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Gregory James Aziz As The Best CEO Of The National Steel Car

The history of the company

National Steel Car was started more than a century ago with the aim of manufacturing quality railroad products. The products included cars and some specific car parts that would be purchased by other companies for their production. The National Steel Car had been in operation for a long time before DEFASCO decided to sell it to another company. During the duration of operation under DEFASCO, the development was slow, but it took place. For these years, the company had employed several people from around Canada. The National Steel Car was started in Hamilton, Ontario. The operations were initially set to be in the same location by the time that it was established.

The contribution of Gregory James Aziz

After several years of development, the company came to a point where the management was complacent with the production level and the number of employees. By 1994, the National Steel Car had about 650 employees. The rate of production was 4000 cars per year. This rate was very competitive considering that the production around the country was not as high. Gregory James expressed his dissatisfaction with the complacency of the production. He saw a big opportunity that could be taken. After considering the potential of the company, Greg Aziz suggested to the purchase which took place successfully, and he was appointed the CEO in 1994. See This Page for more information.

The qualification of the CEO

After the completion of his early education in Canada, Gregory J Aziz joined the University of Western Ontario for his undergraduate degree. As an undergraduate, Gregory James took Economics as his major. While at the University, the student had developed an idea of owning his business someday in his life. During this period of planning, Gregory was not sure how he would get his company or what he would do in the company which he owned. He got his first-class degree after graduation then went back to his parents shortly before travelling to the United States. While with the parents, Greg Aziz was not satisfied with how the family business was operated. Aziz’s parents were involved in a food processing company which served the Hamilton market. There was no internal competition, and Gregory James Aziz thought that this was an opportunity to improve the services to global one. With his input, the family’s food processing company increased its operations from Ontario to the entire North America. The food processing company equally found a new customer base in the competitive European market.

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The Operation Of The National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory James Aziz

The History of the company

For more than 100 years, the National Steel Car had been successful in the railroad manufacturing where it struggled the meet the Canadian Market demands. The company was expanding at a slow rate because of the fear of competition from other established companies. Equally, the National Steel Car was unsure of its ability to satisfy the demands of the market id decided to go global. For these reasons, the company opted to restrict its operations to Canada so that it can enjoy the profits that it made. While operating in Canada, the company did not make much profit, but there was a feeling of satisfaction from the few developments which it made. The quantity of production was not bad, and the number of employees was considered to be high because of the state of production in Canada.


The contribution of DEFASCO to the development of the National Steel Car

The National Steel Car was initially under the management of DEFASCO. The company strived to improve the services, but the operations were limited to Canada alone. From the management styles, the company did not have a dream of going global, but it hoped to increase the quality of its services within the country. After several years of operation, the leadership of the company opted to sell it to a new management as a change of operational regime.


The modification of Gregory James Aziz to National Steel Car

In 1994, Greg James Aziz suggested to the partners about the purchase of the company. The partners were hesitant at first, but Greg Aziz understood the potential of the company. Finally, the National Steel Car was bought from DEFASCO. In the same year, Gregory James was appointed the CEO and the chairman of the company. The appointment meant that James Aziz was fully in charge of the operations and he was to be held responsible for the failure of the company. The responsibility also meant that Gregory J. Aziz would take a complete credit if the company succeeded. Visit This Page for related information.

By the time Greg was taking over as the CEO, DEFASCO had already made some steps towards the development of the National Steel Car. There were 600 employees. James Aziz worked tirelessly to improve the state of the employees without losing a single one of them. In five years since he took over as the CEO, the number of employees was increased from 600 to over 3000.


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An Actionable Strategy to Capitalize on During the Summer Choppy Trading

Following the selloff of the tech industry in early June 2017, the opinion on Wall Street transformed radically. A few years ago, some investors were arrogant because they thought that the market was unstoppable. However, today these investors are somewhat nervous since they have discovered that the market is experiencing shifts and downturns. The shifts in opinions create a chance to create a jerky market in the summer months. These environments are common during the summer months, but today a change in attitude has been witnessed. Investors can amass immense profits from the choppy summer markets by leveraging proactive strategy.

The “Lock and Walk” strategy

The “Lock and Walk” technical has been one of the most profitable strategies for reaping maximum profits during choppy markets. However, past performance cannot be used to predict better results in the future, particularly when a shifting market is involved.

According to the “Lock and Walk” strategy, the levels of resistance in the Nasdaq 100, NDX ought to be respected and supported. Then, the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD and ProShares Ultrashort QQQ QID should be sold when the resistance and support levels are either tested or broken.

