Investing Made Simple With New Real Estate Application Launch

In today’s market, it is important to be able to handle business on your mobile phone as well as your computer. Most people are replacing their large laptop or desktop computers with the smaller android tablets and iPhones. This technology is replacing the larger units and allowing individuals the convenience of having a computer on their smaller phones. People are happy to see that the real estate community is upping their game as well. David Osio and his real estate team are now offering a new Real Estate Application that can predict the market for years to come. The new application will benefit investors greatly. It will provide customers with the ability to purchase properties to flip. It will allow individuals to predict the market and their potential gain on a property after all of the expenses are taken into consideration. The application is also going to be wonderful when it comes to predicting potential rent for a property.

David Osio works closely with Gerald Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the Real estate group. They are on the cutting edge of something fantastic. This application will be a tremendous help for the real estate community as well. Agents will have the ability to type in key information and formulate the predicted mortgage of a property while showing it to clients. Tecknolution, the applications designer company, is working hard to provide the real estate world with cutting-edge solutions and technology. It is very important to the real estate investors to be able to chat live with their agent and financial advisors. This live chat allows investors to feel confident about their purchases.

Davos Financial Group founder, David Osio, resides in Miami Florida. He loves sports and often tweets about football or baseball happenings. He also takes great pride in helping the less fortunate such as the Venezuela Children’s Hospital. He also contributes to the Miami Symphony Orchestra regularly. Osio studies in Venezuela and New York. He received his law degree before completing and graduating with honors for Finance and Banking. Osio is a leader in information and technology. He enjoys striving for the future and works hard to be a leader in the Latin American Market.

Real estate companies and businesses have come long ways. It all began with showing what you have. The realtor would list it and show it by foot and appointment. Then came staging. Many real estate agents agree that clean-up and staging go a long way towards selling a property. Property shoppers usually love to imagine themselves in the property so staging helps. Finally, the new technology that helps people look at properties online before viewing in person. This is done by websites and information a broker downloads. After all of this customers will be happy to see that they can download an application to help them in calculating mortgages, rental incomes, and potential gains. This application will be a step saver for people hoping to buy in today’s real estate market.

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Securus Technologies Releases New Safety Software

Securus Technologies recently announced a new safety software system named “Investigator Pro 4.0“. This new system is the first of its kind to provide investigators and prison staff the option to search for a specific voice sample across multiple phone calls.

Investigator Pro 4.0 also blends seemlessly into all other programs made by Securus Technologies for multilayered security.

Investigator Pro 4.0 will help law enforcement and investigators research any voices linked to potentially crime related calls, suspected gang affiliations, or high interest inmates by sampling the voice and then searching the database for other conversations that may have happened involving that same voice.

This technology can be used to sample people calling into facilities also. Investigator Pro 4.0 will save time, manpower, and help stop any potential wrongdoing by a suspected individual. This technology will help investigators answer questions such as:

Was the suspected person calling in ever incarcerated?

Are more than one incarcerated persons talking to the same party?

And are incarcerated prisoners talking repeatedly to the same released ex prisoners?

Securus Technologies are based in Dallas, Texas, and provides technology and security for over 3,400 facilities across the nation. Securus also handles communications for over 1,200,000 inmates nationwide.

Always on the lookout for improved technology, Securus provides emergency response, investigation management, biometric analysis, and information management to prisons, jails, and public safety buildings.


Don Ressler; a Business Mogul and an Unlikely Co-Founder of JustFab, a Giant Fashion Company

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of JustFab, a fashion company. They founded the company back in 2010 with very limited knowledge on fashion. However, they were both proficient in spotting trends, growing businesses and brands into industry leaders.

Over the years, Don Ressler has been affiliated with companies such as Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, Intermix, and One of the most valuable lessons Ressler continues to share his key to success is finding a right partner to grow.

Intermix Media purchased, his first start-up company, in the year 2001. After the acquisition, the partnership between Adam and Don was born. Adam at the time was the COO of Intermix. The partnership resulted in the formation of Alena media which generated millions in revenue.

Intermix was later acquired in 2005 by media conglomerate News Corp and soon after Don Ressler and Adam left due to unnamed differences. They later founder Intelligent Beauty, a branding company which received funding of $43 million in 2008 from Technology Crossover Ventures.

