Thor Halvorssen Views Politics As A Way Of Achieving His Human Rights Aims

The Venezuelan activist Thor Halvorssen is a man the majority of us would believe to be a highly political person because of the role he has played in freeing political prisoners and fighting for human rights; however, the New York-based activist believes his political activities are solely based on helping those robbed of their human rights by tyrants and dictators. Although he is always willing to discuss politics and human rights activism the New York-based founder of the Human Rights Foundation has repeatedly stated he has no political ambitions for himself.

In terms of politics, Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of his adult life fighting those governments and officials he has found to have robbed their citizens of their human rights. Halvorssen himself comes from one of the most important political families in both South America and Europe, with his ancestors playing vital roles in the provision of freedom from tyranny for the people of Venezuela and Norway. It was while studying for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science and history that Thor Halvorssen became involved in the human rights movement when his own father was imprisoned and tortured despite holding diplomatic status in Venezuela.

Describing himself as a classical liberal, Thor Halvorssen has been willing to highlight the issues of human rights in relation to politics, such as his decision to allow the Human Rights Foundation to criticize socialist governments who rob people of their human rights in contradiction to the long held actions of other human rights organizations. Halvorssen holds left wing beliefs and is willing to insert himself into various political situations, such as his buying of a historic socialist newspaper in Norway that was threatened with closure; Halvorssen has also appeared on U.S. news networks discussing the 2016 elections and giving his own views on why he believed Bernie Sanders was the best candidate for the White House.

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Bellamy and its mastermind, Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, as well as Dalrada Financial Corp. At Dalrada, Brian focuses on giving his clients business process outsourcing, benefit, insurance and financial services. For his work at Trucept, Brian works with Human Resource administration, payroll, and employee benefits. Brian received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde.

He continued his education at Staffordshire University where he earned an MBA and a doctorate degree. His previous positions have included at leadership position at Smart-tek Automated Services, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and The Amanda Co.

He also worked for IBM. While at IBM, he was in charge of motherboard outsourcing. Bonar was awarded by Cambridge’s Who’s Who with the “Executive of the Year” award in Finance. He is also a member of the American Finance Association.

Brian Bonar is also an entrepreneur who has built quite a collection of restaurants in North County, near San Diego. He started with a bistro, Bellamy’s, and brought in staff from his favorite local restaurants to help create the restaurant and make is a success.

He has moved on to the one hundred and forty four acre Ranch at Bandy Canyon, where he plans to create a four star restaurant with event space. Bonar was able to hire Patrick Ponsaty, a Master Chef of France, to be head chef at his restaurants. Ponsaty is one of only two chefs in the San Diego area to have earned the prestigious Master Chef of France title.

Bellamy’s has been rated by many critics as some of the best food in San Diego. To top it off, the restaurant boasts some of the best staff in the city. Ponsaty is helping Bonar to design and create a dream kitchen at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, which is sure to become on of the most popular places for events and to eat in the San Diego region.

Danilo Granados: The Shrewd Entrepreneur and Investment Advisor

If you attended a party where the host snarled at you, hesitantly offered you a drink and above all, ignored you to say hello to someone believed to be more important– chances are you would leave and never look back. Sadly, this is what many customers experience. People are not treated as valued clients. Businesses, on the other hand, are also affected when such a scenario happens. Clients who are taken for granted soon leave, reducing the chances of getting new ones. Making customers feel special is one of the best ways of maintaining and getting new customers.

Treating your customers to exclusive events is one way of making your customers feel special. A good example of an executive who understands the strength of this strategy is Danilo Diaz Granados. Since 2013, when Mr., Granados co-founded Toys for Boys, he has hosted several exciting events for his clients. Last summer, he held another unbelievable event that featured different activities including private previews, fine cuisine, helicopter rides and many other activities. Danilo Diaz Granados said that he wanted to give his guests an exceptional experience and allow them to connect with cuisine, entertainment worthy of Miami’s extravagant lifestyle.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a Babson College alumnus who holds a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder of Toys for Boys, a luxury boutique in Miami that sells timepieces, jewelry, art and exotic cars like Spyker Spyder. Mr. Granados also owns Edge of Glory Films, a film company that focuses on Latino interests. He is responsible for production, editing, promoting and setting up distribution networks for his company.

Besides owning his ventures, Danilo serves as an associate at FCP as well as the wing liaison for the Equity Investments program at the company.

Strawberry Sorbet EOS For An In Season Fruit Flavor

There is something about the flavor and scent of strawberry in cosmetics that is just magical. Strawberries…those sweet, succulent fruits only in season for one short month in certain parts of the globe. Strawberry is rarely used to flavor cosmetics and gum, so when it is used in a flavor outside of food it is truly a treat. Strawberry Sorbet EOS is a delicious lip balm flavor available from EOS that brings the wearer right back to summer, no matter when it’s applied. Because of the all natural formulation of EOS lip balms, that can be several times per day, every day. The ingredients in EOS balms are made from 100% natural ingredients that are 95% organic, so the wearer can feel confident that what they are using is healthy and safe. The strawberry flavor comes from pure strawberry extract, a flavor right from nature so it is true and not artificial tasting.

