Stream Energy – Power and Natural Gas Firm Empowers

Often times, it’s the large conglomerates that are the only ones allowed to participate in the energy market. Stream Energy is an exception to the rule: they allow nearly anyone to participate in the energy business in a profitable way.

Providing Opportunity to Women Entrepreneurs

One area in which Stream Energy has outshined other companies is in empowering women entrepreneurs. The company did so by hosting a retreat which is aimed at women entrepreneurs, inspiring women to build their personal businesses. The organization picks a different theme to motivate and empower their women business partners.

Great Speakers Featured at Retreat

Stream Energy has also featured a few well-known speakers at their retreat. These include Karen Leland and Melissa Mark Garner. The aim is to inspire audiences with great knowledge. Personal branding and other important topics to women entrepreneurs were also featured at the retreat, which featured a “shine” theme. Read more at about Stream Energy.

Originally Created as Marketing Company

Stream Energy was founded in 2005, and was created as a marketing company which empowers individual agents. Originally, the company focused on natural gas and electricity, but the product reach has expanded to telecommunications and protective home services as well.

How Associates Earn Commissions

What is most unique about Stream Energy is that their associates are able to earn commissions. To earn a commission, a rep can either recruit an additional representative or sell the company’s products. Stream Energy is also being run by the former CEO of CompUSA and has recently signed a lease for 55,226 square feet of space.


Uses Direct Selling Business Model for Growth of Business

Through their use of direct selling, Stream Energy is one of the largest direct selling companies in the energy industry. This represents a very strong, vibrant, and healthy company with a great future. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

Rick Smith and Inmate Communication Achievements

Rick A. Smith works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a firm that’s known as Securus Technologies. His full first name is Richard. Securus Technologies is the name of a prominent prison technology business that was established in 1986. It’s headquartered in Dallas in Texas. It has regional branches in other locations, too. People who are in Atlanta, Georgia can easily access one of the company’s branches. Rick Smith is a Dallas resident who is more than well-versed in subjects that involve inmate communication practices and approaches. He has an extensive grasp of subjects that involve entrepreneurship, creativity and technology in general. Smith is nothing if not a balanced individual. He takes a well-rounded approach to his successful career. That’s the reason he makes an effort to regularly focus on the pastimes that mean so much to him. Smith adores spending time outdoors. He adores traveling and seeing the nation and world as well. Read more on

Rick Smith puts a lot of time and dedication into Securus Technologies. He’s an executive who is perpetually broadening his horizons. He’s a professional who is constantly working hard to learn more about bettering inmate communication practices for the future. Securus Technologies is a company that’s about nonstop advancements and positive changes. It specializes in all kinds of video services and phone services for inmates. Prison voicemail is yet another expertise sector for the staff at Securus Technologies. The company is known by many in its field for its work in email services, money transfers and so much more.

Securus Technologies is a business that accommodates a large number of facilities in areas all over both Canada and the United States. Rick Smith, because of that, has expertise in North American correctional facility matters that spans many sectors. Securus Technologies happily accommodates more than 2,000 correctional centers in North America. It accommodates close to 3,500 corrections, law enforcement and public safety groups as well. Well over a million North American inmates rely on Securus Technologies and all of the services it brings to the table on a daily basis. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Smith has been in charge at Securus Technologies as its determined CEO since 2014. He worked as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and President of a company that was called Eschelon Telecom Inc. before that as well. He began his job with Eschelon Telecom Inc. in the spring of 2000. He exited his position with the firm more than 3 years later in the late summer of 2003, too. This professional has a great education under his belt. He attended the State University of New York located in Buffalo, New York. Rick Smith Securus majored in engineering there and earned a bachelor’s degree. He also went to the University of Rochester.


NetPicks in the trading world

NetPicks was established in 1996. It was founded by Mark Soberman. It helps people to advance forward-thinking and actual trading skills and create regular earnings and benefits. Mark established the organization after he realized how difficult it was for investors to obtain effective learning. He initiated the use of Fax machines and the internet at large to provide traders with appreciated advice and information. His company endeavored to offer training that would precisely handle the real-world necessities of all the stockholders.

Currently, NetPicks continues to offer education to traders regarding collection of financial markets. They are emphasized on how to invest in altercation –merchandised funds, exchanges, opportunities and shares. It strives to help investors attain success through period trading or fluctuates. Netpicks employs numerous professional coaches in the Texas Headquarters. The trainers work hard to carry out investments consequently to acquire knowledge about the prevailing financial markets.

The forex market allows people and organizations to exchange one type of cash for another. It helps in developing opportunities for entrepreneurs to gain earnings through procuring money and reselling it after the currency’s value rises. The forex system was established following different countries adopting market-based exchange rates. The investors couple two currencies before instigating trades like the USD/JPY pair which is composed of the U.S dollar and Japanese Yen. Its value is equivalent to that of yen that can be swapped for a dollar.  To read more about trading, hit this.