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Defining Moments In Gregory Aziz’s Career

Gregory Aziz serves at the helm of one of the most acclaimed railroad freight cars manufacturer; National Steel Car. The business executive holds the post of President and Chairman of the enterprise. Greg has been very instrumental in the growth and success of the firm.


National Steel Car opened its door for business over a century ago. Over time the company has managed to perfect its craft to become one of the heavyweights in the manufacturing and engineering sector. The firm holds several awards that demonstrate the enterprise’s commitment to quality and innovative solutions. In the region of North America, National Steel Car is the only freight car manufacturer that is accredited with an ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Since its acquisition in the mid-90s, National Steel Car has grown by leaps and bounds. The firm has grown from a medium size enterprise with a limited manufacturing capacity to a large company with a significant capital investment and human resource. The businesses have also been able to improve its manufacturing processes over the years to guarantee quality solutions to its clientele. From the year 1999, the number of cars manufactured by National Steel Car has kept growing. Today the enterprise produces over 12,000 freight vehicles annually.

Greg was bred in Ontario, London. From the time he was young, Gregory Aziz developed a lot of interest in the business world. In 1971, shortly after he had completed college, Gregory Aziz started working his family’s food franchise. Gregory’s efforts enabled the company to expand into other regions in the United States. The opportunity that Gregory Aziz got to work in their family business helped shape his entrepreneurial acumen.

Gregory J Aziz left the family business to pursue his interests in the banking sector. After holding various management positions in different investment banks throughout the 80’s and early 90’s, Gregory Aziz landed a plum job with National Steel Car. The entrepreneur would later rise through the ranks to become the President and Chairman of National Steel Car. Check Out This Article.

Apart from being committed to his career, Gregory Aziz is also involved in many initiatives that are aimed at improving the quality of life within communities in Hamilton. Through his career and business, Gregory Aziz has been able to make a change in the Hamilton region of Ontario. According to the entrepreneur, successful individuals in business need to devote a part of their time to charities that will nurture future leaders.



How Gregory Aziz Transformed National Steel Car To A Global Company

The success of any given business venture hinges strongly on the person at the helm. Exceptional leaders like Greg Aziz have a unique way of inspiring brands to grow to their full potential. That was exactly what transpired once Gregory James Aziz took over the mantle at National Steel Car in 1994. The trans-formative journey that has culminated in National Steel being named as the number one railroad car engineering and manufacturing firm has been long and hard. Greg, the CEO and his team of dedicated experts have had to jump through unending hoops and obstacles in retaining their status as the only IS0 9001:2008 Certified freight cars American manufacturer.


Career Highlights


In his early twenties, the Canadian banker and entrepreneur attended the Ridley Business College. Later, he joined the University of Western Ontario to pursue an advanced economics degree. The skills and knowledge acquired from these prestigious Canadian learning institutions formed a solid foundation for his future ambitions.


Gregory Aziz gained valuable investment and management lessons working for his parents in the seventies. Aziz served in different leadership capacities at the family owned food supplier, Affiliated Foods Inc. The 70’s and the 80’s were the best years for Affiliated Foods. At that time, the company witnessed a meteoric rise in growth and revenue figures. Affiliated Foods was no longer a regional food supply company, rather it turned into an international conglomerate with businesses all over North and South America, Europe and Asia.


Aziz Acquires National Steel Car


In the mid 80’s, James Aziz, having risen to the position of president at Affiliated Foods, ventured into Wall St. Greg earned millions buying and selling shares and companies in New York, US. The astute business leader and philanthropist used that newly acquired fortune to close in on a tentative deal on National Steel Car. In 1994, National Steel Car struggled with all sorts of challenges. Dofasco, the company that previously held National Steel was far too delighted to sell off the burdensome venture. That meant, Greg bought the train car manufacturing company at cents on the dollar.


Overhauling National Steel


Greg’s first order of business at National Car was hiring world-class engineers, accountants, and legal staff to run his new company. Greg also injected millions of dollars towards acquiring leading manufacturing equipment for their processes. The cumulative effect was that National Steel Car went from manufacturing less than 4,000 quality freight cars to 12,000 units within five years. The once almost collapsing train cars engineering and manufacturing establishment soon started seeing investors and clients lining up in packs to do business with National Steel Car. From there, there was no stopping the behemoth corporation as it continues to reign supreme in this particular niche in 2017. See More Information on this page.


Alexandre Gama Is Undoubtedly The Who’s Who Of The Advertising Industry In Brazil

     Alexandre Gama is one of the world’s top advertisers. The relatively young Mr. Gama was born in 1958, not too long after advertising became mainstream. As such, he was very interested in working in advertising because he saw it advance and wildly proliferate throughout his childhood.