EOS balms are also composed of coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and olive oil. These plant derived oils and beeswax from nature help to fortify, nourish, strengthen and protect the skin against dryness, cold and heat. These oils are known to be some of the healthiest and most beneficial oils for the skin and they protect skin with essential fatty acids that are needed for skin health.

The packaging of the balm is as enjoyable as the flavor itself. The spherically shaped balms have become synonymous with the brand and can easily be spotted in a Walgreens, Target, or Walmart in the local area. These balms can also be easily purchased from any online pharmacy as well as directly on the website. At $3.29 per balm sphere directly from EOS it is hard to beat the price and not collect all of the different flavors.

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Conditioning vs Shampoo For More Beautiful Hair

When it comes to possessing a great head of hair, greatness doesn’t come b chance. Of course there are those genetically blessed individuals who were born with luscious locks, but even those people have to take care of their hair correctly, if not then their hair will surely become a burden. The age old question of which is better, shampoo or conditioning is ever going. Both of these products on have their positives as well as their negatives especially when it comes down to the major brands of L’Oréal, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, etc. Unfortunately these brands can help you achieve a specific look while causing underlying damage to the scalp.

Reason being is because these products are laced with sulfates and parabens. These are chemical substances on Twitter or man-made from the source. Over use of these products can lead a host of problems such as breakage, flakes, dandruff, and dryness. A more natural solution should be put in place and there is one brand that is leading the way. WEN Hair by Chaz is that brand and it’s conditioners are top of line quality. To simply state it, WEN by Chaz has best conditioning and haircare products on the market thanks to it’s organic source. Mother Nature plays a critical role as it gives individuals ingredients such as lavender, rosemary extract, fig, cucumber, pomegranate extract, aloe vera leaf, wild cherry bark, panthenol, glycerin, and many more. These conditioners at are well ahead of the game because they are easy to use, affordable, adds moisture, strengthens, and adds shine.

WEN Hair by Chaz Conditioners are leave-in treatments. You can apply the product, take a shower, brush your teeth, and then rinse it out when finished. The scalp is well nourished during this short amount of time and with consistent use comes better more manageable hair. These seasonal blends on hydrates the scalp without ever stripping the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture. Other brands of shampoo and conditioners seem to work against the user in the long run. You may achieve good short term results, but these harmful substances with take a toll of the user down the line. Founder Chaz Dean understands what is needed since he has the expertise, know-how, and experience of working in the haircare business for many years. As of today Chaz Dean has sold more than 40 Million bottles of these wonderful products which makes WEN Hair by Chaz one of the best selling haircare product line of the 21st Century.

How an Emotionally Painful Decision Spurred Handy Inc. To Profitability

Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan was under pressure after his strategy had backfired. It was the strategy that his co- founder Umang Dua had resisted, but Oisin championed for it until the co-founder accepted it. Oisin`s plan changed the way the organization employed its cleaners, a strategy that made it difficult for qualified candidates to apply for jobs.

Emotionally Painful Decisions

During the recent meeting with venture capitalists, the investors expressed their fear of investing in the company. At that time the CEO was surprised because he could see other companies raising capital but his business performance could not convince venture capitalists to invest in it. However, the duo took the assumption that they had only that chance to raise enough capital.

The only move that was remaining was rolling out Oisin`s online onboarding strategy in all its markets. Luckily for Oisin, Dua accepted the deal. The company had to cancel several bookings because demand for cleaners was higher than they could supply. As a result, customer complaints increased significantly.

The duo agreed to sacrifice whatever was necessary for the benefit of future growth and profitability and saving more millions. The decision was reached after realizing that spending hard to gain a competitive advantage was no longer feasible because somebody else would be willing to spend more than the competitor.

The Success Story

Months later, employees of the company began to quit their jobs because they felt that their jobs are at stake. However, the duo remained confident that their plan would soon become profitable. Monthly later, their engineers had completed the online onboarding platform (see, and almost immediately, its rating rose by more than 10%.

Although using the software led to the sacking of over 42 employees, replacing people with software is a unique and emotional decision which can be made by the most experienced entrepreneurs. Although the CEO took a risky decision, finally it paid off, and since then the firm has consistently reduced the cost of acquiring a new customer by over 33%.

About Handy Inc.

Handy is a leading platform for connecting clients in need for household services with excellent and independent service providers. The company links thousands of clients to professionals weekly and has a fast booking process, secures payment system and guarantees their customers a 100% value for their money.