Investors must carefully stage-manage their vocations before taking any form of action. Identifying the clear exchange values that activate procurement or sales is very vital. Commercial and governmental developments have the prospective to make a country’s currency upswing or fall in value. Price swings occur swiftly. Individuals may choose different ways to analyze currencies such as technical use of graphs to checking on relevant news headlines. As an investor, you have to risk money to get money. However, they need to manage the existing perils carefully to avoid losses.  For timeline activity updates, check on their page.

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NetPicks employees provide unswerving methodological funding and trading education. They help clients understand compound and various investing perceptions and source opinions and feedback on new trading performances and stratagems. Different educational platforms from NetPicks aim on specific types of investments such as futures or forex.  Start getting connected, click this useful link.

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Agora Financial Provides Wealth of Information to Aspiring Investors

Because most aspiring investors aren’t familiar with the predictive analysis of the investment market trends, they need an expert to guide them with the best resource information. If first time investors rely on personal knowledge to guide them through the investment market, it can be a dangerous and costly decision. Although, many typically just hand over a portfolio to an investment broker, that decision often turns into a costly venture with commission fees and broken dreams for retirement plans.In order for investments to go well, a person needs time to decide which path is right for them.

That’s why Agora Financial changed the investment research process from a traditional method to a much better streamlined process that brings investors a wealth of information right to their doorstep or computer. Agora Financial is based in Baltimore, Maryland. For over a decade, the company has been the innovator in providing direct and informative material to investors. Using online publications, newsletters, books as well as seminars, Agora Financial reaches over one million investors to provide the most useful information in order to make the wisest decisions.

The company even provides eventful documentaries on investments that are a brand new way of educating investors. This innovative approach is an effective way to protect investors from the outdated methods taken by many investment brokers. Often times, brokers also haven’t developed a good business or personal relationship long enough to know what’s important to an investors’ future lifestyle.With Agora Financial publications, there is plenty of time for knowing how to build wealth and manage money. There are 20 publications available that help investors decide which market works for their portfolio. The research by Agora Financial is unbiased and detached from any personal gain by the company which makes it a great first investment.

Boraie Development: Brief Recap and Information

This article will focus mainly on a company called Boraie Development. First an article will be recapped, and then general information will be given about Boraie . Currently, a project will be worked on that will bring 250 modern apartments to Atlantic City. It’s currently on pace to open its doors in summer 2018. This will also be the city’s first market-rate development in about twenty-five years.

This comment was from a report held last week by The Press of Atlantic City. It recently had toured the sire of the work by Boraie Development LLC. This was known as The Beach at South Inlet. It is a complex worth $81 million and is rising now at a lot. The lot is bounded by New Jersey, Pacific, Connecticut, and Atlantic avenues. This is guessed to be of service to the 50,000 people who are working in the resort town. The development is showing as an optimism sign in the growth of the city after a 10-year slide in history. For more details visit Crunchbase.

It is really important to give a new housing stock. The vice President of Boraie Wasseem Boraie gave insight in support of that step. Recently, there was a report which stated that over sixty one percent of the housing stock has been around longer then the housing stock. This was for over forty years. This means that the modern renter generation has an idea of what they really want. It will include newer services like a gym, pool, as well as a lounge for the residents. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to know more.

Now some information about Boraie Development in general. Omar Boraie gives a great variety of service that has focused on every area of the real estate market in the urban area. There are three areas which are Sales/Marketing, Real Estate Development, and Property Management. The team’s main interest has been working with the Financial Institutions which are the strongest. These are contractors which understand deadlines and architects who have vision. This is to promise deadlines to ensure good timed completion and great project success as well.

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Revolutionizing Medicine While Treating Thousands – Dr. David Samadi

Being one of the most successful urologists in the world is no small accomplishment by any means. Nevertheless, Doctor David B. Samadi has achieved so much throughout his career that he is past the point of bragging about impressive endeavors. As the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, Dr. David Samadi has performed thousands of surgeries that treated patients who were lucky to be under the care of this professional.

Nowadays, according to one of the latest interviews Dr. Samadi did, his goals are more research-based as he attempts to revolutionize modern medicine. This includes looking for new ways to go about prostate removal procedure as millions of men are suffering side effects like impotence and incontinence.

Dr. Samadi is an avid agenda-setter and each of his days is divided into time frames. During his interview, he described how he wakes up at 4:30 AM and gets to his office no later than 6. This helps him get a lot of work done between 6 and 7:30 AM, thus putting him at an advantage over all those who might still be asleep. He then spends a lot of his time checking on his current patients. This is a part of his day that may go on for a lot longer than planned as he admits he has many patients under his care.

