency pairs trade in a decentralized market done electronically or over-the-counter in main world cities such as London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Sydney. Netpicks provides live signal services and charts to FX traders 24 hours whereas one market closes, another one is opening. Trading is done on the spot, via future markets, or forward markets. Learn more, click

One advantage of the forex market and why traders prefer them is because of their high liquidity with an approximate equivalent of $5.2 trillion being transacted daily. The forex market has limited options, unlike the stock market with only a few established currency pairs being profitable. They are the US dollar versus the Canadian dollar (USD/CAD) the US dollar versus the Swiss franc (USD/CHF), the pound sterling versus the US dollar (GBP/USD), the euro versus the yen (EUR/JPY), the US dollar versus the yen (USD/JPY), and the Australian dollar versus the US dollar (AUD/USD). The high liquidity is due to volatile price movements.

Getting the Right On-line Trading Education

Before getting into forex trading, it is essential to understand some of the terminologies used in FX markets. PIP is the price interest point referring to a gain or loss, while bid price is the price for which buyers want to pay currency pair, while the ask price is the price that traders want to buy currency pairs. The difference between ask price and bid price is called the spread and is measured in pips ( As a potential trader, research more about the forex market before making any move so that they can be conversant with the different aspects involved in FX trading.

Netpicks provides online trading education and training for investors interested in ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Option, and Forex by publishing informative resources. Netpicks Trading Strategies is based in Irving, Texas. The firm CEO is Mark Soberman who combines his more than 25 years of trading experience with the professionalism of a high team trained in real trading to make it easy for people to earn wealth through investments.

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The Mountainous Knowledge of Jeff Yastine in the Financial Sector

Jeff Yastine currently serves at Banyan Hill Publishing as the firm’s Editorial Director. Additionally, he is an editor at Wealth Insider. Jeff is a hardworking individual who prepares weekly articles about determining market opportunities and investments in general. Also, he is a significant contributor to Winning Investor Daily where he advises investors, discusses business opportunities, and financial trends. For more than two decades, Jeff Yastine has been serving in the stock market and finance sector. The knowledge he has acquired over the years in the finance sector is overwhelming. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff served as the financial respondent and anchor of PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010. Jeff worked at the company for about 17 years. At the PBS Nightly Business Report, he worked closely with top financiers and entrepreneurs.  Jeff Yastine made several investment reports which served the purpose of identifying small-cap growth stocks. Some of the exciting topics he has addressed include the dotcom generation and the real estate industry.

In 2002, Yastine took part in drafting the NBR Guide. He also researched to find out the challenges resulting from the inadequate infrastructure of America. Some of the helpful resources that he investigated include roads, power systems, and dams. He then prepared a detailed report that later made him get recognition at the Emmy Awards.

By interviewing some of the most successful stock market experts and investors he gets investment insights that enable him to give other entrepreneurs helpful advice. Jeff is an alumnus of Florida University where he studied journalism. Upon completing his studies, he got a job at a local television station. He served at the TV station before leaving for PBS in 1993.

Jeff Yastine has interviewed high profile individuals such as Bill Gross, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Wayne Huizenga among others. His experience in the industry has enabled him to gain a lot of knowledge in academic, local and international markets. Richard Thaler is one individual that Jeff enjoyed the most interviewing. Mr. Richard is a Nobel Prize winner who got the award for his outstanding inputs to behavioral economics.

In 2015, Yastine got the opportunity to join Banyan Hill. The company management was honored to have a Jeff Yastine as part of its team due to his past experiences in the financial industry. For over 20 years, Mr. Yastine has gathered immense knowledge in finance. Most people and especially investors read his articles to find out the most effective business strategies that they can use to gain enormous profits. Learn:

Ted Bauman Provides The Strategies You Need To Grow Your Wealth

When Ted Bauman became a financial writer, he did not take a conventional route to achieve this objective. Many of his colleagues tend to take a more traditional path in order to become financial writers.

