Rona Borre Built Her Company on a Solid Foundation


When Rona Borre started her new staffing company in 2001, she named it Instant Alliance. She had quit her high paying job with another major staffing company to start this one in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condominium.


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Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing woman-owned business in the United States and bills millions to clients for service rendered. Borre’s company is unique in that is got started with nothing but an idea and hard work, see for more.


The staffing industry is very competitive, and it is usually very difficult for a new company to make a mark in the industry at all. But Rona Borre was a leading sales person for her former company, and she brought along some of the special skills she had learned, please click here.


One skill, in particular, is one that many staffing companies just don’t bother with. They concentrate on sifting through hundreds of resumes until they find ones that they think might work for the hiring client’s needs.


Borre takes a different approach by spending the time to get to know the executives of the hiring firm to learn exactly what they are looking for in a new employee in detail. Information that can only come from their mouth is very valuable because it is not found on a form but only verbally. Knowing all about the culture of the business that the new person will have to work in is important too.


These factors have been instrumental in the success of Instant Alliance and Borre’s plans for the growth of the company.


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Thor Halvorssen is the New Face of a Global Human Rights Faction

About Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssenis the CEO and President of the Human Rights Foundation, HRF. The HRF is a New York-based human rights protection agency. Thor Halvorssen is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan. He descends from a great family setting. His old man was Venezuela’s diplomat in Norway during the Second World War. His family lineage has always been involved in human rights protection. Thor has often been heard saying that he was a rather unfortunate son of Venezuela’s elite. His objective is to attack human rights violators through demonstrations, night emails, and Wickr messages. He is well famous for his radical thoughts against the government institutions. His New York HRF has the primary objective of fighting global oppressive regimes. The organization hires activists from all over the world to mount political prisoner freedom campaigns and more information click here.

Thor organized the Oslo Freedom Forum
The organization also holds annual international forums where journalists congregate. This year will form its fifth annual congress. Thor has organized the Oslo Freedom Forum which will be hosted by international human rights activists including representatives from Belarus, Syria, Eritrea, and Saudi Arabia. The forum will be held under closed doors at the Grand Christiania Hotel Theater in downtown Oslo, unlike the conventional open onstage speeches. The conference attracted four hundred attendees during this year’s annual Oslo Freedom Forum. More than fifty countries will be represented. The forum has commonly been referred to as the ‘Davos of human rights’ due to its internationalist nonconformist networking party for trade tips to overcome authoritarian regimes.

Thor philosophical commitment in the complex global human rights politics has put him under the spotlight of numerous international clashes.

Halvorssen is the kind of the anti-Soviet freedom movement ideological throwback. He considers the world a place where most governmental institutions have been divided and overshadowed with oppressive ideologies and movements. Thor is a classical liberal with no political interests. His international portfolio makes him reputable as the staunch human rights advocate in the modern world. Halvorssen’s profound commitment to the complex global human rights politics has put him under the spotlight of numerous international clashes. It has also developed him as the most puzzling human rights activist.

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UKV PLC Wines – The Best Supplier Of Wines And Champagne Across Europe

UKV PLC is the supplier of wine and champagne in the United Kingdom. It has consultants who have a broad knowledge of fine wines. These consultants are in a good position to help clients choose the best champagnes and wines whenever they are holding important occasions. Therefore, if there is a customer who wants to make inquiries about the services that are offered by UKV PLC, then the consultants are allowed to contact the client personally. There is also an arrangement for a face-to-face meeting with the customer.

By being an independent company, UKV PLC has contacts with brokers, merchants, and traders in the wine industry. Therefore, it is possible for UKV to collect the few champagnes and wines that are available in the market.

Additionally, UKV’s primary business focus is the sale and supply of wines to traders and at the same time to individual customers. In that case, UKV PLC sales its product in four categories, which are Italian, Spanish, Burgundy, and Bordeaux wine.

As a trading company, UKV is always active in various networking platforms such as the social media. The purpose of using social media is to promote and market the services that are offered by UKV. Most of the posts are about the best wines for special occasions, how to pair wine with special meals. It also has links to the website where customers can get information regarding the type of wine or champagne they have been searching. Therefore, the objective of using social media by UKV PLC is to attract new customers and keep on engaging the current ones.