In 2010, they launched JustFab under Intelligent Beauty as a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. Barely a year after JustFab’s inception, it received a funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners. In 2011, Kimora Lee Simons, a celebrity, joined as President and Creative Director in the last quarter. The addition of Kimora Lee propelled subscribers to over 4 million by December of that year.

By April of 2012, they crossed the 6 million subscription threshold and as a result secured a $76 million funding from different beneficiaries including Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Crossover Ventures that June.

JustFab recognized that most of their clients were parents and therefore started seeking opportunities to tap into new markets. In 2013, JustFab purchased FabKids which was a children’s subscription service. By this time JustFab had a strong online presence in Europe. It had over 1.5 million subscribers from the UK and Germany alone.

In May of 2013, JustFab purchased Fab Shoes, which had over 500,000 subscribers in Spain and France. By the year’s end, they had acquired 3 million subscribers in Europe. JustFab launched Fabletics and partnered with Kate Hudson to endorse it. Their shrewd nature in business was portrayed when they purchased ShoeDazzle, a rival company and opened their flagship store ending a very eventful year for JustFab.

In 2014, JustFab was at it again; they closed an $84 million deal bringing the company to a $250 million market capitalization.

Keith Mann Is A Rare Human Being

Personally speaking, I always love to hear feel-good stories in today’s world. I’m a positive person and whenever I hear good things happening in the world, it makes me happy. Sometimes I need a reminder that good people do exist out there and they are doing good work for others. When I read a recent article on Keith Mann, it was a healthy dose of reality that there people out there who do care and are going the extra mile to help others and go the extra mile. That is Keith Mann, without a shadow of a doubt. He is committed to helping others and that is why he is a rare human being.

Make no mistake about it, sometimes the world can be selfish and people have motives that aren’t always in the best interests of others. However, when reading about Keith Mann and his work with the the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, it shows that people are looking out for others. I’m a firm believer that if we look out for each other, the world becomes a better place. If we are only looking out for ourselves, we miss the big picture. Keith Mann has his pulse on the big picture.

He knows there is more out there to do and more help to give, but this is an amazing story. I have a feeling we are going to be hearing more stories like this in regards to Keith Mann. This scholarship is looking out for the future leaders and business innovators of America. It is for the children. The children can use help and they can use help from adults that believe in them and see what they can do. When you have been around as long as Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners, you can see great things in people. You have your finger on the pulse of society and you can tell when someone is going to really achieve something. They have that certain it factor where they walk in a room and people tend to notice them and pay attention to them. They stand out.

Day By Day Account Of Wen By Chaz Test

Many people try new wardrobes to make themselves look and feel better. Some people get haircuts or new colors. Some even go the distance and have plastic surgery but why go to this distance when you can have beautiful hair by WEN hair? Shampoos and conditioners today have too many unnecessary ingredients. Some of these ingredients are making hair look oily, thin, and processed. The hair follicles are dry and damaged. Hair is breaking and losing its life until Wen by Chaz Dean. features a week-long test run by a young lady. She wanted to see if Wen hair products were as good as they said they were. Here is how the test went.
Day one:
She opens the product and took a sniff. The product smelled very nice. She read on the back how much product to use. The young woman was in shock that it was going to take so much product. Then the young woman began to think about the amount of shampoo and conditioner she was already using. She got in the shower and washed her hair with the Wen. Her hair smelled and looked very nice. She was impressed.

Day two:
She wakes up to find that her hair is oily. She jumps in the shower and washes her hair again. After drying her hair, she went to work. One person makes a comment about her hair and how great it looks. Her hair looks great even when she goes out that evening.

Day three:
Running late and oversleeping, the young lady realizes she needs to wash her hair again and is disturbed but chooses to do it later. She heads to work and try washing her hair with another shampoo. She can tell the difference after it dries.

Day four thru seven:
Each day she showers, washes her hair with the Wen by Chaz, and goes about her day. Her hair is lovely. It looks like the girls on television. She is impressed and chose to try Wen again. Wen hair products are available on local retail stores and online on Ebay. Visit the website:

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