Conversely, Ted Bauman has drawn on his past experiences as an economist and as a financial systems manager in order to provide his clientele with the growth strategies that they need. He is currently a writer for Banyan Hill and with the Bauman Letter, investors now have access to a proper newsletter that offers them the chance to set feasible goals. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

While some might portray the lifestyles of the financial elite as being well out of your reach, the Bauman Letter is here to level the playing field. The growing of wealth is something that is often portrayed as being out of the reach of the average citizen.

As an expat who has resided in dozens of different countries over the course of his life, Bauman has a unique perspective when it comes to living a life of sovereignty. The resources that we need to live the life that we have always wanted are right in front of us.

With the help of the Bauman Letter, these resources are now more accessible than ever before. Those who sign up for this newsletter receive access to special reports that are designed to offer the type of secrets that are only thought to be available to the financial elite.

Ted is active on both Twitter and Facebook where he shares his knowledge on investment matters.

Bauman also writes for Medium, where he offers strategies to his clients for a stress-free retirement. He also delivers foolproof tax advice that provides his readers with the opportunity to maximize their tax-related profits. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Additionally, his Medium articles will cover other important topics that other economists may not be as quick to discuss. Whether its helpful advice on how to eliminate debt or a primer on all of the safer gaining strategies that some may not be aware of, there is no shortage of helpful tips and pointers to be gained by reading his newsletters and postings.

All of the values that matter most to Ted are evident in his work. The concept of personal freedom is a recurring theme and his love for writing always shines through. By following all of the advice that he has to offer, readers have the chance to pursue any financial goal that they may have from a far more informed place than they were in previously.

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Flavio Maluf: The Efficient Environment Friendly Leader OfEucatex

Flavio Maluf is a highly successful businessman hailing from Brazil. He is known throughout the business sector in the country for the incredible amount of projects that he has undertaken. He currently heads a company known as Eucatex and has worked hard to make the company the national leader that it is today. He is someone who understands the world of business inside and out and has been able to use that knowledge to lead the company efficiently. He also believes in helping others with their businesses, and regularly helps people who want to start out their businesses and be successful in the field. Visit to learn more

Flavio Maluf has his blog which has become increasingly popular among people who are working in the field of business. Through his blog, he tries to educate his readers about the intricacies of the industry and also tries to give them the tips and tricks to being a successful person and having a good business.

Flavio Maluf has been working for Eucatex for quite a while now. He is a vital part of the company’s corporate structure. He has formulated a lot of the plans that the company uses today, and has given them a sense of direction for them to reach their goals. Eucatex is a company that manufactures home renovation items like wooden panels and wall paints. The company is also involved in the production of industrial grade machinery that other companies use in their manufacturing processes. The company sets extremely high standards for the products that they manufacture.

Flavio Maluf works extremely hard to ensure that these products meet the quality mark that they have set for themselves, to uphold the name of the company that has been around for so long. One of the reasons why Flavio Maluf has managed to take the company onto the path of success is owing to the production model that they currently follow. Today, the company only produces those items which do not cause any harm to the environment and which are sustainable in the long run. Flavio Maluf has always been someone who wants to help people, and through this, he is not just helping people, but also the environment. Visit:


Bernardo Chua: The Global Multi-Level Marketing Guru

Born in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is the chief executive officer of Organo Gold. Chua has been working in the multilevel marketing for over 20 years. He started off his career in the industry when Gano Excel hired him in the Philippines. He helped develop a market for their products in the United States, Hong Kong, and Canada within three years. His success saw him promoted. He was named the Gano Excel United States of America president upon which he moved to California.

In 2008, Chua founded his own marketing company that utilizes the same business model as his employer. The multi-level marketing company, ORGANO GOLD™, was set out to specialize in selling coffee products infused with Ganoderma Lucidum. Under it were two companies operating under the Coffee Connoisseur and Organo Gold brand names.

The Company rebranded as ORGANO™ in 2015 and now uses its independent distributors’ network to sell a wide range of consumables. With its headquarters in Vancouver, British Colombia, the company operates in more than 50 countries. Visit to learn more.