The advantage of purchasing wine from UKV PLC is that the company get their best collections from the best vineyards across Europe. The company has been involved in the activity of collecting wines for the many years of doing business. Therefore, a customer is always sure of getting the best wine and champagne from UKV PLC Company.

EOS, and its rising popularity!

It would make sense for a company to expand and grow when such company takes after its title ‘EOS: The Evolution Of Smooth’. Taking over the market since 2009, EOS, has found a way to reinvent how we view lip care. Maybe it’s something about the way the compact, trendy, colorful container cradles the dollop of lip balm infused with natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter, and antioxidant vitamins C & E. Leaving you with “Visibly softer lips”. Not only is it healthy for our lips, it also caters to our natural crave for distinction. We as individuals love to be able to express ourselves in many different ways. Well, EOS offers options to choose from. There’s something for everyone. Ranging from an variety of colors and natural flavors and scents, EOS took lip care to a new level of decision making. From fun summer flavors such as Honeysuckle Honeydew, Strawberry Sorbet, and Summer Fruit to uniquely infused flavors such as Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, Medicated Tangerine, and Lemon Drop with SPF 15. But they didn’t stop there! EOS has expanded its expertise on to other products such as moisturizing shaving cream and hydrating hand lotions, When it is a product of evolution, it is a product of such development; something EVOLVED. A small sense of relief comes to thought when purchasing a product with evolution in mind.

EOS lip balm products are available on leading stores such as Target, Walmart and online on eBay and Amazon. Try EOS lip balm products today.

Leading The Next Generation Of Bankers

Since the bank began its charter in 1922, NexBank has been serving the people of Dallas, Texas, and beyond with a wide variety of financial services ranging from personal banking, to all aspects of corporate services.

NexBank offers three, distinct branches of financial services:

Commercial Banking – This branch handles all aspects of business banking including: Commercial Real Estate Lending, Credit Services, Agency Services, Commercial Loans, Lines Of Credit, and a full staff to help with all commercial needs.

Mortgage Banking – Nexbank offers a full range of lending options including warehouse, wholesale, and correspondence lending.

Institutional Services – Tailored depository services for business, Investment Banking, Real Estate Advisors, and Treasury Management.

By dividing services into three branches of banking, NexBank is able to tailor banking services to the individual client. NexBank also offers full online 24 hour banking to their local, national, and international customers.

NexBank has been committed to the community they serve for many years in a wide variety of philanthropic endeavors including donating to the Assist The Fallen Officer Foundation. This foundation was set up to aid the families of fallen Dallas Police officers. NexBank cares about the community in which they live and work, growing towards a stable financial future for years to come.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc is Growing Rapidly

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. In 1991 it was established as a local title company serving its area in an adequate manner. Today it is a very large document and title research company serving retail lenders, mortgage bankers, and other similar companies.


It is located in Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 600 employees that are situated in three different states. In Dallas, Texas, Nationwide has a large data center that serves as a backup just in case there is an emergency which would compromise the data system of the company. If that occurred, the transactions of sending mortgage documents to clients would continue without a hitch.


Nationwide is the choice for eight out of the top ten retail mortgage companies and lenders in the United States. Nationwide is also the leading assignments provider and lien release company in the world.


Nationwide delivers documents that are at the highest levels of accuracy and research at an optimal speed that is unmatched in the documents industry. The company has a compliance rate of 99.98% and a failure rate of only .78%. The interpretation of those figures means that nearly 100% of all the documents delivered by Nationwide are accurate and arrive on time.


Most people have been involved in a closing meeting for the exchange of property after a purchase of a residential home. So we know that having the proper documents available is crucial to the legal transfer of the property. The lien, if any, must show a proper release and the title must be ascertained as the proper title that will be transferred to the new owner. If any of those documents are compromised by being late or inaccurate, the entire closing meeting will be at best delayed. The result could be that a buyer could change their mind and not go through with the sale of the property.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is recognized for the past five out of six years as being in the top 100 companies that employees feel are best to work for according to the Tampa Bay Times. Nationwide is also ranked as an Inc. 5,000 company for the last four years since 2012.


Nationwide has grown 700% since 2008, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. There is no doubt that the company has made a major impact in its industry, and that it will continue to do so in the years to come.

Do You Need A Fast Emergency Business Loan?