Mr. Gama is arguably best known for his own advertising agency, Neogama, which was founded in 1999. The agency still operates to this day, and has even been crowned as one of the top 20 advertising firms in the entirety of the fifth-largest country in the world – Brazil.

Alexandre Gama worked towards a degree in advertising and communication from a local trade school, then started working for Ogilvy & Mather in 1982 as a copywriter. In 1990, he left Ogilvy & Mather for a higher-ranking job at DM9 as their very own creative director. In 1994, he even got a chance to work for Young & Rubicam – or, as today’s advertising agency refers to it, Y&R – as the CCO and CEO.

Outside of his professional, salaried work at some of the world’s most easily recognized advertising agencies, Alexandre Gama has volunteered his mind to various efforts in cinema, media, and mass communication.

He signed on to the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies as a board member, helping spread word of best practices in Brazilian communications in 2012. D&AD, an organization that controls the International Film Jury, has featured Mr. Gama as its Foreman in 2004, 2008, and 2013.

Although he’s not deeply – or even lightly – involved in art, Mr. Alexandre Gama had a display at the Brazilian Art Museum for the artwork “Idea e Forma – Alexandre Gama.” Mr. Gama engaged in this artwork activity to spread word of diverse cultural events in the metropolitan area of São Paulo.

What a Transition: Sheldon Lavins Life History

A good life is all about the progress we make. Without progress, then life is not worth living. Sheldon Lavin is a man who has never stopped moving forward, mainly because he chose to take a leap of faith and work hard to achieve his dreams. Although Sheldon Lavin currently has deep interests in food processing, he was previously an individual greatly concerned about the financial markets. With time, Sheldon has been able to move from Chicago Banking and become a revered Global Food Executive.

Today, Sheldon Lavin plays an active role as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. Above all, Lavin is the ‘reigning and defending’ President of OSI International Foods Ltd. With Lavin being the head of two excellent food processing companies in the world; he has learned how to run both corporations as single entities. Sheldon Lavin’s entry to the food processing industry was entirely unexpected. Some years before Sheldon got inducted into the food processing ‘hall of fame,’ he helped finance Otto & Sons. However, after some time, Lavin bought the entire company changing its name to OSI Group.

Over the years, OSI Group has transitioned from a company that only serves local and regional consumers to a corporation with international recognition. In spite of Sheldon Lavin being the owner of OSI Group, he has been humble enough to serve the world alongside his many employees. Unlike most business owners of this age and time, Sheldon Lavin has always been passionate about other people. For this reason, he has always spared enough time to share ideas with his employees and even gone the extra mile of financially compensating them for a job well done.

As a man in love with the world, Sheldon Lavin has always used his means and power to protect the environment from degradation. By adopting new technologies in OSI Group, Sheldon has ensured that the natural ecosystem remains sustainable and productive, something that has earned him and his organization numerous awards. Thanks to his forward way of thinking, Sheldon Lavin is now renowned as a successful tycoon. For more info about us: click here.

By nurturing his skills and talents, Sheldon Lavin has emerged as an authority in the food processing sector. Sheldon is a man that has fallen in love with OSI Group, its employees, and their families. In return, the workers at OSI Group have worked hard to ensure that they do not let their boss down. Therefore, Sheldon Lavin is one individual that has stood out from the rest of the crowd and continued to inspire the youth.

The Professional Achievements of Clay Siegall

A simplified model of a human antibody made of Lego bricks has been built at the lobby at the headquarters of Seattle Genetics. The design signifies what Seattle Genetics, under Clay Siegall founder and CEO, has been studying, manipulating and packaging into drugs since its founding in 1998. The company’s antibodies have the power to connect with therapy and deliver a toxic payload into a cancer cell. That way, it destroys the cell from the inside. The strategy is expected to transform Seattle Genetics and catapult it to the big leagues. Seattle Genetics is among the largest biotech companies in Washington and is valued at $10 billion with a work force of 900 employees. The company hopes to add 200 more employees this year as it seeks to grow through research and marketing.

Seattle Genetics produces a drug called Adcetris, which is used in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system. According to Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics is an emerging global and multi-product Oncology Company that he seeks to build and grow to a great company, unlike many other rival bio tech companies that sell to larger companies. The company managed sales of about $418 million in 2016, up 46 percent from 2014. The stock price has also tripled in the last five years from $20 a share to $66 as of mid-May. Its drug Adcetris has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used by patients suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma as a second or third drug.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics and currently serves as the company’s President, CEO, and Chairman. He previously worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. From 1988 to 1991, Siegall worked for the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. He also serves as the director of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. and Mirna Therapeutics, Inc., which are private biotech companies. Clay Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland where he attained a B.S. in Zoology. He later attained a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Clay Siegall has expertise and experience in the drug production industry.