To ensure that the quality of his products is top notch, Bernardo Chua works with the farmers and funds research. The production process also keeps being refined. Teaching people about the benefits of Ganoderma helps to drive sales.

In addition to producing premium products, OG Cares Foundation is sponsored by ORGANO. An organization engages the youth to become productive by providing them with opportunities so they can initiate positive changes and be involved in their communities.

Currently, Organo Gold is one of the world’s largest producers of instant coffee, tea, and tablets. It prides itself in not only bringing balance and freedom through business opportunities but also through their premium products.

In his tenure as founder and chief executive officer at Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua has won many awards. In 2015, he received the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur from Dangal ng Bayan Awards, an event in the Philippines that recognizes Filipino achievers and products that are world-class. The Organo Gold brand received two People’s Choice Awards. The founder is also a recipient of a gold medal from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. In 2015, it featured in the Direct Selling Global 100 List. Visit:



Ronald Fowlkes, the law enforcement icon

Ronald Fowlkes or Ronnie as many who are close to him would call him, is a name that rings bells in the minds of most people in the law enforcement arena. This is thanks to his substantial contribution in the sector and also for having served in both the marine and police department sectors. Ronald hails from St. Louis, Missouri to be precise and is the current business development manager in Eagle industries unlimited which he joined in 2008.


The company specializes in the manufacture of high end commercial and military tactical applications Thanks to his extensive knowledge in the sector and experience, Ronald Fowlkes is a perfect fit for the position, and he has his hands full with various tasks. For instance, he is responsible for the communication of the company and its clientele all around the world and also focuses in product education in which he assists more than 150 sales representatives familiarize themselves with the company’s products. These are just, but a few of his duties in Eagle Industries as there happens to be many more, but one thing that sets Ronald Fowlkes from the rest is that he executes them with utmost perfection. All these tasks he achieves effortlessly thanks to his previous professional background.


His journey to where he is now, began in the military in 1989 where he was promoted severally thanks to his diligence and ability to meet and exceed the expectations of his seniors and peers. While at Marine Corps, Ronald underwent various training such as the U.S army parachute school, the air naval gunfire liaison company and even did a basic engineering course from which he earned a degree.


Ronald Fowlkes later went on to serve the community at St. Louis by working with the St. Louis department of police for ten years. During this period, Ronald Fowlkes was on the human rescue team for seven years, but again he amazed his seniors with his diligence and exceptional leadership skills and got a promotion to become the leader of the group.


After his promotion, Ronald and his SWAT team would go to high-risk areas and handled dangerous jobs which explains why he serves his current position almost if not perfectly. Before the ten years, Ronald had worked with St. Louise’s police department for three years which means he boasts 13 years of experience in law enforcements. In a nutshell, the success of Ronald Fowlkes did not come on a silver platter; it is clear that the man has worked his way to becoming the epitome of success and is indeed a hero and an icon to many people.


Ronald Fowlkes is an avid lover of hockey, and during his free time, he coaches his son’s hockey team or does things which are related to the game. Also, Fowlkes is a great writer, and if he is not coaching his hockey team, he is often busy sharing knowledge and opinions about the game through his blog known as the medium.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Gives Bradesco Over To His Successor

The Bradesco Ban started operating more than seventy years ago in 1943. The financial institution was founded by banker Amador Aguiar in Marilla, Brazil but the headquarters have since moved to Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The business is operating across the globe with 5 314 branches and almost 110 000 employees. The two main subsidiaries of the Bradesco bank are Bradespar and the Bradesco Seguros Group.

The corporation recently started working under its new leader, Mr. Octavio de Lazaro Jr. He was appointed as the next Chief Executive Officer by former CEO, Chairman, and President, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He reached the age limit for leaders at the Bradesco Bank and so it was time for him t select his successor. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was at the position for a handful of years. He was appointed by the long-time leader of the Bradesco Bank, Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao who let go of the post after reaching 91 years of age,

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started working as a clerk at the Bradesco Bank when he was 17. Over the next 15 years, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served at a variety of positions before reaching the post of Marketing Director. During the handful of years at the post, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made many improvements to the communication between the bank ad the media of Brazil. Both he and the Bradesco were recognized for their innovative and progressive approach and thinking.