Do you own a small or medium-sized business? Once in a while, things happen that need attention, and cash flow is low. It’s a fact of life. It happens to all of us. So, if you own equities, you might consider going to a conventional lender or a bank, and borrowing some emergency money using the equities as collateral.Also visit :

Banks and conventional lenders will do that. But your equities have to be of a certain type that will pass their government regulations. They will lend a full 40% loan to value ratio using the equities as collateral. And they will charge you 2% higher interest rate than on other loans. After all of that, they will want to know the purpose of the loan, so you must write them a business proposal.And, this was an emergency loan.

Save time, headache, and heartache by going to First Equities AU. They lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. They charge the lowest interest rate in the business. They are a private company, so they are not beholden to any government rules that tell them what they can lend.They do not want a business proposal from you. They will not ask you what the loan is for. They will charge the lowest interest rate possible. They know what they are doing as far as equity loans go. Look at their name. Perhaps we should end the headache and see them first, and save a lot of time. See Equities First AU first!

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Securus Technologies – Providing Advanced Technology Services To Public Sector And Law Enforcement Agencies

Many companies are active in the field of prison communication technology, but Securus Technologies leads from the front. The company, based in Dallas, Texas, has won many awards recognizing their excellence in developing high-quality products and delivering value for money and attentive services. In continuation of their long list of achievements over the years, Securus Technologies was nominated for the best customer service training team in the Stevie Awards.


Stevie Awards is one of the most famous and credible award program held annually, and organizes other several award programs recognizing excellence in the corporate sector in various industries globally. Being nominated and achieving the position of a finalist in the Stevie Awards is a big deal and the management at Securus Technologies are humbled, excited and proud of this development. The company’s Vice President said that it has humbled the entire team of the firm to be nominated as one of the finalists from over 2,300 participants from across the globe, and has reaffirmed our commitment to delivering quality products and services always.


As a leading provider of criminal justice technology and solutions, it has developed a wide range of products and services to enhance and modernize the incarceration experience and help the law enforcement agencies to perform their duties better. The decision of who would win the Stevie Awards would be decided by the jury of 77 members from different countries. They would provide preliminary decision, and after that, a team of seven individual judges would make the final determination as to who would take the award home. Securus Technologies is highly hopeful that they would bag the prestigious award this year.


As one of the leaders in criminal justice, civil, public safety and prison communications technology, Securus is known for delivering a comprehensive range of products and services, which are crafted to ease the stress of its vast clientele of over a million customers.


Meet Eric Pulier: The Harvard Graduate Making the World A Better Place

The boyish looks of Eric Pulier can easily fool you into mistaking him for just another up and coming millennial entrepreneur. The reality, however, is that Eric is a giant among mere mortals in more ways than first meets the eye. But then again, his startling achievements are to be expected from a person who graduated with top honors from Harvard University.

Eric’s Impressive CV

Before enrolling into Harvard to pursue his degree in English and American literature, Eric already had a database tech company he started while still at high school. Since leaving Harvard, this serial tech capitalist has worked with the who’s who of the tech industry. So far, he’s succeeded in founding and co-founding well over 30 companies with a global appeal. His previous ventures include Desktone, Akana Enterprise Professional Services (US Interactive), Media Platform and SOA Software and People Doing Things (PDT).

Eric the Motivational Speaker

Mr. Eric Pulier is a great orator and writer who often gets called to give inspirational talks to students all over the nation. Eric has always tried to find new means and ways to infuse technology into the everyday living. For instance, through his companies PDT and Digital Revolution launched in 1991 and 1994 respectively, he’s been able to significantly improve access to education and health care services to the masses.

Starbright World

His generosity and empathy have seen him use his programming and funding skills to set up a social media network called, Starbright World. That venture developed and released a unique social network enabling kids with MS and other debilitating medical conditions to chat, talk and generally interact with each other.

Working with Chronically-Ill Kids

Eric’s finest hour came in 1997 when he got chosen to head an ambitious project dubbed, ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century.’ This program was backed by among other influential personalities like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The partnership aimed at finding cheaply priced cloud computer solutions to kids living in disadvantaged areas of the world.Being the kindred soul he is, Pulier went ahead to start a non-profit startup called XPrize. This initiative got created to nurture and mentor young minds by giving them awards for exemplary achievements. The program went ahead to become a huge success. Most of the students who passed through this boot camp are now well-established and successful investors in various fields.