Since Samadi is a urologist who has undergone rigorous education and training, he is no stranger to hard work. He is also no stranger to creativity as most of his ideas are visually depicted. Possessing photographic memory helps him draw what he might have seen in the middle of his sleep, thus preventing it from falling victim to forgetness. Doing this has enabled him to achieve some notable things such as making robots that can perform up to five prosthetic surgeries per day.

Naturally, being responsible for many lives does not come cheap. Dr. Samadi is often under so much pressure that his stress levels tend to skyrocket. One way he claims he has dealt with the issue is to take deep breaths and surround himself with trustworthy people. A soundproof of his stress levels is the fact that his biggest regret in life is not holding on to his dark hair, as he turned gray rather quickly. Seems like a fair price to pay for being the best in one’s field.

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NetPicks, a Traders Partner to Success

Mark Soberman founded NetPicks in 1996 and its headquarters are located in Irving, Texas. After being an options trader for over two decades. While still working as an options trader, Mark Soberman realized that there was no effective way of training investors to become successful traders.

He then established NetPicks and started giving advice to traders through the internet and fax machines. The goal of NetPicks is to assist individuals to develop advanced skills and strategies in order for them to maximize profits and achieve prosperity through the day or swing trading.

The Foreign Exchange Market better known as the Forex Market has been in existence for more than three decades and investors use it to trade in various currencies issued by governments. It lets organizations and traders exchange one currency for another and is the biggest financial market in size and still its growth continues exponentially even though it does not have a specific location or headquarters.

A trader will purchase one type of currency and later on resell it after its value rises thereby making a profit. The value of a currency will change according to the number of times traders will buy and sell it at different prices. Traders continue trading at all hours making it possible for one to still practice it without quitting their job making it an extra source of income for them.  Click on this to read a relevant article on socially responsible investment.

There are a lot of opportunities for people to make money through trading and to begin one only needs to make a small deposit. The most popular currency is the US dollar as it pairs with the major currencies such as the Japanese Yen, British Pound, and the Euro.  Check to read and learn more from their articles.

NetPicks uses this to assist people to develop advanced skills in trading making a consistent profit, and they use videos to train their clients engaging them while swiftly delivering the relevant information.   Read tutorial blogs, visit Netpicks’ page.  They ensure that their clients can understand complex forex trading concepts while still updating them on new trading strategies and techniques. NetPicks continues to educate people on various financial markets, trade funds, stocks and currencies making it your investment partner of choice.

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Samuel Strauch Understands the Impact of New Technology on Real Estate Industry

Bitcoin came into the limelight in 2009. Information went all over the world that there was a new way to pay for goods and services. However, its value against the dollar was still an issue. In fact, by the year 2011, one digital currency was being transacted for a mere $1.

As we are speaking, the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed to unimaginable figures. Many people were skeptical when it was first introduced and thought that it was a bubble which could burst anytime. Several years later the cryptocurrency has proved every skeptic wrong. For anyone who was lucky to purchase at least 20 Bitcoin 5 or 6 years ago, they would be having an investment worth not less than $100,000 today.

Most companies such as Miami real estate are embracing Bitcoin. Samuel Strauch and other real estate professionals have discovered the benefits of using Bitcoin in conducting large-scale transactions.

The Processing of Small and Large Transactions

There has been a debate going on within the Bitcoin community as to whether Bitcoin should act as a store of value or just as a digital currency which is able to handle minimal transactions. Lucky enough, Bitcoin currently operates as both a store of value as well as digital cash hence making it very flexible to use.

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a non-regulated and decentralized type of digital currency where people can use it to make transactions online with absolute anonymity. The founder of the currency is also not known but Satoshi Nakamoto is the fictitious name given to its creator. After the creation of Bitcoin, several other digital currencies have emerged. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded in an enormous public ledger also known as Blockchain.

Bitcoin and the Real Estate

The fees associated with traditional currency are probably what has lured Miami Real Estate and people like Samuel Strauch to embrace Bitcoin. Recently a Bitcoin trader listed his Miami house for 1,400 Bitcoins. The house owner said that he was ready to accept payments also through Zcash (another type of digital currency) or through traditional currency.

Samuel Strauch, Miami’s Premier Real estate agent

Samuel Strauch went to Hofstra University where he earned his undergraduate business degree. He also attended Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Samuel Strauch started as a banker but later turned his focus to real estate. He launched his own company in 2012 which has continued to grow in bounds hitherto.

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The Critical Role of Compliance in Corporate Governance


Corporate compliance is a hot-button issue for businesses around the world. Staying within the legal boundaries may seem like a simple thing to do, but keeping abreast of the changing legal landscape can be a daunting task.