After eight years of being in charge of the marketing, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the company Bradesco Vida Providencia. After six more years, he became the Managing Director of the Bradesco Bank, and from then on, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started accumulating positions in leadership until he was appointed to be the CEO of the Bradesco Bank and successor of Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao.

Now, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is succeeded by Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. who has been with the company for more than 40 years. Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. started working at one of the agency when he was a bit over 14. he had the goal to be a professional football player but ended up changing his carer trajectory for good.

For many years, Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. worked at various positions at the bank. Starting at the establishment so young, he had a lot to learn and prove. In 1998, however, Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. started working in the Credit department, later achieving the leadership of it. Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. then proved himself time and again and was later appointed to lead the Bradesco Seguros as its Ched Executive Officer and President.

In early March, Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. started his work as the leader of the Bradesco Bank. He said that he feels it is his duty to continue the legacy of the founder of Bradesco Bank as well as the two leaders of the establishment that have come before him.

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Why Choose Waiakea Volcanic Water

In the world of bottled water, resume means everything. No, the water doesn’t necessarily have to be the most popular brand to become a top-pick. The water must have a solid reputation or else no one will drink it. There are literally hundreds of bottled-water brands on the market today, but all aren’t created equal. Some of this water comes froms natural springs. Other brands of bottled water seem to have no authentic background at all. In this case, the company that owns water like this might just be filling those plastic bottles straight from a bathtub. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but you should always do some due diligence on anything that you buy.

Since 2012, there has been one brand of bottled water that has been making a huge splash, no pun intended. This brand is known as Waiakea Volcanic water, and it comes straight from the state of Hawaii. This specific brand does a great job of educating its customers. Waiakea remains true to its actual heritage. The name Waiakea means broad waters, and it will give you a taste of what Hawaii has to offer. This water drains down through one of the earth’s most pure natural structures. When Waiakea names its top product volcanic water, then you must understand that it truly means it. The Mauna Loa Volcano is the source of the water, and this rock does an amazing job with the purification process. Most volcanic rocks are porous to some degree, and these types of natural structures give the water some extra incentives such as electrolytes and minerals.

The plastic bottles themselves have a 15-year lifespan. After that, the bottles will begin to degrade. What more can you ask for from a bottled-water brand? Waiakea Volcanic water is certainly changing the status quo for the better.


Netpicks believes that Forex Trades are established on the theory of base currency, and they may see a price increase or decrease; in other words, this means they may see the prices of currency investment fluctuating. With Forex Trading in money pairs, this allows those trading to contribute to the financial value movements of their money (

There are other terms that are used in Forex trading one of which is currency trading. This kind of trading gives traders the opportunity to trade money pairs in a market that is decentralized. Investors or traders have the opportunity and the freedom to trade without being supervised by an exchange.

Those investing in trading money pairs are free to trade directly with another party. This kind of trading is called off-exchange or over-the-counter. These exchanges take place in cities such as New York, London, and other countries worldwide.

Making trades on the spot or immediately, otherwise known as spot trading, is the method of trading that many traders prefer. In addition to traders trading on the spot, they can trade by way of future markets and forward markets. Those traders such as owners of businesses who want to take the safer path can trade using the future and forward markets. By trading using the future and forward markets, this allows business owners to take the path of caution, thereby safeguarding their investments

Netpicks offers their traders or clients the ability to trade using live electrical lines and charts. This kind of service offered by Netpicks allows traders to trade 24 hours per day using the forex market from anywhere in any city ( This kind of trading using money pairs can be done in Sydney, Australia, even when the exchange in New York closes. Those trading can make their trades in Tokyo even when the market in Sydney is closed.

The company Netpicks arrived on the scene in 1996. They were the company that led the charge in the online trading, finance market, that gave investors a great option of online trading. Netpicks headquarters is in Irving, Texas. A major goal of Netpicks is to help traders succeed in trading successfully.

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