Attorney Bruno Fagali is the founding partner of Fagali Advocacy and the Corporate Integrity Manager of Agencia Nova/sb, an advertising agency specializing in public interest communication. Fagali advocates for compliance and corporate responsibility beginning at the top, starting with the company’s executives.

Corporations must be compliant with labor laws, such as child and slave labor laws, and must provide oversight into the protection of employee rights. Corporations must also keep their various government licenses and registrations up-to-date. Failure to do so may result in business interruptions, impacting both the corporation itself and other businesses with whom they do business.

Prior to the passage of Brazil’s anti-corruption law (12.846/13), only individual, physical persons could be penalized for corruption, fraud in bidding, and similar infractions. With the passage of the new law, organizations could also be held accountable for their actions, and corporate compliance became a major component of corporate governance. Decree 8240/15 provided guidance for the creation of corporate ethics and compliance programs. This guidance extended to both public and private industries.

Recognizing that the corporation’s compliance initiatives also extend to the practices of their business partners, Fagali states that it is in the company’s best interest to avoid issues arising from both their own actions and their many business partners’ conduct.

Navigating the ever-changing legal climate can be a challenging task. The new anti-corruption law created the possibility of companies being penalized for activities harmful to the national or public interest. Fagali stresses that implementing corporate compliance initiatives is the best way to steer clear of government entanglements.

Fagali also pushes for compliance within the public sector. He is an advocate of government transparency, and he is a proponent of Brazil’s Federal Government Transparency Portal, which he contends will ensure the proper utilization of public resources for meeting the public’s needs and prevent corruption and fraudulent activities. Learn more:


Bradesco Is Home To A Brand New President – Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Assessing the importance of the role of President in a banking institution doesn’t take a rocket scientist – it’s unarguably more important than any other capacity served in any financial institution around the world. Learn more on Trabuco: Despite the uncertainties, investors believe in the country:

What happens when a bank loses their President? Here’s what is going on with Banco Bradesco, a South American financial institution that’s home to Brazil.

Lazaro de Mello Brandao Steps Down

Lazaro de Mello Brandao had been the President of Banco Bradesco since 1990, the same year that Bradesco’s original founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer left the organization, citing health concerns as his sole reason for leaving the institution.

About six or seven weeks ago, Mr. Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi held a press conference, with journalists unknowing of what was to come. Only when Lazaro de Mello Brandao and Mr. Trabuco Cappi formally announced his retirement from the rank of President did journalists and fellow bankers – with the exception of the institution’s board of directors – know what the conference was set to contain.

Brandao wholeheartedly deserved to relieve his duties, as the 91-year-old worked for Bradesco since he was only 16, remaining with the bank for quite literally the entirety of his working life. What’s even more impressive is the fact he was one of the initial employees to open the very first location, in the same city the future CEO, President, and a man of many other positions within the bank was born – Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

What’s Happening In The Interim? Who Will Step In For Open Positions?

At the time of the announcement, in the second week of October of 2017, Lazaro de Mello Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had left just one role open – that of Chief Executive Officer.

The moment Mr. Lazaro Brandao had formally stepped down, paperwork was already in place to promote Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to President.

As such, Mr. Trabuco Cappi is currently the President, whereas the selected Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme to serve the banking organization’s team of executives as Chief Executive Officer

When Is The Hiring Process Slated To Be Finished?

In March of every calendar year, Banco Bradesco hosts a shareholder meeting. Mr. Trabuco Cappi has indicated that the new candidate will be selected for the role of CEO prior to March, 2018’s sharholder meeting.

The Relationship Between Trabuco Cappi And Brandao

Earlier last year, in the first week of October, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had turned 65 years of age. This is of importance because once the Chief Executive Officer – the role Mr. Trabuco Cappi was in – turns 65, he must immediately find a replacement and step down.

However, Mr. Lazaro Brandao has worked alongside Mr. Trabuco Cappi to change the aforementioned rule prior to his 65th birthday. Brandao was able to get the internal legislation enacted into the organization’s bylaws and guidelines prior to Mr. Trabuco Cappi’s 65th birthday, formally extending the maximum age of CEO to 67. This change happened less than one calendar year ago, as recently as September of 2016.

Brandao had planned on stepping down at an ideal time to keep Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi in an important role throughout Banco Bradesco’s team of executives.

Such suggests the relationship between the two longtime executives was objectively strong, especially when compared to relationships between others working for Banco Bradesco.

The Background Of Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began his 40-plus-year tenure in 1969, as an entry-level teller. Mr. Trabuco Cappi was invited to its HQ in 1971 – all’s uphill from there. Visit: